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Name: Renacera (Signed) · Date: 27 Jan 2021 02:05 AM · For: Hanging by a Moment

Oh man. Oh man. I forgot about this part of the series. And holllly eff it hit me hard to remember it.

I hate how much Seamus is suffering in this chapter. Because the thing is: he isn't wrong. He isn't wrong at all. In fact, he's so right that I just want to hold him and tell him that it will be okay. I know that's not how it works, haha, but I feel so terrible for him. 

The plot in this is really well balanced and split between the Nows and the Thens. But more than that, the emotions in this story absolutely resonate. The sheer pain in Seamus after he finally goes to see Ginny—and she should have been the one to go see him—and he realizes just how much Harry has always been a spectre in their relationship. Ugh. And their conversation in the yard is absolutely gut-wrenching. The whole time I wanted to just grab Ginny and shake her and be like, "GIRL, STOP."

When she told him she loved him. Omfg. I wanted to scream. I hated it. Legit hated it so much. But I love that Seamus made a stand. I love that he said, "I deserve better than this." Because he does. Even though he desperately wants to be with her. He deserves to know he isn't a consolation prize. My favorite lines in the story are spoken by Ginny though, when she says, "I'm sorry. I wanted it to be you." Because as mad as I am at her, I also know it's not completely her fault that she's not prepared to sort through her feelings. And I remember being a teenager who really, really wanted to choose one person over another, but not being able to let go of the ex. #YayTeenageMemories!

Really wonderful job here, my dear!


*for the Fairyland review event*

Author's Response:

eep, hi, emily! thanks for revisiting my ogs over here :P 

i'm so glad you enjoyed the balance between the two timelines, between the now and the then. i'm way too pleased that you wanted to shake ginny here? because you're right, and seamus is right, and she 100000% should've been there for him and she wasn't. and that's worse than anything else that she could've done to him

yeah, seamus wasn't going to take any crap from her, and he knows what he deserves. and i'm glad that while you're mad at ginny, you can see where she's coming from, and that it isn't entirely her fault - we don't always get to choose who we love and i wanted to portray that there. oooh, teenage memories - sorry that you went through something similar here 

thank you so much for the wonderful review! ♥

Name: Felpata_Lupin (Signed) · Date: 14 Jan 2018 12:29 PM · For: Hanging by a Moment

Hey, Jill! I'm here for our swap! :)

I figured I would keep reading your Ginny/Seamus series, hope that's okay.

Oh, this was so painful, but so, so true. Your writing is always so emotional and your characters so human and real, I so love it! (But you could try to avoid breaking my heart, just once in a while...)

I loved the style of this, the alternance of POVs, the jumping backward and forward in time, I think it's no surprise that I love non-linear narration... :P And I loved that we got to see both perspectives, and that we got to understand both Seamus' and Ginny's feelings. I love that their love is so strong, but that it's just not enough (I mean, I don't love that second part, but I love the fact that it makes the situation so authentic and relatable. I think you capture the complexity of the situation they are in so wonderfully, your writing is just stunning.)

I wish Ginny had gone to see him at St.Mungo's... I wish Seamus had just trusted Ginny's love for him to be strong enough... but I can see that Ginny couldn't sustain that emotional burden and I can see that Seamus can't share her heart with Harry forever and I can see that that would be inevitable... why has life/love to be always so complicated? (Yes, this is only fanfic, but real life can be just as crazy, if not worse...)

This is such a great piece, your writing is stunning as always and you really made me feel for your characters, which I think is impressive because it's kind of out of context (meaning we don't have the full background of their relationship just reading this single one-shot) but you (meaning the reader) still feel so deeply and care so much for them. You are such a brilliant writer, but I think I've told you already in multiple occasions.

Sorry if this came out as a bit of a rambling, just know that I loved the story and that it really touched me deeply. Also, I forgot to say, I loved the conversation between Ginny and George, I loved the siblings' complicity and I loved how perceptive George was and how he tried to push her in the right direction, despite being so broken himself.

Thank you for the swap!

Lots of love, my dear!


Author's Response:


Of course you can keep reading my Ginny/Seamus stories! I wasn't really sure what you were going to pick, but was pleasantly surprised when it was this one. 

Thank you! I wasn't sure how that formatting was going to work, and if people were going to be into it or not; but it does seem to do a really good job of doing this piece justice.  I thought it was important to show both sides, especially since I didn't go full into background here. I'm so glad that you thought that despite the second part being not quite so happy, it was authentic and relatable; definitely things I strive for in anything that I write. 

