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Name: you-make-me-wander (Signed) · Date: 25 Dec 2018 03:41 PM · For: Marked Hearts

Hi Jill. Thought I'd send a little love your way this holiday.


I'm so glad to find that here in the HPFT archives we can find works for other fandoms as well. I'm a Bellarke fan, and as I was looking through your AP I couldn't help but to read this fic. And man, I'm so glad I did!


First of all, I'm a sucker for the most common tropes, so when you combined Soulmates and Coffee Shop AUs I was over the moon. I loved every second of it, and my only note would be that I'd rather have seen much more of their bickering in the beginning. But I'm a sucker for slowburns.


It isn't all that hard to imagine that if we lived in a world where soulmates manifest themselves that way, nowadays it would be pretty easy to bypass the notion entirely and even believe that it probably couldn't be true. I totally get how Clarke wouldn't give it that much importance.


But I loved that Bellamy was the one to caught it first, and how protective and close he became of Clarke as time went by. I'm sure glad they kissed and made up in the end ;)


Happy holidays!


- Susana

Author's Response:

Hi, Susana! Thanks for the holiday love ♥

You know, you're right. When I read this over, the only thing really missing from it is more of the Bellarke banter/bickering.  But sometimes I get caught up in making sure I get the whole story down and sometimes miss opportunities for the banter. 

I'm glad you could get how Clarke would kind of bypass the whole soulmate thing. She was never really a believer in it, y'know? Easy to just shove under the rug, so to speak :P 

Aw, yeah. A good old kiss and makeup; seemed to be pretty fitting for this story.

Always nice to meet another Bellarke fan! Thanks for the review ♥

Name: Kittenshift17 (Signed) · Date: 03 Nov 2018 01:04 AM · For: Marked Hearts

Thanks for writing. I giggled and awwwed throughout as I read, even though I wasn't entirely sure I'd like the Mordern AU angle. Great job!


Author's Response:

Thanks! I'm glad you gave it a shot, even if you weren't sure you'd like it. Thanks for the review :) 

Name: victoria_anne (Signed) · Date: 05 Aug 2018 07:40 PM · For: Marked Hearts

Hey Jill! I'm here from the staff review thread with your requested review!


I love the introductory scene. I think it works really well to introduce (heh) the reader into this world of soulmates. I get that Clarke is this no-nonsense kind of girl, so I'm really curious to learn how she reacts to the fact that she does have a soulmate. The only thing I find that niggles at me a bit is that she checks the marks frequently, but then didn't notice when they did change. She just stopped checking after a year?


The coffee shop scene is great, too. I can 100% picture it in my mind, and again, I understand Clarke as being a very smart, determined, and dedicated person. And even though this is an AU, for someone who hasn't seen the show and isn't familiar with the characters, this gives me a chance to get to know her :)


OH OH the barista is Bellamy! Ooh I love it (guys that can make coffee are instantly attractive in my eyes haha) and I love that they have this irritable banter going on! I'm so here for that! I like the little character quirk of Bellamy building things when he's bored. I think it's really unique and quite cute actually. And I love that it's okay for him to call Clarke princess, but not for anyone else :P


I'm really liking Clarke - I love that she can handle her own when that guy was being super gross.


Aw this is super cute. I love how their relationship is slowly growing, just from bumping in to each other every now and then, or her spending time at the coffee shop.


I enjoyed this so much more than I thought I would! I don't mean that in a bad way, just that I'm always a little unsure to be reading a fanfiction when I'm unfamiliar with the fandom, but I absolutely loved this! It was soooo sweet!

Author's Response:

Hey, B! Thanks for coming by.

Clarke is definitely a no-nonsense kind of girl. I'm glad you like the introductory scene; I wasn't really sure if it was going to work with the style of the story, but I am happy it seems to have mostly worked.  But you're right, that's probably a mess up on my end, oops :P 

I'm so glad you can picture it! I'm trying to get better at my visual descriptions so it's always nice to know when they work. Also, Clarke is one of my favorite characters ever and I'm glad you're getting to know her too, though it's through this bits and pieces of an AU.

I mean, who doesn't find baristas attractive? Ah, I'm glad that you caught onto his habit of building things! :P And of course, Clarke's Bellamy's princess but no one elses. 

I'm so happy you enjoyed it! I wasn't sure you would, tbh, because I'm the same way about AUs and unfamiliar fandoms. But thanks for the great review and giving it a chance! ♥

Name: Rumpelstiltskin (Signed) · Date: 18 Jun 2018 07:15 PM · For: Marked Hearts

O/ Hey Jill! I'm here for our swap! 


