Have you ever wanted a guide to Toadopolis, the hottest destination in the second-floor corridor of Hogwarts? Now's your chance! Recently updated!


This is a present for grumpycat's wish list, and it was written for Crimson Quill's Gift It Challenge.

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Completed · Published: 09 Dec 2021 · Updated: 07 Mar 2022 · Words: 1753 · Chapters: 1 · Reviews: 10 · Likes: 7 · Reads: 268

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Happy winter, Kris!! I hope you like this!

1. Your Complete Guide to Toadopolis by lostrobin (1753 words) · 10 Reviews · 7 likes

For best reading experience, imagine a very excitable Irish girl of about sixteen years old narrating. AKA, Clare from Derry Girls. Just imagine Orla as Clare because she is.