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welcome back to fairyland for this year's review event! the inkys are just around the corner! keep an eye out for easter eggs in fairyland!


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  • abhorsen plague doctor.

    Recommendations FAQ

    By abhorsen plague doctor.

    How do I contribute to the rec section? To contribute, you'll need to start your own rec blog by going to "Create Blog" and then selecting whatever category you want to make recs in. If you want to recommend something that doesn't have its own subcategory yet or just want to keep everything within one blog, you can just select the broader "Recommendations" category.   How do I search for fics I want? You can click a tag directly in a rec, or you can go to +this link. Typ
  • abhorsen plague doctor.

    golden ink awards 2021

    By abhorsen plague doctor.

    thank you all for your patience! we're going to announce the winners at the top of the blog, but this year i decided to get kind of extra and make personalized awards for every finalist as well as our winners, so rather than include them throughout, i've just put them at the bottom of the post, organized alphabetically by username. ūüíĖ y'all are incredible. ¬† best action adventure: ūü•á planetary boundaries by @lilypadi ūü•ą project azkaban by @Unwritten Curse ūü•Č the fifth house by @Amerip
  • toomanycurls

    Black History Month: Essential Black Authors to Read | The Daily Show's List

    By toomanycurls

    One hallmark of any Black History Month is getting a reading list. More important than a reading list is knowing what people have thought of books or if they are planning to read any on a given list so:  Here is a list transcribed from Essential Black Authors to Read | The Daily Show. I'd love to know which people have read or are planning to read from this list or from any list on Black History Month.  STAMPED: Racism, Antiracism, and You by Ibram Kendi and Jason Reynolds  M

golden ink awards 2021

thank you all for your patience! we're going to announce the winners at the top of the blog, but this year i decided to get kind of extra and make personalized awards for every finalist as well as our winners, so rather than include them throughout, i've just put them at the bottom of the post, organized alphabetically by username. ūüíĖ y'all are incredible. ¬† best action adventure: ūü•á planetary boundaries by @lilypadi ūü•ą project azkaban by @Unwritten Curse ūü•Č the fifth house by @Amerip

abhorsen plague doctor.

abhorsen plague doctor. in awards

Strong Female Leads in Fic

Hello everyone! I decided to put together this blog together to celebrate some of the wonderful female characters that we write here at fft. I asked for some help with this so thank you so much to everyone who took the time to write something for this project.¬†‚̧ԳŹ ¬† Lucy and P Weasley in a dream you can touch¬†by @something wicked¬†(written by @FrogFactFriday) ¬† ¬† eileen (prince) snape in¬†todentanz¬†by @la_topolina¬†(written by @FrogFactFriday) ¬† ¬† t

Crimson Quill

Crimson Quill in female leads

RESULTS - The ABC Drabble Challenge

I am so incredibly thrilled to be able to announce the results of the second challenge I've hosted on FFT! It took me six full months to review and then another month of procrastinating on the announcement, and I apologize profusely for the long wait in results. Before we get going, I want to say thank you all so much for your enthusiasm! So, without further ado, let's get down to it!   The Challenge As a reminder, for the ABC Drabble Challenge, participants had to write 26 drabbl


Renacer√° in ?

Women's History Month Highlights | April 1st, 2021

Welcome to the second installment of the 2021 Potpourri Series! In honor of Women's History Month we decided to highlight and commemorate some wonderful women who are/were leaders/activists/pioneers/innovators/and legendary in their fields. We hope you are as inspired by these women as we have been!   [A L I C E  B A L L] 1892-1916 Alice Ball (M. Sc.) was the first woman and first Black person to receive a Master's degree from the University of Hawaii, and was the schoo


lilypadi in Potpourri Series

1989 rankings (overall + fave lyric)

so first, i did a thing where i ranked both the song as a whole and my favorite lyric from each song, because i wanted to. i already did evermore, now i'm going to do 1989 even though i've already ranked it in my full taylor swift rankings. amusingly, some stuff has shifted position, and when i do everything together, i'm sure that some stuff will just be moved down in general because two new albums. ūüėā ¬† by favorite lyric the water filled my lungs / i screamed so loud but no on

abhorsen plague doctor.

