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A prestigious painting has gone missing from a London gallery.
Authorities suspect it's an inside job. They're not wrong.


Retired thief Cas King is back for one reason only- revenge. But between a missing thief syndicate, rusty skills, a shifty buyer,  and the new threat of someone replacing him in the criminal underworld, he needs to do a lot more than that to prove his worth.


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Rating and Advisories (required): Teen Audiences (None)
Content Warnings (optional): None

Genre: Action/Adventure, Crime/Mystery

Tropes: Friendship, Origin Story

Story Type: Challenge Entry, Novella (under 50,000 words)
Incomplete · Published: 31 Aug 2020 · Updated: 14 Jan 2021 · Words: 23469 · Chapters: 5 · Reviews: 25 · Likes: 13 · Reads: 191

Series: None

1. Sticks and Stones by page thirteen (2359 words) · 8 Reviews · 3 likes

Chapter Image

But words will always spur me.

2. No Crew? No Problem by page thirteen (4855 words) · 5 Reviews · 3 likes

Chapter 2 Image - Cas, Kiera, and Grey


Cut some deals and get a new one.

3. The Annabelle Hotel Bar by page thirteen (3972 words) · 5 Reviews · 3 likes

Chapter Image - Chapter Three




TripAdvisor review: four stars, too mysterious. 

4. A Triptych of Trouble by page thirteen (6345 words) · 5 Reviews · 3 likes

chapter 4


Two con artists walk into a coffee shop.

5. Cross my Heart by page thirteen (5938 words) · 2 Reviews · 1 likes

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Stick a needle in my eye.