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Name: Renacera (Signed) · Date: 23 Feb 2021 11:00 PM · For: say goodnight

I'm sorry, no.

I'm gonna need you to not.

Because, Jill. You should know better. You should be able to think, "Oh, Emily loves 'starlit nights,' if she sees a sequel, she's going to have to read it. And if she sees a potential breakup hinted at in the summary, she's going to lose her goddamn mind."

But, of course, I forgive you. ;)  Because this was fabuloussss. And you didn't let them break up! Which is good. Because it probably would have stomped my fragile little 'Puff heart.

I love that you began this with a James II cameo! I almost never read stories with him, if I'm honest. 'Cause I'm not a huge Next-Gen fan. But I liked his bartending job and how kind he was to Julia, even when he was like, "but don't hurt my cousin, girl."

When Julia went home and she and Molly had their confrontation...ugh. I was freaking out. I honestly thought you were going to break my heart, Jill. I was so scared I was going to see my girls break up. And after "starlit nights," I probs couldn't handle knowing they didn't work out. I really did love the moment that Molly was like, "What, you think this is easy on me?? You think I'm not scared?" Because it was so relatable and so very realistic to a young adult's first big "take the leap" moment. I'm glad she didn't back down from her dreams, but I also felt so sad for her that she couldn't be as excited as she would otherwise be because leaving Julia scares her so much.

The scene in the rain!!! *claps wildly all alone in my house while my husband is out running errands* *gets stared at by the cat*

That was so romantic and perfect and made me so happy!!!

I loved it. I loved their moment of reconciliation. I loved that they went home together. I loved that they're gonna keep trying and working to be together.

Beautiful, wonderful, thank you as always for being such a brilliant writer. <3


*for the Fairyland review event*

Author's Response:

yeet, hello, emily!

uh, yeah, the breakup potential in the summary was definitely to throw you guys off a bit ;) i would say i'm sorry about that, but i'm really not, because if julia believed she and molly were gonna break up, then i needed you guys to believe it too

i'm so glad you read this/starlit nights even though you're not big on next gen! that's always a big compliment. and that you enjoyed james' cameo appearance

and yeah, i really wanted to point out that molly was scared, too. it's a huge, life-changing moment for her, almost more life-changing than moving in with her girlfriend, to be out on her own for probably the first time. and it's even hard when she doesn't have julia's support, although julia's insecurities are super valid and real too. i wanted this to be really messy, like you weren't sure if they were gonna make it work, because i feel like the end of the fic wouldn't have had the same impact i was hoping for

bahahaha, i'm so glad you loved the end, though! the romance and the kiss in the rain and everything

thank *you* for always leaving such kind and thoughtful reviews! ♥

Name: ShazaLupin (Signed) · Date: 04 Feb 2021 12:11 PM · For: say goodnight


Hi there!


This was such a cute fic, you could feel the romance in it by the end! I love the idea that she was talking to James about it, and I'm glad she helped her see that she was worrying for no reason and needed to go talk to Molly. It must be hard though, to feel so insecure and then have your girlfriend be leaving for six months. 


I'm so glad they were able to sort things out before she did leave though, and it was amazing how they sorted things out. I loved that they were caught in the rain, it felt so romantic and really added to the fell of the fic! And they're right, six months isn't that long when you can see the end. 


A great fic!



Written for the winter in fairyland review event.


Author's Response:

hi shaza! 

i'm so happy you could really feel the romance by the end, and the way james managed to help her through her insecurities to talk to molly about them

and yeah, six months really isn't that long in the grand scheme of things, but when you're with someone, suddenly not seeing them for six months can feel like the end of the world. i'm glad you loved the tropey kiss in the rain and that it added to the romance aspect of the fic

thanks for the review ♥

Name: abhorsen (Signed) · Date: 25 Jan 2021 05:29 AM · For: say goodnight

hi jill, i'm here for the fairyland event bc i felt left out with all the reviewing y'all are doing so needed to do some fairy host + winter puppy rep

noooo this is so harsh from the start, sobby face

holy shiiiit james, "so what if she does? do you really think she's going to just drop you" that is so fucking Deep holy shit, i just

also though i feel like this is such a solid look at how awful insecurity can be for relationships bc yes, it's this exactly - even if logically you know that what you're feeling isn't real it *feels* real and i'm so glad that julia went after molly to tell her how she felt, bc i think that leaving on a shitty note can just exacerbate insecurity so much


Author's Response:

branwen, thanks for stumbling onto this story, it's very close to my heart ♥

yeah, leave it to james potter to bring in the wise advice. that's really a mic drop moment there XD

i'm so, so glad that this felt real - and of course julia had to go after molly, the girl of her dreams. it wouldn't have been right if she hadn't, but she needed a bit of a kick in the pants in order to see it/do something about it. insecurities can really hurt a relationship but they're going to be stronger in the end because they've figured out how to face them and move on from them together

thank you so much for the lovely surprise review!