(I'm already super excited about the modern-setting. I love when things are given a modern spin because I find that it takes a lot of talent to keep the essence of the story while replacing everything so that it fits into a more modern setting. EEEEEE!)


Okay, so I absolutely adore that you took the 'matching tattoo' prompt and spun it so that it was a mark of a soul mate, like a coming-of-age skin anomaly that just kind of...happened. I'm also in love with the fact that people were told that that sort of thing wasn't real, so a mark appearing on your skin (in reality) meant nothing. And I really love how you brought her backstory into the modern-setting (with concepts like her parents and her dad's death and Lexa) and, then, of course, "Arkadia University" was really clever, too! 


Yep. Marry the man who builds a fort out of plastic straws. There are important life skills there somewhere, I swear it. Ahhh -- I love their banter. It's adorable and so Bellarke-y. Also, Bellamy totally noticed that she'd been in the cafe all day -- I mean, he works there, but...he totally noticed that she'd been there all day. I'M JUST SAYING. And, you know, HE NOTICED THE WAY SHE LOOKS WHILE STUDYING. I'M STILL JUST SAYING. I'm slowly dying with how cute that is. And he's smirking at her -- gah! Okay, they can get married and have Bellarke babies now (even if he's flirting with everything). That's plenty of relationship development for me.


Okay, okay. More development is also cute. 


You called the bar 'The Dropship' -- I heart you. (Oh gosh, Raven and Jasper -- please tell me this is the second ship in this!) YES! I'm so glad that the man pointed that out for her! :D A star in a moon? That's awfully cute. Ahaha! I love that she filled the shot glass with water -- go, Clarke! Also D: ONLY BELLAMY CAN CALL HER PRINCESS! Ugh, and he's being super creepy -- like, wayyyy overly flirty. GET HIM BELLAMY! I mean, obviously, Clarke can defend herself and all that but still GET HIM BELLAMY! She handled it very professionally, too -- I think I'd have a few choice words for him, and they wouldn't be nearly as polite as Clarke's were (Rumpel probably shouldn't work in customer service). And, right, back to GET HIM BELLAMY! And, CLARKE! CLARKE...girl, you mean to tell me you have no idea who your soulmate could PosIbLY be? Hmmmm?? Haha! 


YES! Bellamy's going to drop her off -- that means they'll be spending more time together! You're doing an awesome time with tying in their backstories to this, altering them just slightly enough to make it organic to the setting. YASS WITH THE FERVENT KISSES! Oh all the ship feels! Oh, and heyyy, this is one heck of a makeout session! AND SHE SEES THE SOULMATE MARK! ALKJDLKFSLDKJFL:KSDJFLK:SDJFLKDJF! But what if she lost him the same way she lost Lexa? Oh, yep...yep there it is...there go my feels -- all broken-like and such :( . No, don't send him away!


I love Clarke x Lexa right after Clarke x Bellamy and YOU are BREAKING my poor HEART! It makes sense that Clarke is taking time to assess her feelings and the whole soulmate situation, especially after losing Lexa. And while Bellamy's reaction makes sense, too, because she hurt him YOU'RE CONTINUING TO BREAK MY HEART STOP THIS! AND YESS! WITH THE DON'T LEAVE AND THE HAPPY! OH SO FLUFFY ENDING! <33


You did an amazing job with the prompts and tying it all together with the fandom. Your characters were phenomenal and I LOVED the dialogue in this. This was so much fun to read! Thanks for the swap!



Author's Response:

Rumpel! This review ♥

YAY I'm so glad that you liked what I did with the matching tattoos. I wanted to sort of put a unique spin on it, and it did just sort of help move the story along a bit. And Arkadia University! I did try to make use of the locations in the show.

I MEAN, of course Bellamy noticed she's been there all day. And only because he works there.  It's semi-inspired by RL a bit in that I notice my regular customers and I know who's been there all day, especially if they're attractive. I'M JUST SAYING. And of coures there's important life skills in building straw forts. Also, "even if he's flirting with everything" made me laugh out loud the first time I read it XD

I actually can't take credit for The Dropship -- the name was Claire's idea, but it's definitely a solid one. (Aw, I've never thought of Jasper/Raven as a pairing! Sorry. They'd be cute, though.) I KNOW BUT I DID THAT ON PURPOSE BECAUSE THE NAME HAS A CERTAIN EFFECT. Yeah, Bellamy kind of has no self-control when it comes to Clarke so of course he's going to punch this creepy guy in the face. Shhh, of course she has no idea who her soulmate is ;) 

Thank you! I tried my best to mostly stick with canon [a la families and past relationships] so I'm glad it worked for the setting! And YAY! Kisses! Of course it is, it's Bellarke. :P Uhh, sorry not sorry for the feels? BUT IT'S CLARKE WE'RE TALKING ABOUT, OF COURSE SHE'S GOING TO PUSH HIM AWAY.

