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About this blog

here's where i'll leave you recommendations, from books to fanfics and anything else in between ❤️ 

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friends don't by rogueslytherin

+friends don't by @RogueSlytherin what can i say about this fic? i absolutely adored this from start to finish. scoripus and lily's chemistry was sizzling from the moment they appeared on screen and lasted until the very end of the one-shot, leaving you wanting more of these two. the beginning starts so innocently, with albus butting in, but thankfully, they manage to find some time alone. it's clear that they're more than friends from just the way they interact with each other; there's a


dreamshadow in fic recommendations

january book recommendations

hi friends, i'm here to recommend some books i read last year that i absolutely loved. they helped me fall back in love with reading -- and with love -- so i hope if they sound like something you'll enjoy, you check them out Written in the Stars by Alexandria Bellefleur: this easily became one of my top favorite reads of 2021. the story follows elle, a free-spirited social media astrologer and darcy, an uptight actuary, as they agree to fake date to help keep darcy's meddling brother --


dreamshadow in book recommendations

for the hope of it all by down-in-flames

for the hope of it all by @flame fairy this fic is truly taylor at her best, and we all know she writes jily so, so well all the time. it is simultaneously heartbreaking and filled with such hope that at the end, you can't help the smile even though you were just cursing her for breaking your damn heart. the structure of this is gorgeous and how she separates each chapter into a month of jily's summer fling. she still gives you more than the highlights, though, letting you watch lily fall


dreamshadow in angst with a happy ending

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