abhorsen plague doctor. in rankings

i wanna start a fight with taylor (aka evermore rankings)

so first, i did a thing where i ranked both the song as a whole and my favorite lyric from each song, because i wanted to. there are some differences. ūüėā ¬† by favorite lyric: i don't like that falling feels like flying til the bone crush (gold rush) pushed from the precipice / climbed right back up the cliff / long story short, i survived (long story short) and the road not taken looks real good now (tis the damn season) she would've made such a lovely bride

abhorsen plague doctor.

abhorsen plague doctor. in rankings

evermore, ranked

apparently i have not done this yet?? i am rectifying this atrocity immediately.   evermore 17. evermore 16. marjorie 15. dorothea 14. closure 13. it's time to go 12. cowboy like me 11. happiness 10. 'tis the damn season 9. willow 8. long story short 7. coney island 6. ivy 5. gold rush 4. right where you left me 3. champagne problems 2. no body, no crime 1. tolerate it   you know the drill by now, my comments are open:  


down-in-flames in taylor ranks taylor swift

Woven Together

Woven Together This story will have you completely and utterly charmed. This story follows the Weasley Family and their beloved blanket through the good and bad times, the kids' childhood memories, their joys, overcoming fears, everything that life can throw at a family. It is all detailed in this piece. Courtney so beautifully paints the family dynamic of this Weasley, each chapter just feels so beautifully characterize that it could just be missing moments from canon events. The scen

Crimson Quill

Crimson Quill in fic recommendation

you are a minute of quiet (in a loud, loud world)

you are a minute of quiet (in a loud, loud world) by @shadowycorner -- i don't think i would've ever thought of molly weasley as a dragon rider but fucking hell it's such a glorious headcanon that eli has decided to run with it and run wild and write this hella fucking beautiful mollly/arthur story, but also, it's so much more than a romance story (i haven't read the latest chapter yet but the ones i had, molly and arthur haven't even met yet..) right now it's mostly a story about moll

grumpy cat

grumpy cat in fuckk yeah

Flashback Challenge Winners

Hello! welcome to the blog for my flashback challenge. I want to thank everyone who entered!  I had 7 wonderful entries beloved by @prideofprewett - a story which showed Emmeline Vance at the end of her life, flashback used as memory to fight off her attackers. rescue mission gone haywire by @Felpata_Lupin - a story from AU universe when Petunia and Regulus' children head off on an adventure to find their sister, flashbacks used to tease out the story. rich g

Crimson Quill

Crimson Quill in crimson quill

In the Spotlight | 21 March 2021

Hello and welcome to the March edition of In the Spotlight! In this edition, you'll find interviews with the staffers and members of the month as well as some Community Coordinator news and a new section where we feature some of the things that make our corner of the internet so great! We hope you enjoy it and as always encourage you to share your thoughts in the comments.    Staffer of the month is chosen by vote among all staff and CC's together, and this month several of us CC


FrogFactFriday in In the Spotlight

for gold by blackballet

for gold by @blackballet ...is just so massively interesting! I am so happy Catherine stumbled into my Review Thread some time ago and dropped this gem in!  Where to start?  I am that much into sports stuff, and so Quidditch just doesn't usually feature on my list of interests when it comes to reading fanfic. However, the stakes in this one are high, because England has managed to fight its way through to the World Cup with a decent chance at succes. And the way Catherine weaves t


shadowycorner in Recommendations

The Sibling Challenge Results

Hey everyone!¬†ūüĎč I'm here with the results of my sibling challenge! All I challenged you to do was write a story about siblings, and I got so many different and amazing stories - seriously, it was¬†so hard¬†to choose a winner. You guys are just such amazing writers and I enjoyed reading each and every entry. You should check them out as well! They were: Snow by @page thirteen.¬†- a beautiful story with a fairy tale-like narration that I just adored. The Lucky Ones by @dreamshadow¬†- mo


victoria_anne in Challenge Results

Noir Challenge | results

Last summer I was hit with an intense yearning for some twisty plots, cynical protagonists, femmes fatales, and a touch of evil. It was a reasonable request, so I set a challenge to bring me all your anti-heroes, danger, and corruption, to show me characters with tragic flaws in¬†a world that's a bleak and lonely place. And boy did you guys deliver (in fact, the postman had to ring me twice). I got 7 wonderful entries: lingering darkness by @grumpy cat ‚ÄĒ A gritty and glitt