Again, uh, sorry not sorry 'bout all them feels, but at least you got a happy ending out of it! 

Ah, thank you so much! Characterization and dialogue is super important to me, so I'm super happy it worked out well here. I'm really glad you had fun reading this; thanks for the swap!!

♥ ♥

Name: MadiMalfoy (Signed) · Date: 03 Jun 2018 11:08 PM · For: Marked Hearts


Hello hello Jill! I’m finally getting around to everyone’s entries for my soulmate AU challenge so here’s yours. :)

Firstly, another Bellarke for me to read yesssss!! You had the matching tattoos soulmate prompt and modern university random prompt, so I was excited to see how you worked with those, as tattoos are so common today anyway, I wanted to see how they got worked into modern day life to be a special thing. 

I love your characterization of Clarke and Bellamy here, with her studying for her undergraduate degree constantly at the coffeeshop Bellamy works at and their flirtatious banter, all the while Clarke’s tattoo continues getting darker and more defined--which Bellamy catches early on, so nice bit there! I like that Clarke bartends and that whole scene with the shot glass pyramid in the background; it gives a nice setting for the creepy guy and Clarke’s interaction to take place in, along with providing more scenery/ spatial details about the bar itself. The bar fight gives a good chance for characterization and relationship development in one go for Bellamy and Clarke, along with acting as the turning point for the finishing of their marks. The time jumps are a bit abrupt, but makes sense to move the plot along as Clarke knows her mark is finished but has no clue who it is. 

It hurts me to see that Bellamy didn’t tell Clarke that he knew she was his soulmate once the marks were complete, but it makes sense for his character, especially as it relates to the show (still not admitting any feelings more than platonic into season 5, amirite?) so it fits. Also, Clarke pushing him away as soon as she learns about her soulmate being him is SO CLARKE like ugh, I can’t even tell you how good that was! I loved seeing those few quotes in there from the show, it really makes me want to rewatch the first four seasons now lol. You did a nice job with the reunion scene at the coffee shop too--it wasn’t too gooey or overly romantic for these two, especially since they hadn’t spoken in months. Overall, you wrote a great piece, and I’ll be posting the results later. :)

~MadiMalfoy x

Author's Response:

Hey, Madi! First of all, thanks for hosting such a fun challenge! I was really happy to actually be able to write something and enjoy it!

Yessss, Bellarke. I love them [probably too much, tbh].

Ah yeah, I'm glad you noticed that Bellamy noticed! I always think he's so observant, especially of Clarke, and it was important for him to notice relatively early on so that the rest of the story would make sense. I'm glad that the shot glass pyramid helped give more details about bar itself; I could picture it pretty well in my head, so I was trying to translate that decently on the screen. And as far as the bar fight goes, well... of course Bellamy would :P But I agree, it was a good chance for them to interact more.  I wasn't sure how the time jumps were going to work in this piece, tbh, but I'm glad it at least made sense to move the plot along. 

Ugh, don't get me started on the platonic into season 5, but I'm glad it fits! I wasn't sure he would lie to her at first, but then I figured if it was something important -- in typical Bellamy fashion -- that he probably would keep it to himself.  And same with Clarke pushing him away, she does tend to do that :P I'm glad you enjoyed the quotes from the show! Writing them into the scene made me want to go back and rewatch seasons 1-4, but like... I shouldn't haha. I'm glad you enjoyed the reunion as well; it was definitely hard trying to find a balance between overly romantic but still enough for a love confession :P 

Thanks again for hosting the challenge, it was a lot of fun! ♥

Name: justawillowtree (Signed) · Date: 08 May 2018 07:08 PM · For: Marked Hearts



Before I get started on my review, I just wanted to declare my love for Bob Morley. I haven’t seen him in a single episode of The 100, but I have seen him in Gryffindor get-up, and that’s enough for me. (In all honesty though I think he’s amazing and is definitely a huge part of the appeal of Bellarke haha.)