Name: victoria_anne (Signed) · Date: 16 Dec 2020 05:24 AM · For: say goodnight



Poor Julia, her concerns are so real, and I loved the way you introduced her problem through talking to James at the bar. It was just a really enjoyable scene to read, and I really felt Julia's emotions. Her insecurity is very human and something we've all felt!


There's a serious/Sirius joke in here and that's automatically a 5 star read for me.


They're so different but so cute together, and their dynamic feels real. I love that this story ended on such a happy note. Loved it!

Author's Response:


i'm so glad you enjoyed the opening scene at the bar - it felt like the most natural opening, and that julia would be trying to drown her sorrows, angst, and insecurities in alcohol rather than trying to figure out a solution to them (although she does, eventually, get her shit together XD)

well, of course the story had to end on a happy note, i couldn't put my girls through hell just to break them apart. so glad you enjoyed the story, and thanks for the lovely review! ♥

Name: maraudertimes (Signed) · Date: 05 Dec 2020 08:23 PM · For: say goodnight

Hello hello jill, i am so late for my challenge, but I am finally here now!! <3 

Oh man, I am so on Julia’s side rn, firewhiskey sounds good to me! Also idk why but Firewhiskey makes me think of Fireball and that burn does hella make itself known!

I love James, from the fact that he’s a bartender to his sarcasm and wit. Gotta love a James Sirius Potter cameo in any next gen story ;)

Ah, I mean I get where Julia is coming from, that little voice in her head telling her things are gonna crash and burn, but also AGHHHH!!! Listen to James, for christ’s sake, this is all in your head Julia ahhhhhh


“A chapter she didn’t read outloud” omg??? Why is the cutest and most heartbreaking thing ever???

OH EM GEE IS SHE RUNNING IN THE RAIN!??!?!??!?!??!? What a romcom moment


Molly is very right, that isn’t healthy in a relationship. Yes Julia’s emotions are valid, but damn if Molly isn’t making super great points here! Also while I wish she wouldn’t leave, I totally understand where Molly is coming from for wanting to see her parents this last night.

Also holy shit does Molly hit home with not wanting to always be the romantic one. It is absolutely valid to feel that way even if you love to do them. Wanting a bit of reciprocity is absolutely okay and totally understandable.





Oh my god, this was an absolute treat to read Jill. Thank you so much for writing this, I’m not sure if you can tell but I absolutely adored it. It was sweet, it was heartbreaking and heartwarming? There was a romantic kiss in the rain? Amazing, this was just absolutely amazing.


Lo <3

Author's Response:

looooo!!! first of all, thank you so much for hosting this challenge, it was so much fun to write for!

yes, james is fantastic here, being the listening ear the julia desperately needs while offering some sage advice and some brief levity in the otherwise angsty-filled beginning. obviously i gotta throw in a serious/sirius joke :P

i'm so glad you could see where molly was coming from. i didn't want to make either of them the bad guy, and felt like they had both valid points. and oh yeah, molly is 10000% too relatable when she talks about not wanting to always be the romantic one ♥

so happy you appreciated the starlit nights callback - felt like a missed opportunity if i didn't do it XD

thank you so, so much for hosting this challenge (also still can't believe it won second place???), and for the lovely review! ♥

Name: grumpy cat (Signed) · Date: 25 Aug 2020 09:57 PM · For: say goodnight

hey hey jill i'm here for our swap!


i'm sorry that right now my focus&attention span are too lacking for the 13k fic but i'll come back to it in the future because i saw you posted it for paula's tropey challenge and i'm 100% here for that *_*


but!! i saw this on your ap and was really feeling up for some fluff (even a lil bit of angsty fluff because isn't that the bbest kind??) and i'm so glad i read it because it made me ~feel things and it was just all around lovely *_*


i loved the imagery of running through the rain to get to molly - two times even - it really gave a sense of urgency and importance to this monumental precipice-life-event because like, even if realistically we (and julia) know molly loves her it's still ,,, julia just *left* after molly told her she'd be going away for six months and that's something that hits you hard.


