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Getting out is the real test.



For toomanycurls's Story Dice Challenge

and RogueSlytherin's Open at the Close Challenge

Characters: Original Female Character, Original Male Character

Pairings: None

Representation: Other Physical Disability

FFT Groups: Ravenclaw
Rating and Advisories (required): Teen Audiences (None)
Content Warnings (optional): None

Genre: Crime/Mystery, Fantasy

Tropes: Black Sheep, Family, Sarcastic Devotee

Story Type: Challenge Entry, One-Shot
Completed · Published: 30 Mar 2021 · Updated: 30 Mar 2021 · Words: 2959 · Chapters: 1 · Reviews: 2 · Likes: 0 · Reads: 22

Series: None

For the Story Dice Challenge, I received the following random dice roll.

Each of these dice in some way inspired or is connected to this story.

dice with different images

1. And for my next trick... by RonsGirlFriday (2959 words) · 2 Reviews · 0 likes

This was written not only for Rose's Story Dice Challenge and Jacquelin's Open at the Close Challenge, but also for an offsite short story competition through NYC Midnight. My prompts for that competition were:


Genre: crime caper

Subject: an inheritance

Character: an anesthesiologist (need not be a main character)


The NYC Midnight competition was limited to a max of 2500 words, so for that one I submitted a trimmed down version of what you're about to read here.