Okay so I’m a huge fan of this sectioned one-shot format (as evidenced by…too many of my one-shots dear god) so I really enjoyed reading this! I love the time-jumpiness of it all, how we get to see them progress through the years without having to plod along through less interesting sections. The little introduction in the beginning was short and sweet and was very informational while also being stylistically pretty, and I just really liked that! And then the four other sections changed a lot in tone and such but still so so good.


I’m going to make a quick confession here, and it’s likely why I won’t watch The 100 – I think I’d ship Lexa/Clarke more if I watched the show. So I’m just not going to, in case my heart breaks haha. But anyway I liked that you included that bit about their relationship in the beginning, how Clarke did date Lexa at first before the pressure of the soulmates idea broke them up. And I loved your explanation of the matching tattoos! I love that the tattoos darken when they meet their soulmates, and I love what you did with the prompt omg. This was just so good!


This first real section between Clarke and Bellamy was a lot of fun. I’m always very fond of enemy-type banter haha. Though at first I was a little confused because I thought this was the very first time they were seeing each other and so it seemed a little abrupt, but then you explained at the end that Clarke had been coming here for a long time and had seen Bellamy a lot. But the banter was funny to read haha. I wonder what would’ve happened if Bellamy had said up-front that he had the same tattoo. Would she have been scared off? Disgusted? More interested? But then, if he’d said it up front, then we wouldn’t have this amazing one-shot.


And ugh the second section. Truly felt so sorry for Clarke that she had to deal with that. But on a happier note, the side characters were so hilarious lmao. I really like your side characters in this one-shot; they fit right into the story, and don’t take any attention away from the main storyline while also holding their own as characters.


IN THIS THIRD SECTION I WAS INTERNALLY SCREAMING BECAUSE NOT ONLY WERE THEY CUTE BUT THERE WAS A MAKE-OUT SCENE AND OVERALL THIS WAS QUALITY CONTENT. It was so much fun seeing how much they’ve progressed since freshman year, like I honestly love their newer dynamic here. When Clarke became angry at the fact that Bellamy hid the fact that he knew about her soulmate mark I was simultaneously like “noooo Clarke he’s your soulmate!! be nice!!” and also “I mean yeah he probably should’ve told her lol.”


But I’m so glad that they worked things out in the last section. I thought the forgiveness on both ends came a little quickly, but honestly I’m just really happy for them because after the wild ride that was the first three sections, this section was just the thing to end this one-shot with. Also, even though you divided this one-shot up into pieces, it all flowed together so well. <3333




Author's Response:

Eva, my love! Thank you so much for taking a look at this for me ♥

YES, Bob is definitely a huge appeal of Bellarke. I adore him, and not just because he's cosplayed as James Potter before. I mean, it helps, but he's also just... really sweet and adorable in interviews and such and uh, I'll stop talking now because otherwise I'll just keep on rambling about how much I love him. 

I'm glad the sections and the time jumps worked for you! It seemed like the best way to tell this story, tbh. Haha, I'm glad you thought the first part was 'stylistically pretty' because I definitely wasn't trying to be, but oh well - guess it works out anyway! And omg yay, I wasn't sure how people would feel about the darkening of the tattoo so I'm glad it makes sense/works/you liked it <3 

Ah, Clarke and Lexa. I do really really enjoy them as a ship, but Bellarke is my otp. I have reasons ;) 

Ah yeah, I could see where you would be confused! I didn't really know where I was going when I first started writing it, lol, but I'm glad it made more sense as you read on. And I'm glad the banter was funny, I feel like sometimes I'm so awkward with that stuff if it doesn't just come off naturally; sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't. Took a little while for those two to get into it. 

Aw, I love the side characters so much! They're great in the show, too. Ugh yeah, I felt bad for Clarke too, even as I was writing it; but it made sense.  

Ah! YAY! I love all-caps internal screaming! Bahahaha, but truly. When they get to this newer dynamic [in the show, too] it's so refreshing and wonderful when you think about how they started.  Hah! Yeah, Bellamy should've told her but like, he was afraid that Clarke would turn him away or whatever so he was just going to take a chance.

I'm so glad everything flowed well and the forgiveness was tricky; it was hard to see if it was something they'd get over relatively quickly or if they'd stick to being angry (mostly Clarke, tbh) forever and ever. But yeah, I wanted to end this on a relatively happy note so I'm pleased that it all still works out for you as a reader.

Thank you again for another amazing review! ♥

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