Julia suddenly got the sinking feeling that she’d done something horribly wrong. And how was that possible, when she hadn’t even done anything in the first place?

Maybe that was the problem.


i feel like the above lines really go to the core of the problem and argh they gave my dread fuel :IIIII


and for molly, it can feel like abandonment and i think that's how she really felt (at least that's how i read it) and i think julia knew that even if she knew she was just panicking and not thinking about what that means for molly and ,,,ugh, i was worried there for a hot second that things really would fall apart in an angsty thunderstorm of angst


but it didn't and i was happy that it didn't and just it was really adorable and sweet!! i loved the 'Did you really just chase me down in the middle of a thunderstorm to tell me that you want to fight with me?' because it's hilarious and perfect for the moment and just feels like everything is going to be alright even with molly going away. but it's only six months and they're so obviously crazy idiots-in-love for each other that lol i can just imagine them writing each other silly letters to make up for it all and idk i guess that i see them being able to do this long distance thing for that amount of time despite julia's insecurity *_*


this was so well written and just very ,,,,,swoon worthy i loved it!



Author's Response:

hiii kris!!

that's very okay, thats why i put a disclaimer that it's totally fine if an angst-filled 13k fic is not your cup of tea for the time being :P glad you found something else to read instead!!

honestlyyy, angst-fluff is literally my jam and wish it was an actual genre i could tag my fics in because they'd probably all fit the bill. you've gotta have some angst to appreciate the fluff, imo. so glad i'm not the only one!!

and you're absolutely right, picking out those two parts of the narrative. that is 100% the core of. the issue/problem they're having, and it's definitely a monumental moment for julia. she finally has the courage to go after something she wants desperately, and even though we, the reader, know molly loves her, she doesn't necessarily know but she needs to believe in them anyway

and yes, that line felt appropriate for this particular moment XD i'm glad you enjoyed the tropey thunderstorm speech/kiss because it was so cliche i was a little worried about it... but who doesn't love a cliche when it's two idiot girls in love?

so glad you enjoyed it so much; thanks for the review!! ♥

Name: Aphoride (Signed) · Date: 18 Aug 2020 02:42 PM · For: say goodnight

Ahhhhh Jill this is so impossible cute :D I'm like the little heart eyes emoji right now, haha, honestly :) 


I lovelovelove the set up of this - though I gotta say, even though I saw in the summary it's for the make lo swoon challenge, I honestly thought as this went on that they were going to break up - the way that Julia is so nervous about their relationship, so in need of reassurance on where they are and how they are together, and Molly's getting a bit tired of it, struggling to manage Julia's emotions and insecurities as well as her own. It's such a normal, real-life kind of setting and miscommunication problem between a couple and I love that so much: it just all feels so real and so true and it makes me so invested in them. 


Awww I really feel for Julia - she's so incredibly nervous and anxious about their relationship and I get that that's so difficult for her to manage, let alone how it affects her and Molly. It's hard when you're afraid of something going wrong or that something is wrong already and you just don't know, especially when it's something that means a lot to you - but then for Molly, it's hard as well when you're leaving to go do something you've always wanted to do and things spiral from being about you and your trip and things to being about something you thought was secure. Or secure enough, at any rate. Ahhhh they're just both sweet, adorable little messes, and I really, really love them both. They're so relatable and it's so so good. 


Ooooo James as a bartender - I'm not sure I've seen that in fic before and it's a lovely different thing to see :D Plus, I love the implication that he himself loved someone and lost them, prior to his relationship with Cass - and even though he's happy now, the suggestion that he still regrets it, that there's still some kind of memory or lingering feelings... it's so evocative and it adds this layer to his kinda cheerful barman persona - and it makes his advice all the sadder, in a way, because no one said that to him. Also, protective!James, haha: 'don't break my cousin's heart', good man :P not that Molly would necessarily appreciate him meddling to whatever extent (though given the outcome of his meddling, maybe she would? this time at least :P)? 


