Advisories: Domestic Abuse
Other Results: 38 Series

Alex Watson was kind, independent and thrustworthy Gryffindor, she was in the same year as the Marauders. But she was not like other girls, she perfectly knew how handsome was Sirius Black, but she chose to resist his charms and help other girls when their hearts were broken by infamous heartbreaker Sirius Black.

Little did she knew that Sirius suddenly was interested in her, just because he had heard some wild rumours about her from other boys, for example, how mysterious she is, how she treats them and how wild she is in bed. Alex's charisma made her special in Sirius's eyes.

Is love possible between a heartbreaker and a girl who tries to live peaceful life and not get hurt?

Incomplete · Published: 21 Jun 2021 · Updated: 21 Jul 2021 · Words: 23819 · Chapters: 6 · Reviews: 1 · Likes: 0 · Reads: 14

Series: None

Life at number 12 Grimmauld Place is becoming tense and Sirius is eager to begin his first year at Hogwarts.

Meanwhile, he encounters a ragtag team of old pseudo-pirates, who get caught up in the consequences of their past exploits, and a book that should have stayed a myth.

Characters: Sirius Black

Pairings: None

Representation: None

Story Type: Novel (50,000+ words)

FFT Groups: None
Rating and Advisories (required): Mature Audiences (Domestic Abuse, Slavery, Slurs, Substance Abuse, Violence)

Content Warnings (optional): None

Genre: Fantasy

Tropes: None
Incomplete · Published: 27 Jun 2021 · Updated: 19 Jul 2021 · Words: 13587 · Chapters: 5 · Reviews: 10 · Likes: 5 · Reads: 21

Series: None

severus, miranda, hourglass, death eater masks


banner by the author




As Miranda slowly recovers from her Romanian adventure, Severus struggles to conceal the depth of his feelings for her. A spy can’t afford to fall in love at all, let alone with a woman as bewitching as she is capricious.




But hidden feelings may be the least of their problems. Miranda is partnered with Remus Lupin on his mission to win over the werewolf packs of Great Britain. And Severus is ordered to preform a secret task so terrible, Miranda’s love—and his very soul—may be the cost.




Half-Blood Prince—Book 2 of 4

Incomplete · Published: 11 Sep 2020 · Updated: 17 Jul 2021 · Words: 100769 · Chapters: 15 · Reviews: 35 · Likes: 27 · Reads: 192

Series: The Unstoppable Force/Immovable Object Tetralogy, The Unstoppable Force/Immovable Object Continuity

A new school year at Hogwarts is starting for the Golden Quartet, and it doesn't look good.


As the Marauders try to pick up the pieces of a damaged friendship and Harry struggles to get used to a new family and a new identity, Neville has to deal with his resentment for a role in the wizarding world that wasn't supposed to be his and discovers that maybe there's a reason if he belongs in Slytherin.


Meanwhile something obscure is crawling, menacing the safety of the students inside the castle...


Second installment in the Jimmy Portman's AU


Betaed by Emma (facingthenorthwind), Abby (kuusi palaa) and Bianca (victoria_anne)


Inkys 2021 finalist for best cast-ensemble

Rating and Advisories (required): Mature Audiences (Domestic Abuse, Self-Harm, Sexual Content, Slavery, Substance Abuse, Violence)

Content Warnings (optional): None

Genre: Angst, AU, Drama

Tropes: Family, Fate/Prophecy, Friendship, Parenthood, School
Incomplete · Published: 01 May 2019 · Updated: 17 Jul 2021 · Words: 37051 · Chapters: 13 · Reviews: 93 · Likes: 40 · Reads: 450

Series: Jimmy Portman's Universe

Sic semper tyrannis


It is the morning of 26th December 1968 and the scandal breaks like a storm: Minister Nobby Leach has been poisoned. The suspect, Abraxas Malfoy, sits in a holding cell, red-handed and innocent. Auror Alice Longbottom is leading the investigation - not into the poisoning, but into a string of strange crimes: people vanishing, candlesticks stolen, and rumours that the dead are coming back. The Department of Mysteries is reluctant to help: James Selwyn left the office three weeks ago under a cloud of suspicion, and since then the Death Chamber has been locked, its contents sealed away. 


