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Name: John Murphy (Anonymous) · Date: 16 Dec 2020 12:23 PM · For: say you'll remember me

Hi Jill! Back again with another review from your secret Hufflepuff! 


First off, I am so drawn into the banter between Emma and John. I loved the "I'm sorry I don't have the time to play the violin for you," moment. Anything that makes me laugh out loud is worth mentioning in a review, I think. :) 


You also set the beginning of this scene up so well. It's a chaotic and you feel the urgency behind Emma's actions, which really just transports you as a reader into the moment. Not only that, but that sleazy dude moment really gives us (who aren't familiar with the fandom) some additional insight into the atmosphere of the place. I loved her quip about her idea of a good time being in bed before 10pm. I thought to myself, Same Emma. Same. And more banter between Murphy and Emma. Oh whoops. Looks like I might be shipping this LOL.


Ok so, I love a good smut scene and you most definitely delivered! It's full of all the necessary tension to make the reader excited (sorry is that a weird choice of words LOL)? There's a lot of awkward talking and some fumbling, but hey, that is SUPER realistic whenever you're having sex with someone for the first time. So I was here for that level of realism. I also liked how you showed that while this is kind of dirty, naughty sex on a pool table, there is some emotion behind it. Murphy cares about what happens in the aftermath of this, he's thought about her in this way, but it's not just a one time thing for him. I swoon for men who are like this. And it almost doesn't happen because Emma is talking so much and oops, almost says the wrong thing. But again...totally realistic, so I am here for that sort of thing. :)


I also love how this ends with the promise of something more. But we still their banter, so while this has kind of changed their relationship, it doesn't appear to have changed them individually and I love that a lot! And I see there are more stories feat. them, so I will need to go and read those. :) Anyway, thanks so much for writing this! Good sex, bro! *high five*

Name: victoria_anne (Signed) · Date: 09 May 2020 04:17 AM · For: say you'll remember me

Hi Jillybean!


Okay, wow, there is so much I love about this story! I was completely hooked by the idea of Emma and Murphy from the very beginning, their dialogue was so natural and realistic, and I loved it. And the way that they only kind of know each other, but she feels safe in her presence. I could feel so much about them, through them, and it made for such an amazing read.


Also the way you capture the 'working in hospitatlity' mood is...such a mood. But seriously, everything to do with the bar was so vivid and worked really well. It made the story feel so alive! And all their little bantering between kisses was just *chef's kiss*


Eep, this whole story was just perfection, I loved it so so much!

Author's Response:

hi b! i'm so glad you were willing to take a look at this fic even if you're not familiar with the fandom ♥

yeah, i think her feeling safe in his presence is definitely a good show of their characters. even if they just know each other through working at the bar, she knows he's a good guy- he's always on the lookout for creeps so he can be backup for her/gina when they need it. 

i'm so glad you thought the bar was vivid! i haven't worked in a bar specifically, but i work in a cafe sometimes, so i tried to use that experience to bring the dropship to life a bit. and yeah, their banter is honestly one of my favorite things to write with them.

thanks so much for the review! i'm glad you loved it ♥

Name: MadiMalfoy (Signed) · Date: 30 Apr 2020 04:50 AM · For: say you'll remember me



I KNOW YOU TOLD ME THIS WAS SMUTTY BUT GODDAMN GURL THIS WAS GREAT!!! But seriously, what a great fic, my dear! The modern setting of this fic with the Dropship being a bar (classic, always a favorite of mine!) and Emma and Murphy being bartenders on shift with Diyoza as their boss? Badass. I honestly love that you've written Murphy as a scrappy dude -- we don't get to see that all the time in the show, but he's clearly good in a fight to help others out and also about that self-preservation at the same time. 


The SNARK from Gina is comedy gold too, oh my lord! Like, she's clearly rooting for them to get over themselves but also is like, super exasperated with these two clearly-in-love idiots who she has to work with. I love how you've given her character so much more life than she got in the show, and that it's in the work setting with personal sentiments. Both Emma and Murphy constantly flirting and getting caught by Gina is just so *chef's kiss* and really helps build the tension between them as the night in the bar goes on adn patrons eventually leave. The tiptoeing around Emma and Bellamy's "weird" friendship-relationship is on point and also kind of a poignant moment in this fic, which kind of helps to ease the momentum that was happening before. You really let this fic breathe, in other words, and I really enjoyed it!


