This just in: Nora Spier was still a goner for cute boys who played the guitar and smiled at her like she was the world.
This boy just happened to be Nick freaking Eisner, her brother's best friend.

Characters: Abby Suso, Bram Greenfeld, Leah Burke, Nick Eisner, Nora Spier, Simon Spier

Pairings: Unlisted Pairing

Representation: LGBTQA

FFT Groups: Hufflepuff
Rating and Advisories (required): Teen Audiences (Sexual Content, Substance Abuse)
Content Warnings (optional): None

Genre: Angst, Fluff, Romance

Tropes: Family, Friendship, Holidays, Rare Pair

Story Type: One-Shot
Completed · Published: 18 Jul 2017 · Updated: 18 Jul 2017 · Words: 3571 · Chapters: 1 · Reviews: 5 · Likes: 4 · Reads: 207

Series: None

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