Eyes are watching everything, everywhere, spying on protests and squishing riots, but talk is growing in the shadows: turning from unrest to rebellion to revolution.


Lord Voldemort is ready. 


the sequel to Imperium

Incomplete · Published: 26 Dec 2020 · Updated: 16 Jul 2021 · Words: 13621 · Chapters: 3 · Reviews: 8 · Likes: 6 · Reads: 51

Series: Vauxhall Road

Luna Lovegood grows up a Seer, the child of prophecy, and best friends with Ginny Weasley. After Ginny is possessed by the Dark Lord during her first year at Hogwarts, Luna founds a magical school for girls to explore the ancient art of women’s blood magic, defensive magic, and rhetorical diplomacy. She fights the rising tide of darkness with this new brand of old magic, putting her at odds with the Ministry, Hogwarts, and Harry Potter. Luna must choose between traditions when a darker power rises to threaten her brave new world.

Rating and Advisories (required): Mature Audiences (Domestic Abuse, Self-Harm, Violence)

Content Warnings (optional): None

Genre: AU

Tropes: Fate/Prophecy, Feminism, Friends to Lovers, Friendship, Law/Politics, Slow Build/Slow Burn
Incomplete · Published: 23 Aug 2020 · Updated: 11 Jul 2021 · Words: 193845 · Chapters: 41 · Reviews: 35 · Likes: 2 · Reads: 341

Series: None

Michael, Steven and Cedric, and Neha are what you would call normal children in Hogwarts.  It is year 2025. Everything is apparantly calm after the death of Voldemort. And yet strange things are happening. Cedric's grandmother is seeing things. Steve's father is often missing than not, for which he couldn't care less. And magic and technology is mixing, spelling diaster...

Characters: Original Character, Original Female Character, Original Male Character

Pairings: None

Representation: South-East Asian

Story Type: Novel (50,000+ words)

FFT Groups: None
Rating and Advisories (required): Teen Audiences (Domestic Abuse)

Content Warnings (optional): Bullying

Genre: General

Tropes: School
Incomplete · Published: 29 Jun 2021 · Updated: 29 Jun 2021 · Words: 5690 · Chapters: 2 · Reviews: 0 · Likes: 0 · Reads: 30

Series: The Four


Gorgeous Banner by page thirteen@FFT

Banner By page thirteen @FFT


Elara Avery was entering her seventh year of Hogwarts with a broken engagement to a dangerous man, the threat of expulsion held over her head by her extortionist Headmaster, and the expectation that she either be engaged or prepared to join the "family business" by Christmas. All of this because of one fateful night where that idiotic fourth year helped the Dark Lord rise again and inadvertently ruined all of Elara's most well laid plans. With the help of friends new and old, a turncoat potions professor, and a certain devious redhead she might  just be able to graduate keeping everyone satisfied...


Or she might just die trying. 

Incomplete · Published: 30 Apr 2020 · Updated: 26 Jun 2021 · Words: 37409 · Chapters: 10 · Reviews: 18 · Likes: 9 · Reads: 195

Series: None

Severus awakens on an unfamiliar shore with no memory of who he is or how he got there. The last thing he needs is to be dragged through the woods by an insufferable woman and her imbecile companion.


But, then, nobody asked for his opinion.


Rating and Advisories (required): Mature Audiences (Domestic Abuse, Sexual Content, Slurs, Violence)

Content Warnings (optional): None

Genre: Action/Adventure, AU, Crime/Mystery, Dark, Fairy Tale/Fable, Fantasy, Humor, Romance

Tropes: None
Completed · Published: 14 Jun 2021 · Updated: 26 Jun 2021 · Words: 14989 · Chapters: 4 · Reviews: 2 · Likes: 1 · Reads: 22

Series: None

The Marauders

The trials and tribulations of growing up during a war, and the losses faced, the friends made, and loves burned.

