Reviews For now and then

Name: Crimson Quill (Signed) · Date: 22 Jan 2021 11:44 PM · For: how far we've come


Hey Jill,


I'm here for fairyland reviewing event! (mostly cos I love Emma though :P)


I love this piece because it did such a good job at bring together all your works. I love your headcanon for these characters so it was so nice to see it all out there along with some really snappy dialogue. You have a talent for creating chemistry between your character, Emma and Murphy are always off the charts with you. You've put her with Peri for most of this fic and it really works, she has tons of chemistry with her too. I love how feel so realistic as friends, they bounce off each other so well. They laughed together, the way that can reflect with each other too is so powerful.


I'm beyond excited that Emma and Murphy are getting married like that's amazing. I need you to write the wedding too now I've read this. I'm hungry for more already honestly. you tell to tell ashley that she needs to write more Peri because Peri is pretty awesome too. I love the style of the piece with the headings, now/then too. I love a cheeky flashback but the separation used really suited the style of the piece.


I think it's really cool that you've used just OCs to tell this story and it still feels so vivid and rich as if they were canon characters. Fantastic job on this. 


Abbi xx


Name: shadowycorner (Signed) · Date: 24 Oct 2020 05:17 PM · For: how far we've come

Hi Jill!!! So sorry for such a late swap review! But omg, this was such a fantastic story???


I mean, you know I loved the way you wrote Perri in nights like these and so i squealed to see her appear here again, AND as Emma's sort-of-ex, how interesting and exciting!


I really like how you write dialogue. There's such a fun and natural bounce to it, y'know? Like, the characters' banter just sounds so fun and is easy to follow but reveals a lot about them at the same time and they're all funny!


this was such an interesting relationship to explore, and i like how the title tied in with the way you split the scenes into the now and then. your stories are so full of background and a deeper layer to all your characters and their relationships that i'm feeling very much drawn in every time.


this was a great read, Jill, thanks so much for sharing!!


Eli :)

Name: victoria_anne (Signed) · Date: 13 Oct 2020 06:47 AM · For: how far we've come

Hey Jillybean! Here for our swap! 


Ahh, I love that Perri is in this! I think this is the first time I've read about Perri, but I've heard about her a lot! I don't remember her and Emma being together once, but I love that detail and of course it's so perfect for this challenge! You can tell they know each other so well. Their relationship is so wholesome, I loved reading that there's never been weirdness between them.


Aw, I absolutely love where we are in the timeline you've created. Last time I read, Emma was working at the bar, and now she's a music teacher! That's so wonderful!


These days, it often went unused, but Emma had some fond memories with it. Pretend I'm smirking because I've read your other stories so I know exactly what happened on that pool table.


I loved that we got a flashback to when Emma and Perri first met! That was such a fun scene. This whole story was super cute. I really enjoyed it! <3

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