And then we get a little cutesy bit of Emma dancing along to Murphy's music choices and then he joins her, SO CUTE! And *finally* some of that straight up (hehe, get it?) flirting that is definitey building up to the crescendo of this fic. AND THEY'RE KISSING UP AGAINST THE WALL, JILL YOU'RE THE EFFING BEST OH MY GOD!! This is honestly some of the sexiest smut I've read, and I mean that in a complimentary way. Because sometimes smut is just smut, but you really make each choice that Emma and Murphy take in this dance be an action that leads to something that then leads to something else, and it all has to flow well together. You write a love scene with the right about of gentleness and roughness for these characters, which can be a difficult thing unless you really know your characters well (or dgaf), which you do! The ending is so cute too, it put a huge smile on my face! And of course the mentions throughout by Murphy of Raven & Perri being left alone in his & Raven's apartment to *hopefully* have some coming together of their own is a nice touch. 


What else can I say, Jill, except that this smut is so wonderful and I love what you've done with Emma and Murphy and I can't wait to see what comes next for them in other fics! <3 



Author's Response:

yessss madi i'm so glad you chose this one!!!

so if i'm being honest, the idea of diyoza being their manager didn't come to me until i was actually writing the fic. the manager was originally going to be some unnamed random person, but then i remembered diyoza (tbh, i forget to include characters beyond s4 in fics :P), and she was the obvious choice. scrappy murphy is my favorite murphy, so i figured i'd sprinkle a bit of s1 into here with that. it fits so well when he's bantering with emma. 

oh my god, yes. gina is like, the number 1 memma shipper. she's tired of listening to them and just wants them to admit their freaking feelings for each other. 'clearly-in-love idiots' is the perfect way to describe memma in the beginning, because it fits their dynamic so so well. 

i laughed out loud the first time i read this review, madi. i'm gonna be honest, this was my first time attempting to write postable smut, so i'm glad it seemed to flow really well. i was a little concerned that the ending was going to be a little too cheesy, but then i just decided to go for it. and i really can't have a murphy/emma fic without mentions of perri and raven, so i'm glad you enjoyed those as well!

i'm so so glad you enjoyed it! there's definitely going to be more murphy/emma fics in the future; i'm obsessed with them in both canon-verse and in aus too, so be on the lookout ;)

thanks for the review ♥

Name: TreacleTart (Signed) · Date: 24 Apr 2020 02:08 AM · For: say you'll remember me


Hey Jill!


I'm here to drop off a review for our review swap! Thanks for taking me up on it.


So disclaimer, I've never read the 100 before and I have no idea who any of these characters are. I read this as if it was OF, so if I've missed anything, blame it on my ignorance of the fandom.


I related to Rhodes a fair bit in the opening scene. I once worked in a bar for a couple of months and I actually really hated it for creepy dudes like the one that was hitting on her. It's so gross watching him insist that she should have a drink. No means no dude. I also related to her struggle of portraying toughness as a petite woman. Generally, I've found that if I'm loud enough, use an aggressive stance, and add in a decent amount of swear words, dudes back off. I'm sure Rhodes knows those tricks too, but she's really saved from having to do any of it by Murphy's swift appearance.


It becomes pretty clear pretty quickly that Rhodes and Murphy have a thing for each other. There is some definite tension in their interactions. They do that sort of snarky, sometimes harsh flirting and all I can say is I feel you Rhodes. I flirt the exact same way.


The hook up felt a bit inevitable to me. They seemed like they were in that phase of challenging each other where they're playing a game of chicken to see who backs down first...except neither of them do. The first kiss against the wall was really hot and the rest of the hook up continued in that fashion. I thought you did a really good job of describing what they were doing physically. I also appreciate that you avoided cringey cliched smut phrases. The only thing I have to say is that the Chef in me was cringing at the idea of them banging on the pool table. Definitely not sanitary.


All in all, even though I didn't know the fandom, I enjoyed the story. I'm glad Rhodes stopped over thinking it and just allowed things to happen. Good work!




Author's Response:

hey kaitlin! i'm happy to take you up on a swap any day♥

i'm so glad you found emma arelatable. i haven't worked at a bar, but i've worked in the cafe part of my store, so i tried to bring that experience into writing this fic. i'm glad that seemed to work! oh, yeah, emma knows all the tricks; she's not one to be walked over by any means. she's pretty lucky though in that she's got murphy as her backup, since he's always looking out for his girls. especially emma :P 

ah, yes. i love the back and forth snark/flirting between them. it's one of my favorite things to write with them.

honestly, my favorite thing to read is 'the hookup felt inevitable'. it was always going to happen; they're right on the cusp in this fic, and it's the official unofficial start to their relationship here (not that they know it at the time). ah, thank you! i haven't read a lot of smut to know what phrases to avoid, i just kind of wrote with what felt right. and it was my first real attempt at writing postable smut, so i'm glad you thought it was hot. and truthfully, i had the same thought about the pool table :P it's hot, but probably not the cleanest spot.

thanks so much for taking me up on the review, even without knowledge of the fandom! it's great to get outside eyes sometimes :) 

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