Amazing banner by endlessly. @ TDA (previously heartfelt)


[Editing to add chapter summaries and fix small things that are annoying me]

Incomplete · Published: 04 May 2018 · Updated: 23 Jun 2021 · Words: 52651 · Chapters: 20 · Reviews: 10 · Likes: 4 · Reads: 813

Series: None

Incomplete · Published: 13 Mar 2021 · Updated: 17 Jun 2021 · Words: 3487 · Chapters: 6 · Reviews: 23 · Likes: 13 · Reads: 242

Series: queen of disaster

banner credit to page thirteen. @ fanfictalk


Cedrella Black is expected to marry well and raise a line of perfect, pureblood children, who further the aims of the society she was born into. But as she navigates the politics surrounding Wizarding Society's London Social, Cedrella finds herself inconveniently bumping into Septimus Weasley, a flirtatious fortune hunter with a family secret. While her parents push her to marry another, she slowly discovers she has more in common with Septimus than she ever dreamed possible.


As the events of the summer unfold, alliances are forged, hearts are broken, and a newly printed publication threatens to tear apart Wizarding Society's Most Sacred Twenty-Eight.


January 2021 Sitewide Story of the Month 


Golden Ink Awards 2021 Winner:

1st place for Best Description

1st place for Best Original Character (Cedrella Black)

Characters: None

Pairings: None

Representation: None

Story Type: Novel (50,000+ words)

FFT Groups: Hufflepuff
Rating and Advisories (required): Mature Audiences (Domestic Abuse, Slurs, Substance Abuse)

Content Warnings (optional): Addiction, Discrimination, Misogyny, War

Genre: Angst, Dark, Drama, Romance

Tropes: Black Sheep, Dysfunctional Family, Law/Politics, Marriage, Mutual Pining, Rare Pair, Secret Relationships
Incomplete · Published: 06 Oct 2020 · Updated: 18 May 2021 · Words: 45410 · Chapters: 9 · Reviews: 94 · Likes: 59 · Reads: 690

Series: None

banner made by me

if i could not be me
i would not
be me.


2021 golden ink awards best poem: two bad girls (winner), radiant nightmare (3rd place)

Characters: Original Character

Pairings: OC/OC

Representation: Bisexual/Biromantic, Depression, Mood Disorder

Story Type: Podfic, Poetry

FFT Groups: Gryffindor
Incomplete · Published: 27 Aug 2020 · Updated: 08 May 2021 · Words: 7186 · Chapters: 52 · Reviews: 185 · Likes: 132 · Reads: 1632

Series: queen of disaster

severus, miranda, moon, chess

banner by the author


The wizarding world prepares for the final war with Lord Voldemort, and Severus Snape is Albus Dumbledore’s spy in the Death Eaters’ den. One false step may bring death to him and any number of his comrades. Trapped in a profession he hates, living in his despised childhood home; he can count his friends on one hand (with fingers to spare).


Until American bounty hunter Miranda Rose crashes into his life. Charming, bold, and sensual, she sees something in him that he hardly believes is there. But as their entanglement ensnares his senses, Miranda is dragged into Severus’s web of danger and deceit. When she is sent on a deadly mission to Romania, he must find a way to help her—or risk losing the person who has made his life worth living again.


Order of the Phoenix—Book 1 of 4


FROGs 2020 Runner Up: Best Description


MFWHATAs 2020 Winner: Most Careful Handling of a Snake & Most Mesmerizing Fic


Featured Fic April 2019, May 2020, March 2021

Completed · Published: 06 Aug 2020 · Updated: 04 May 2021 · Words: 156709 · Chapters: 26 · Reviews: 85 · Likes: 28 · Reads: 308

Series: Slytherin MFWHATA Winners, The Unstoppable Force/Immovable Object Tetralogy, The Unstoppable Force/Immovable Object Continuity

The war ended two years ago, the curse is only a distant memory, and Remus and Chiara are going to get married soon.