Yeah, their situation is pretty complicated. I wish she had too, but I don't think -- especially after the war -- she really had it in her, no matter how much she loved him.  And I'm so glad that this one-shot made you feel for it and care so much for Ginny/Seamus, because they're still my favorite ship. And yeah, I thought George was a great choice for that conversation! 

Thank YOU for this lovely review! <3 

Name: StarFeather (Anonymous) · Date: 13 Jun 2017 07:59 AM · For: Hanging by a Moment

Transferred from HPFF


Hi, Jill. I really like this story so that I made graphics before.


12th April 2017:


Hi, Jill! Attack reviews at CTF!


I’m happy to be back to your Ginny/Seamus ship again. Though I skipped the second, but Harry and Seamus in the banner look so interesting. So exciting to read this series.


This is unexpected. You started with Seamus’ POV. I’ve never read any where he stands in front of the Burrow. You did a great job. Old boots and the rain suited him so well.


Wow, how poignant this spot is, “found her almost immediately, sitting on the sofa next to an all-too familiar looking bloke with unruly black hair.” I was very impressed.


In Ginny’s POV, you captured her irritation in the Burrow very well. I could visualize how Molly told her scoldings.


The most intriguing part is “No one understood. No one except Harry.” Did it mean Ginny confess her true feeling for Seamus to Harry? How shocking for Harry! He seemed to understand her. Yeah, Harry is a sort of person, he always wishes Ginny’s happiness.


After that you set the hot quarrel between Seamus and Ginny, which made Harry be a more solitary hero,even if you didn’t write about him in detail, I could sense it. I love it.


“I still have feelings for you, Ginny,” he whispered, reaching out and gently cupping my cheek in the palm of his hand. His touch was so warm and tender and familiar. “And now I know that you could have handled staying with me, and I feel like a bloody idiot for letting you go.” These sentences are so sad. May I call you a queen of bittersweet, Jill?


Oh, I had a slight hope when I spotted these. : It felt like a blow to the chest. I looked away, not being able to handle the unsaid accusation that I might get bored with Seamus and run back to Harry.


: Harry was a constant shadow, a constant threat looming over our relationship


: there was no doubt it meant something to Harry too


You know, I’m an earnest Hinny shipper :P


Hmmm, the last one is so sad…Seamus left Ginny. How will you develop their relationship?

Author's Response:

Looks like you captured the flag with this story, so congratulations!

Yeah, you don't need to read all of the one-shots in order; that's what I love about this series. I tried to leave enough information in each so you knew what was going on without being confused. And Harry/Seamus is definitely interesting :P

Yes, Ginny confessed her feelings for Seamus to Harry at one point ;)

You certainly can call me the queen of bittersweet! :P I'm also the Queen of Angst, as Liz likes to refer to me as, haha! </p><p>I know you're a Hinny shipper :P If you want to know how their relationship develops, check out part 4 in the series!

Thanks for all the great reviews!

Name: FlamingQuilltips (Signed) · Date: 18 May 2017 04:08 AM · For: Hanging by a Moment



So when I was looking through the reviews I had written for you, I thought I had reviewed this, but apparently not! 


I can't believe I've missed a Ginny/Seamus, and I'm here to rememdy the situation! I think I've read this though :-D One of the things I love about your stories is you write them such that they could easily be canon! And this is no less, she ends up with Harry in the end which makes all this plausable. 


But the best thing about this story is that you kept us guessing till the end. I was honestly wondering how you would tie this up and if you would make it canon compliant or not. As a canon-lover I found myself conflicted on who to root for but kept wishing Seamus and Ginny would get together (Harry's presence felt unwanted!! :-P )


I'm beginning to think this is definitely Seamus' story. There's just so much emotion in this story, right from the aftermath of the war to the relationship dynamics between Ginny and Seamus, to her conversation with George... this is so well written. It makes total sense that Molly's protective nature would have doubled especially after the war - I love that idea and the effects it had on Ginny. It is all so in character. 


It's been wonderful coming back to this series! Keep rocking Jill, and keep them coming <3



Author's Response:

Hey there! Thanks so much for transferring over the reviews! <3

One of the things that's important to me - especially when writing a non-canon pairing like Ginny/Seamus - is that they stick within the realm of plausibility.  I'm so glad that you thought that was the case here! And it makes me even happier to know that you were rooting for them even though you love canon.

Thank you so much for the review!
<3 Jill

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