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Hi. I'm Leslie. 

I write stories. Sometimes those stories are good.

Hope you enjoy.

*fics are cross-posted on AO3 and here (user name is the same over there). I also have a few more fics over there that won't be moving over here, and more on HPFF under onestop_hpfan18 that will be remaining at this point for the onest I haven't cross-posted on these two sites.

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Stories by livingfree

Newt Scamander had always been different, even from a young age, from other children. He had been very introspective and anxious. Follow young Newt as he begins his first year at Hogwarts while he learns to navigate the world of magic while on his own in Hufflepuff’s house without his family’s guidance. He will have to overcome obstacles that make it difficult for him to connect with his peers as he forms friendships.

*January 2021 Sitewide Featured Story 

Characters: Newt Scamander (Fantastic Beasts)

Pairings: None

Representation: Anxiety, Autism Spectrum, Neurodiversity

Story Type: Novel (50,000+ words)

FFT Groups: Hufflepuff
Rating and Advisories (required): All Audiences (None)

Content Warnings (optional): None

Genre: Drama, General

Tropes: Family, Friendship, Magical Creature, School
Incomplete · Published: 07 Oct 2020 · Updated: 23 Jan 2021 · Words: 12272 · Chapters: 6 · Reviews: 20 · Likes: 5 · Reads: 58

Series: None

Albus Severus Potter was focused on making a name for himself as an Auror despite being the boss's son. The last thing he expected was to have a muggle come traipsing along, especially when his sexuality was still locked in the broom cupboard.

Rating and Advisories (required): Teen Audiences (Sexual Content)

Content Warnings (optional): None

Genre: Drama, General, Humor, Romance

Tropes: Careers, Family, Friendship, Questioning Identity, Slow Build/Slow Burn
Incomplete · Published: 28 Mar 2020 · Updated: 12 Dec 2020 · Words: 18947 · Chapters: 7 · Reviews: 9 · Likes: 0 · Reads: 472

Series: None