Wedding preparation is stressful, though, and the young couple decide to take a break and spend a couple of weeks in the city of Chiara's ancestors.


Things don't quite go according to plans.


Second place in prideofprewett's "The Untranslatable Word Challenge"


Chalices 2021 runner-up: Most promising WIP


Sequel of sorts to "The Lark and the Nightingale" (but can be read independently)

Incomplete · Published: 01 Mar 2021 · Updated: 01 May 2021 · Words: 15191 · Chapters: 6 · Reviews: 28 · Likes: 10 · Reads: 113

Series: The Nightingale verse

"there are kinds of grief that make newborns out of us" (Jenny Xie)




In the aftermath of his brother's death, Regulus is sent to live with his estranged cousin, Andromeda.




A sequel to an exercise in absolution

Characters: Andromeda Black Tonks, James Potter I, Nymphadora Tonks, Regulus Black, Ted Tonks

Pairings: None

Representation: None

Story Type: Novellette (under 25,000 words)

FFT Groups: Gryffindor, Ravenclaw
Rating and Advisories (required): Mature Audiences (Domestic Abuse)

Content Warnings (optional): Dying/Grieving

Genre: Angst, AU

Tropes: Family, Forgiveness
Incomplete · Published: 18 Apr 2020 · Updated: 22 Apr 2021 · Words: 11803 · Chapters: 3 · Reviews: 3 · Likes: 1 · Reads: 35

Series: pick yourself off the ground

American journalist, Anais Fonseca had only expected one thing when she visited her cousin Adelina at the Romanian Dragon Reserve in the summer of 1996, and having a fling with Charlie Weasley wasn't it. She never intended to develop feelings for him, or for him to figure out that he could reciprocate those feelings. And finding out she was pregnant with his child didn't help at all. Now she has to figure out how this was going to work, what with them living on different continents.

Rating and Advisories (required): Mature Audiences (Consent Issues, Domestic Abuse, Sexual Content, Slurs)

Content Warnings (optional): None

Genre: Drama, Fluff, Romance

Tropes: Family, Marriage, Parenthood
Completed · Published: 05 Sep 2020 · Updated: 18 Apr 2021 · Words: 10544 · Chapters: 10 · Reviews: 1 · Likes: 0 · Reads: 48

Series: None

Five-year-old Dudley Dursley likes to draw.

Characters: Dudley Dursley, Petunia Evans Dursley, Vernon Dursley

Pairings: None

Representation: Anxiety, Neurodiversity

Story Type: One-Shot

FFT Groups: Slytherin
Rating and Advisories (required): Mature Audiences (Domestic Abuse, Slurs, Violence)

Content Warnings (optional): Misogyny

Genre: Angst, AU

Tropes: Dysfunctional Family
Completed · Published: 20 Mar 2021 · Updated: 20 Mar 2021 · Words: 1658 · Chapters: 1 · Reviews: 1 · Likes: 1 · Reads: 19

Series: Found Magic

Incomplete · Published: 09 Mar 2021 · Updated: 14 Mar 2021 · Words: 730 · Chapters: 2 · Reviews: 3 · Likes: 1 · Reads: 36

Series: None

black dahlia, eileen prince, broken glass, old photograph

banner by the author


When Eileen Prince met Tobias Snape, he felt like the answer to a prayer.


Sometimes feelings lie.


