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He mumbles something in his sleep that sounds a lot like ‘I love you,’ and Lily realises with a horrible sinking feeling that he probably thinks she’s Betty in his dreams.


written for clevernotbrilliant's ts8 at midnight challenge

Characters: James Potter I, Lily Evans Potter

Pairings: James Potter I/Lily Evans (Harry Potter)

Representation: None

FFT Groups: Gryffindor
Rating and Advisories (required): Teen Audiences (None)
Content Warnings (optional): Breakups

Genre: Angst, Romance

Tropes: Friends to Lovers, Love Hurts, Love Triangle, Mutual Pining, Secret Relationships

Story Type: Challenge Entry, Novellette (under 25,000 words)
Completed · Published: 21 Aug 2020 · Updated: 10 Oct 2020 · Words: 13211 · Chapters: 3 · Reviews: 11 · Likes: 7 · Reads: 165

Series: None

the official song inspo for this fic is august, but you'll also probably find some references to illicit affairs, cardigan, and betty in here as well - i've taken the teenage love triangle story from folklore and done something a little different with it.

1. july by down-in-flames (3888 words) · 4 Reviews · 3 likes

whispers of "are you sure?"
"never have i ever before"

2. august by down-in-flames (6099 words) · 3 Reviews · 2 likes

and i can see us twisted in bedsheets,
august sipped away like a bottle of wine

3. september by down-in-flames (3224 words) · 4 Reviews · 2 likes

so much for summer love, and saying "us"
'cause you weren't mine to lose