FrogFactFriday in challenge results

intersectional feminism

Hi everyone! As you may know, March is Women's History Month, focused around celebrating the achievements of women through history and in the present. This month, I've been reflecting a lot on intersectional feminism, which is a brand of feminism that embraces intersectionality, a term coined by Kimberle Crenshaw, or the understanding that people experience multiple forms of inequality (and privilege) at the same time. Intersectional feminism aims to center the voices of those that experien


sibilant in reflections

The Fifth House series by Ameripuff

I’m not totally sure what you’re doing with your life if not reading these fics, but I’m recently obsessed and I’m going to shout about them for a minute.   The Fifth House and The Prophecy by @Ameripuff (What are we calling this, The Fifth House series? The Pathfinder series?)   What I really love about these fics is that they evoke all that YA speculative fiction nostalgia that sucked most of us into HP in the first place. You’ll see a lot of things that parallel the H


FrogFactFriday in Addicting

march 2021 bulletin

welcome to march's bulletin! if you're new, welcome to fanfic talk! it's great to have you with us. we're a multi-fandom forum + archive with a strong culture of support for other writers and feedback here, including a story help section, challenges, and reviewing events - so if you're a writer, you've come to the right place. please make sure that you post in the 'welcome to fft' topic +here to say that you've read over the rules and understand them, and if you're a harry potter fa

abhorsen plague doctor.

abhorsen plague doctor. in bulletin

In the Spotlight | 27 February 2021

Welcome to the February edition of In the Spotlight! We received some very helpful feedback from members on our survey, so you'll notice a few changes to both this blog series and our Potpourri series in the coming months. We hope you enjoy the new and improved content, and read on for our roundup of sitewide award winner interviews!   February's Staffers of the Month were our lovely and hardworking Event Coordinator team, @abhorsen., @crowsb4bros, @maraudertimes, @victoria_anne


FrogFactFriday in In the Spotlight

Ships you never knew you needed

(No, it still isn't Friday. Time has become utterly meaningless.) I'm here to tell you about some fics that feature ships that may never have crossed your mind but you're going to want to read -- from the inexplicably rare to the seemingly improbable.   Minerva McGonagall/ Abraxas Malfoy illecebrous by @Unotterable (la_topolina) Noelle has authored a trio of one-shots about this ship that has now come to be known affectionately as McMalfoy. You may have your doubts, but


FrogFactFriday in Swoon

Harry Potter AU's

What is an alternate universe really? Is it a mishmash of two different universes? Is it taking canon events and retelling one characters story differently throughout them? Or is it removing certain elements (like magic) and transplanting those characters into a different story genre? Or is it just playing with characters in different professions and/or how they meet and eventually fall in love? Actually it's all of these things! And here are some delightful stories that deserve all the recognit


prideofprewett in Recommendations

Mystery/Crime Recommendations

I totally stumbled upon these three stories at different points in time since joining the FFT. But they are all AMAZING if you are looking for stories that feature a well plotted mystery with morally ambiguous characters whose pasts are slowly revealed to us as present events unfold. So if you’re looking for something that fits all of THAT, these stories got you covered. The Color of Violets by @kuusi palaa→ Abby creates such likeable characters that grab you from the beginning. You really


prideofprewett in Reccomendations

Project Azkaban by Unwritten Curse

Project Azkaban by @Unfrozen Fox   This novel takes place in the mid 2020s with several of the Weasley-Potter clan's children starting their training as Unspeakables in the Department of Mysteries and specifically working on a project that has been in the works since just before the end of the Second Wizarding War in 1998. Gina's love of science fiction shows in this fic with only three chapters currently posted; discussions of ethics, morals, and basic scientific reasoning on whether


lilypadi in Fanfic Recs

stranger things by blackballet

stranger things by @blackballet   This origin story of Charlotte Malkin is probably one of the most (virtual) page-turner novels I've read in a long time that not only keeps the reader engaged, but it continues to throw our dear Charlotte further into mortal (and moral) peril as her sixth year at Hogwarts goes on as Voldemort is also beginning his first rise to power. To write a good mystery, you have to be very precise in dropping certain hints and clues to the puzzle solution through


lilypadi in Fanfic Recs

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