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Name: Renacera (Signed) · Date: 27 Jan 2021 02:22 AM · For: All In

Ahh, the fluff-ridden conclusion! I love it. :D  Honestly, though, I always love your writing. But this series in particular is just so fabulous.

I definitely have to start by complimenting the summary: "So this is me stepping down, mate. The real question is if you're going to step up." What a fantastic line! I mean, I definitely wanted Harry to just, like...go away. But  I'm also glad he took the initiative to go meet with Seamus and have a talk mAn To MaN. *eye rolls at men*

I really liked that Ginny was the one to finally break the stalemate and go to see him. I feel like it's the least she can do after the grief she caused by not being decisive. Because, as much as Harry said she rejected him, she didn't tell Seamus that in person. When he said, "Tell me you can't see a future with him," she didn't speak up. And like, girl. You gotta get yourself together.

But she finally did in time for the conclusion of the series! Yay! I really do love how you write this pairing. You do both characters such justice. Wonderful job, friend!!


*for the Fairyland review event*

Author's Response:

hi emily!!

"i really wanted harry to just, like... go away" is such a mood XD but i'm so glad you enjoyed their conversation because it felt like the necessary, mature thing to do. and i really do love that line, too!

yeah, ginny had to be the one to break the stalemate between them, and for her to finally go to seamus and just make up her freaking mind 

thank you so much for the reviews! it was fun to flash back to this series ♥

Name: Felpata_Lupin (Signed) · Date: 30 Jul 2018 03:17 PM · For: All In

Well, looks like I found something HP on your page to read... :P Finally I'm finishing your Ginny/Seamus cycle! :)

Aww... those two are the cutest! <3 It was about time, can I say it?

For a moment I thought Ginny with her silly pride was going to ruin everything again, but you gave me a happy ending for once and I'm so glad! I'm so happy that they've finally managed to talk properly and to apologize and to understand how deep and sincere each other's feelings are... and wow, that final scene was just so romantic and just filled me with happiness!

Once again, I loved the way you chose to tell the story, with the alternance of sections in both POVs. I love your use of first person's perspective, I find it so tricky but you use it so well and both voices are so well defined and I just can feel them... you have such a lovely style, your writing is always so beautiful!

I also really, really loved the role of all the other characters in here. Lee's friendship and wise advice. Harry's talk to Seamus (I loved how Harry decided to step aside because he knows Ginny needs Seamus to be happy and he wants what's best for her. I love that he is so noble that way. Would have been quite disappointed in him otherwise, honestly...) Also, Seamus' parents... it was interesting to get that glimpse of them... Honestly, it saddened me a little that his father was so cold with Ginny, but I guess that's just how he is? Anyway, I liked that you included them. :)

I think I should probably say much more... but the point is that this was just lovely and that you've done such a wonderful job with this ship here and across the whole series. Your characters are so true and so beautifully written and their struggles are so real. And I absolutely love that you gave them the happiness they deserved in the end.

Thank you so much for the swap, my dear! It's always such a great pleasure! <3

Lots of love and snowball hug,


Author's Response:

Aw yay! Chiara! I'm so glad you found this to read. 

YES, you certainly can say that it was about time! And I thought that after all of this they deserved at least a chance of happiness, y'know? I'm so glad that last scene was super romantic and made you happy =) 

I remember writing this and being really hesitant about the format.  I knew not everyone was going to dig it, but I'm glad it seemed to be right for this particular story; it felt necessary to show both of their points of view so the reader could understand where the other was coming from.

Yeah, Harry is 100% noble enough to step down when he thinks another bloke would make Ginny happy, and as it stands now, Seamus is that guy.  And writing Lee and Ginny were really adorable; it made a lot of sense to me.  As far as Seamus' father.... yeah, he's mostly just a jerk? He's working on being more open with his son but it's going to take a lot of progress and conversation.

Thank you so much for this lovely review!! I'm so glad you enjoyed it so much ♥ ♥

Name: FlamingQuilltips (Signed) · Date: 18 May 2017 03:49 AM · For: All In

Hello! I'm transfering reviews from HPFF 


Dearest Jill!


It has been a while since I stopped by hasn't it? Sorry about the delay, I've been having a particularly long day at work.




That was a nice touch, making it that Lee Jorden and Ginny were close. I think that's the first I've ever read that, and it feels so natural you know, I didn't feel like doubting it even for a second. 


What I see here is a running theme that links all of your Ginny/Seamus one shot - the first kiss, the St. Mungos... and this. Since I've read the other two, I'm loving this even more. 


Seamus, being jealous, jumping to conclusions - from what little we know of him from the books, this all feels alarmingly canon! Brilliant characterization there. 


I ship Hinny mainly because its canon, but I love how you justified her love for Seamus because he was there when Harry left, and that makes me want to ship them more. 


Ohhh we see the continuation of Seamus' reconcilation with his father. but his father does still seem a piece of work. 


YESS! That passionate kiss was just delicious to read, with the rain and everything, the whole picture just screamed out of a romantic movie. Topped off with being discovered by his mam. How utterly embarassing!


Awww.. this was such a wonderful piece to read. I came out of it feeling all happy and light inside. I'm so glad we decided to swap.


Good luck for the Challenge, Jill!




Author's Response:

Ysh! Don't apologize for the delay, I'm sorry you had a long day at work :(

Haha! Um, I'm not sorry? Come on aboard the ship, there's plenty of room!

Yeah, I sort of always figured Lee would be close with Ginny if he was so close to the twins, y'know? He'd just always be around and a good person to go to for advice.

There are links to my other stories! And there's one more link to the story before this - their actual fight - that's on my AP if you ever wonder what actually happened. I tried to write it so you can read them on their own, but if you want to know how that particular moment went, you can jump right to my AP to find out!

Ahh, thank you! I know we know so little, so I'm so glad that you think he blends right into canon. I'm always a little nervous because I feel like I write him a little darker than he's normally portrayed in fic.

And yes, we do! There's been some improvements, but I figured it would be something they wouldn't be able to work out over the course of a few weeks, y'know?

Eee, haha I know! Though I figured it was better to be caught by his mam than his dad! :D

Thank you so much! I'm glad we decided to swap as well.

And thank you!


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