Ahhhhh okay okay okay so I loved the big romantic gesture omigosh. It was so so good and so so perfect and so completely romantic - and a really nice take on the kissing in a thunderstorm trope (which tbh I have always loved as a trope :P) :) I love that finally, finally Julia went after Molly and stopped her, in the pouring rain, getting soaked through, but she needed to do something, something a bit more out there than getting frozen and stuck. And her confession-speech thing: the way that she says she wants her back home and doesn't care if they fight because she loves her and that's really what matters and she wants to work it out because it's important and if they have to fight to do that then that's what she wants to do - ughhhh it was so good and so sweet and I love how it felt so heartfelt, yk? It came through so so well and ughhhhh so good my heart <3 


It's been way way way too long since I read anything of yours and honestly this just proves it: it's so sweet and hurt and so romantic, and all the emotions come through so strongly. Your writing is just so good in this and I've got to get back to reading more of your stuff because I can't keep missing out on stuff like this <3 


Laura xx

Author's Response:

hiii laura!!

i'm so glad their relationship problems felt real and believable; that was really the heart of the piece, to show that they both had sides of the story and were struggling a bit on how to deal with it and how to be with each other. but, no - they didn't break up ;)

yeah, i had this whole headcanon about the james/adam/cass debacle, and it was important to me to have james understand in a way that wasn't just him being julia's friend and molly's cousin, but something he went through himself and didn't want other people to go through if he could help them. (and, to be fair, i think molly would forgive james for meddling in her relationship... at least this time around XD)

i looove kissing in a thunderstorm trope too! so obviously i had to make do it for lo's challenge. i'm so glad you enjoyed it despite the cliche and enjoyed her speech as well - at the end of the day, she wants molly, no matter what it takes. even if she gets pnemonia :P

lauraaaa stopppp you're too kind!! thank you so much for the wonderful review ♥

Name: magnifique (Signed) · Date: 19 Jul 2020 04:00 PM · For: say goodnight

so I believe I've read this out of order. Because I read this one, got very emotional, and then I realized you've written Molly x Julia before and was like, WELL I SHOULD PROBABLY READ THAT TOO SINCE THEY'RE MY NEW OTP. so I'll be reading more, never fear.

Anyway, hi, I'm here for the hc finale and also to celebrate the gay, THIS STORY MADE ME SO EMO on so many different levels and I loved it.

I think that, especially with queerness, there's this desire to make stories really fluffy and happy and "everything is fine nothing will go wrong" because at least I personally see so much of the opposite and it's like, to combat that negativity you go in the direct opposite direction. But I loved this for the realism. Like, queer and gay people do not just have magical rainbow filled relationships - they fight, they disagree, they hurt each other intentionally and unintentionally, they make bad choices, they run away when they should keep talking - and I think that's a really important aspect of queerness that sometimes people (writers) are afraid to delve into because they don't want to feed into the negative stereotypes we're already going up against every day.

at any rate - I thought this was a really good alternative to that. It had a happy-ish ending, but we got to see Julia and Molly fight about something that is completely reasonable to fight about, and no one was really the bad guy because they were both struggling, and even though it initially (to me) seemed like Molly had been in the wrong, I really liked how it was pointed out that Julia's insecurities are a problem and they need to be dealt with as well. IT WAS JUST A REALLY NICE EXAMPLE OF A HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP and I don't see enough of those so, we stan julia and molly forever, OTP, thank you for coming to my TEDtalk.

this was great, loved it. <3 


Author's Response:

hi julie!!

it's very okay that you read this out of order, because now you can go back and see where it all starts! and know that in the end, it has a happy ending :P

i think you're very right about the desire to make queer stories fluffy and happy, but i wanted to write something more realistic. but not a traumatic coming out experience, or anything like that - queer relationships have the same issues that straight ones do, and i essentially got the inspiration (at least for the first one in this series) to write them as 'hallmark stories but they're gay' because wehy not??

but i'm so, so glad you loved it and thought it was a healthy relationship! and yeah, julia's insecurities are definitely an issue they need to work through, but i think molly is also right, in a sense - at least that she's tired of always being the one to put the romantic foot forward with all of the sweeping gestures. and with the challenge prompt, it was hard to resist letting julia have her moment :P

so, so very happy you enjoyed this, thanks for the wonderful review!! ♥

Name: magemadi (Signed) · Date: 12 Jul 2020 08:20 PM · For: say goodnight

Hiya Jill! :)


So I know you wrote this for Lo’s swoon challenge, but boy did you have me worried at the beginning with all of that angst!!! I’ve never read a fic centering on Molly Weasley II but I love how this takes the daughter of Neville as her partner who is so much like her father, it’s so good. Julia Longbottom (in my opinion at least) seems to have inherited some of his anxieties and such and taken those into her relationship with Molly, causing her to be at the pub at 4 in the afternoon on a Wednesday in the first place after being confronted with Molly leaving for six months for work and not knowing what to do. James Sirius is a delight in this piece, by the way!! I love that he’s a bartender and even though he is obviously magical, he still prefers to do some things by hand, especially in his bar. What a grand gesture at the end of the fic by Julia though, wow! You totally made me swoon too ;) I loved this so much, Jill! Please write more of these two in the future. <3



