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Name: starbuck (Signed) · Date: 02 Mar 2019 03:04 PM · For: 1. Renewal

hey vicki :)


i really loved reading this story! from the first couple of sentences about sprout and how she's having trouble dealing with the idea of happiness after something so terrible happened during the past couple of years, to the description of her greenhouses being destroyed and sprout being the only one trying to repair them because the rest of the castle takes priority...just the whole thing oozed tiredness and i think you did a great job in describing the feeling. and then, she has a great idea and immediately we, as readers feel lighter!


the faculty meeting was also really well done - i loved slughorn especially, because who else would be the first one to jump at the idea of a party? and even though it took a little bit of convincing i loved seeing how the rest of the professors had all these ideas on how to celebrate properly. and binns was hilarious! i love that you included him :D


the whole story also touched upon the feelings of guilt, something survivors often feel and it's always important to make sure that they know it's not their fault, that they have a right to be happy and content after everything - especially the students who would be returning to hogwarts.



Author's Response:

Kris, thank you so much for reviewing my story.  Go Team Emerald. This story is one of my oldest, but I still remember the fun of writing Professor Binns' dialogue.  He starts off seriously, as is doubtless his usual habit of speech, and then just throws his hands up into the air because he doesn't know the precise answer to the question and realizes that it doesn't matter; the point is not precise historical facts but the spirit of the proposition.  After all that they have been through, strict hIstorical accuracy is way down low on the priority list.


It would be so easy for all of them to fall into a permanently depressed mood, just going through the motions of re-establlshing the school program, and that's why forcing themselves to do something fun is a way to get the motion started on the journey back to happiness.  This is the first time I wrote Professor Sprout, but it seemed easy to do, so I wrote her again in Greenhouse Seven and Dark Enough To See The Stars. 


I too forgot to mention EvS and Team Emerald when I left my review for The Midas Touch, so I quickly copied my review, then deleted it and re-pasted it back into the review box with the necessary reference.  It will take a bit to get that detail firmly pasted into my brain.



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