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When he kisses her, she feels as though she could crumble, but the truth of the matter is that he is not her Perseus; perhaps there is no Perseus in this telling of the story.

The First Wizarding War is raging around her, and Andromeda Black has turned traitor.

Rating and Advisories (required): Mature Audiences (Sexual Content, Slurs, Substance Abuse, Violence)

Content Warnings (optional): War

Genre: AU, Drama, Romance

Tropes: Careers, Family, Law/Politics, Origin Story, Slow Build/Slow Burn, Star-Crossed Romance
Incomplete · Published: 26 Feb 2019 · Updated: 31 Jul 2020 · Words: 93053 · Chapters: 18 · Reviews: 102 · Likes: 41 · Reads: 1558

Series: Sitewide Stories of the Month, Ravenclaw Nargles Winners, Ravenclaw Stories of the Month, theme and variations: tedromeda

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The Fawley Sanitarium had been founded with one very singular purpose: to be the most expensive, most exclusive hospital in wizarding Britain. Andromeda, checked in for a week, finds herself perpetually uneasy within its walls. And then she’s discharged, and somehow that feeling only grows stronger.

Rating and Advisories (required): Mature Audiences (Consent Issues, Domestic Abuse)

Content Warnings (optional): War

Genre: AU, Crime/Mystery, Drama, Hurt/Comfort, Romance

Tropes: Family, Slow Build/Slow Burn, Star-Crossed Romance
Incomplete · Published: 29 Feb 2020 · Updated: 21 Apr 2020 · Words: 26188 · Chapters: 8 · Reviews: 6 · Likes: 12 · Reads: 228

Series: theme and variations: tedromeda

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Lily Evans has a rule: don't fuck the same person twice. James Potter has a rebuttal: shoddy disguises don't count as the same people, do they?


or: a romp of outrageous role-playing and outdated references

Characters: James Potter I, Lily Evans Potter, Sirius Black

Pairings: James Potter I/Lily Evans (Harry Potter)

Representation: None

Story Type: Challenge Entry, One-Shot

FFT Groups: Ravenclaw
Rating and Advisories (required): Teen Audiences (Sexual Content)

Content Warnings (optional): None

Genre: Fluff, Humor, Romance

Tropes: None
Completed · Published: 10 Apr 2020 · Updated: 10 Apr 2020 · Words: 7100 · Chapters: 1 · Reviews: 5 · Likes: 2 · Reads: 103

Series: None

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“It looks,” he says, and maybe he’s cast some spell or maybe the music has quietened or maybe it’s just him, some strange effect he has on her, but suddenly she can hear him as clear as day over the noise of everything else, “like you’re sitting here watching Muggles like you’re in a zoo. Anthropological. Do you think we’re animals, Andromeda Black?”

Andromeda Black's life has been meticulously planned on her behalf. It was past time she refused the path laid out for her.

Rating and Advisories (required): Mature Audiences (Sexual Content, Substance Abuse)

Content Warnings (optional): Discrimination, War

Genre: AU, Drama, Romance, Smut

Tropes: Family, Forgiveness, Love/Hate Relationships, Star-Crossed Romance
Completed · Published: 29 Nov 2019 · Updated: 03 Dec 2019 · Words: 27721 · Chapters: 7 · Reviews: 20 · Likes: 19 · Reads: 286

Series: theme and variations: tedromeda

The British Academy for Magical, Scientifical, Humanities, and Social Studies are honoured and delighted to announce an exchange program in co-ordination with Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. 


Scorpius Malfoy, thus far a perfectly ordinary student at a little-known school that caters to muggleborns, is set suddenly and unhappily on a collision course with the rest of the wizarding world. He's pretty sure only one of them will survive, and it's certainly not going to be him.


first place in crestwood's ensemble challenge

Rating and Advisories (required): Mature Audiences (None)

Content Warnings (optional): Discrimination

Genre: Drama, Fluff, Humor, Romance

Tropes: Family, Friendship
Incomplete · Published: 01 Apr 2019 · Updated: 03 Apr 2019 · Words: 4833 · Chapters: 1 · Reviews: 1 · Likes: 1 · Reads: 35

Series: None