Broom Racing

Author's Response:

hi madi!

well, i couldn't make you swoon if i didn't rip your heart out first, right? :P 

and you're right, julia has definitely inherited some of her father's anxieties and insecurities, but i liked to think i kinda balanced that out with molly/but also with her conversation with james and helping her realize she needs to believe in her relationship. and i'm so glad julia's own little grand gesture made you swoon, it was so much fun to write!

thank you for the review ♥

Name: Felpata_Lupin (Signed) · Date: 28 Jun 2020 02:44 PM · For: say goodnight

Jill! :)

Hello, my love! I'm here for the Hufflepuff swap (at the very last minute as usual... sorry for being so late...) and to help building a sand castle, while I'm at it! :P

I swear, one day I'll step out my comfort zone and read some of your other fandoms' fics, but how could I resist a new HP fic by you??? Especially a Julia/Molly one??? I just had to stop by here! <3 (And I'm so happy I did, because this filled me with happiness! <3)

First off... can I just say that I adore James Sirius Potter? :P He's such a sweetheart! I love how he can be silly and incredibly considerate at the same time! And you managed to drop in a Sirius/serious pun! I live for those! :D Also, I like the idea of him being a bartender... I like the idea of the Next Gen crew having normal jobs, and not being all in big Ministry positions or playing professional Quidditch or stuff like that... plus, I think it suits his character really well! :D (Okay, sorry, I know this story is not about James, I've probably been talking too much about him already... :P)

Aww, Julia... at first I thought that Molly had left her because they'd fought, and so they'd practically broken up, but that's not quite was happened... Molly was leaving for work and Julia panicked... which makes so much sense... I feel her about not feeling worthy of Molly's love... it's sad that she is so insecure, but so relatable as well. I loved James' point that even if Molly ended up meeting someone "better than her" that wouldn't mean she'd just drop her... but I can see how hard that has to be believed, I can totally see how a long distance relationship (even if only for a few months) would feel for someone like Julia, so I can't blame her for her reaction... except I sort of do, because just leaving Molly like that was incredibly selfish? :O I'm glad James could make her see reason and that she's determined to fix things now! <3

Poor Molly, too? I mean, I do feel for Julia a lot because I sort of identify with her, but it must be so frustrating to constantly have to convince your partner that you truly love them. I can totally see why Molly would be angered by Julia's reaction, how she would like to be the one receiving the special attention and the romantic stuff from time to time, instead of always being the one who gives. And it was so frustrating for me, too, to see these two who obviously love each other so strongly, being so at odds and unable to properly communicate... or... it isn't exactly bad communication in this case, is it? It's more like Molly is too proud to just forgive Julia so easily and Julia is too uncertain to make Molly change her mind...

But then Julia realizes that she can't just let her go without even trying and runs after her in the downpour, and that's such a classic and like the absolute most romantic thing ever and I love it with all my heart!!! <3 <3 <3

And, oh, my! Julia telling her she wants her to come back home and fìght with her! And their hug! And THEIR KISS!!! I'm gonna die from the cuteness!!! <3 And the way Julia feels when Molly refers to the place they share as home... and her promise that she will be back with so many stories to tell... aww... this is all so perfect and adorable and I so needed all this happy, warm feels today! <3

Such a lovely one-shot! You are such a great writer, I always adore your stories! <3

Snowball hug, my dear!


Author's Response:

hello, chiara!

oh man, yeah - i had such a blast writing james in this fic that i almost started a fic based solely around james. i have a couple headcanons about him, cass, and adam that haven't quite made it to the page (screen?) but were just a blast to think about

a running theme of their relationship is definitely julia needing to have more confidence in it/in molly, so james seemed like the natural-born listener who was mostly impartial but could give julia insight to molly that she wouldn't necessarily pick up.

honestly, i'm so glad you could see both sides of this argument, because that was really important to me. they're both right, to some extent, but they're also both wrong - julia shouldn't have just left molly, but molly's also tired of being the one pulling out all the stops with the grand gestures, votes of confidence, and all of that

of course it had to be in a downpour, i'm a sucker for cliches :P i'm so, so glad you enjoyed this, and took the time to review!! i always love hearing your thoughts :)

sending much love to you ♥

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