Round One Bracket Winner in TidalDragon's TKO Challege, Prompt: Dysfunctional Relationships


Site-wide Story of the Month February 2020


FROGs 2020 Finalist: Best Angst


MFWHATAs 2020 Finalist: Most Deadly Fangs


Golden Ink Awards 2021 Finalist: Best Dark


Eileen Prince/Tobias Snape

Rating and Advisories (required): Mature Audiences (Consent Issues, Domestic Abuse, Sexual Content, Slurs)

Content Warnings (optional): None

Genre: Angst, Dark, Drama

Tropes: Destructive Romance, Dysfunctional Family, Love/Hate Relationships, Origin Story
Completed · Published: 26 Aug 2020 · Updated: 15 Feb 2021 · Words: 8822 · Chapters: 1 · Reviews: 2 · Likes: 1 · Reads: 20

Series: The Unstoppable Force/Immovable Object Continuity









Banner credit goes to down-in-flames on HPFT




Curse-breaker Esme Abrams loves her job: since leaving Hogwarts, she's been in Egypt, where she partners with Bill Weasley, cracking ancient curses and discovering new hordes of treasure. But a fling with a local wizard turns sour and leaves her pregnant, and soon Esme finds herself adventuring into the unknown once again - this time, with higher stakes than ever before. Just when Esme feels most alone, an invite to the Burrow gives her the support she most needs - and maybe even another chance at love.


Summary credit to nott theodore on HPFT

Rating and Advisories (required): Mature Audiences (Domestic Abuse, Sexual Content, Slurs)

Content Warnings (optional): Miscarriage, Cheating

Genre: Drama, Fluff, Romance

Tropes: Family, Friendship, Parenthood, Slow Build/Slow Burn
Completed · Published: 21 Jun 2020 · Updated: 02 Feb 2021 · Words: 41820 · Chapters: 35 · Reviews: 33 · Likes: 3 · Reads: 542

Series: None



"They say words can't hurt you, yet they do. Like a thousand hot knives carving each letter into your slowly beating heart."


Banner by me. Nominated for the FROGS for the Depiction of Mental Illness category. Thanks, guys!



For the Phobia challenge: Monophobia, an acute fear of being alone.


Also for the Proverb Challenge: The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Winner of one and runner up for the second.


Characters: Sirius Black

Pairings: None

Representation: Depression, PTSD

Story Type: Challenge Entry, One-Shot, Podfic

FFT Groups: Ravenclaw
Rating and Advisories (required): Mature Audiences (Domestic Abuse, Violence)

Content Warnings (optional): None

Genre: Angst, Dark, General

Tropes: None
Completed · Published: 12 Dec 2017 · Updated: 31 Jan 2021 · Words: 2311 · Chapters: 1 · Reviews: 34 · Likes: 10 · Reads: 304

Series: None

They watch it sway back and forth, like a sweeping broom grating against a surface they cannot see yet somehow feel, like a silent pendulum marking time they cannot name yet somehow know deep within their bones; it’s something inescapable, an inevitability.

Eventually, it will come to a rest.


Former detective Evan Thorn investigates the mysterious death of a homeless man and discovers even more mysterious answers.


For RonsGirlFriday's Noir Challenge and for aurevoir's Version of Me Challenge. Banner by page thirteen. @ HPFT/TDA

Incomplete · Published: 24 May 2020 · Updated: 30 Jan 2021 · Words: 34888 · Chapters: 7 · Reviews: 38 · Likes: 21 · Reads: 248

Series: None



I know my worth, so I must continue to take up space.


A collection of poems




For TreacleTart's Ultimate Poetry Collection Challenge.

Completed · Published: 02 Aug 2020 · Updated: 26 Jan 2021 · Words: 1263 · Chapters: 10 · Reviews: 20 · Likes: 0 · Reads: 191

Series: None

banner made by me

i don't need your love,
i just want a taste.


2021 golden ink awards runner-up: best dark&best description

Completed · Published: 26 Sep 2020 · Updated: 25 Jan 2021 · Words: 3675 · Chapters: 1 · Reviews: 16 · Likes: 10 · Reads: 171

Series: dark as midnight sun