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staff changes fall '23 (part 2)
by ronsgirlfriday on 29 Nov 2023 03:45 AM  

We've recently welcomed two new members of staff here at FFT:

Prideofprewett has taken the role of Social Media Coordinator, and Goatspeed is our newest Archive Validator. We're so grateful to both of them!

NaNoWriMo '23
by ronsgirlfriday on 04 Nov 2023 06:29 AM  

It's November, and that can mean only one thing:


National Novel Writing Month!


Hop over to the forums to share your project and progress!

staff changes fall '23
by ronsgirlfriday on 04 Nov 2023 06:28 AM  

We're happy to share that blackballet has joined staff as our newest Activity Coordinator! She'll run the monthly forum activities (story & member of the month, forum challenge) and help us devise some upcoming winter events such as winter gift-giving and the next annual review event!

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