When I was young, I was nothing short of amazed, by the beauty. 


(A contrapuntal poem.)

Characters: Original Character

Pairings: None

Representation: Ace/Aro, Bisexual/Biromantic, Demisexual, Genderfluid/Genderqueer, LGBTQIA+, Polyamory, Transgender

FFT Groups:
Rating and Advisories (required): Teen Audiences (None)
Content Warnings (optional): None

Genre: None

Tropes: Questioning Identity

Story Type: Poetry
Completed · Published: 20 Feb 2020 · Updated: 20 Feb 2020 · Words: 99 · Chapters: 1 · Reviews: 11 · Likes: 4 · Reads: 479

Series: None

LBGTQA+ themes 


Contrapuntal poems are read in steps:

First read the left side and middle phrases

Then read the right side with middle phrases 

Finally, read left to right in sequential order. 

1. When I was Young by Chelts-rhj (99 words) · 11 Reviews · 4 likes