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FanficTalk and Harry Potter
by abhorsen. on 24 Sep 2020 03:45 AM  

Hello, all!


While FanficTalk has always been a multifandom community, the Harry Potter series has clearly held a special place in it. We know that for many members, the author's persistent attacks on the trans community in recent months has brought concerns about her history of bigotry to a head, and they're trying to figure out where their place in the Harry Potter fandom is. Our staff team has heard the concerns and discomfort that many of you have expressed, and we're committed to finding a way forward that makes more room in our community for members who are feeling disillusioned or uncomfortable in the fandom as well as for members who are still engaged with it. For more information, please stop into the forums; if you have any feedback on what you'd like to see in...

archive updates
by abhorsen. on 22 Sep 2020 09:25 AM  

we're making a couple changes to the archive as well as some tweaks to the themes. the biggest changes are:

content warnings: this is a new, optional tag category that authors can choose to warn readers when there might be some triggering content in the story that either isn't covered or is more specific than something in our advisories.

tropes: our old themes category is getting a glow up.

representation: our inclusivity category is getting renamed.

in addition, we've deleted all unused tags and will be requiring that ships have at least five fics on the archive to be given a tag.

new name!
by abhorsen. on 03 Sep 2020 03:18 PM  

after a lot of discussion over on the forums, the community has decided to rename the site to "fanfictalk" (or FFT for short). thanks so much to everyone who participated in the process! we're very excited about the new name, and will start changing assets and urls soon. (your old links will redirect, though, so you won't need to do anything on your end!)

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