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A group blog by prefects.

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In the Spotlight | October 23rd, 2020

Welcome one and all to the October edition of In the Spotlight! We've got the usual interviews with our Order of Merlin recipient, Head Students, and the Story of the Month author. Make sure also to check out the Community Coordinator News section to see what the other Houses have been up to lately! October's Order of Merlin recipient is one of our lovely Moderators, @dreamshadow! D R E A M S H A D O W | I N T E R V I E W | If there was only one forum that you could post i


magemadi in In the Spotlight

Spooky Stories | October 14th, 2020

SPOOKY STORIES Welcome to the October edition of the potpourri blog series! This month we've got a few Community Coordinator-written short, spooky stories for your enjoyment. šŸŽƒ Ā  | M A G E M A D I | Ā One mid-October evening, a pair of young men were walking along the bike trail near their homes when the sudden screeching of an owl nearby made them nearly jump out of their skin with fright. Another owl screech had them quickening their pace towards home, but under the light o


magemadi in Potpourri Series

Battleship: Hogwarts Results

Battleship: Hogwarts Results 2020-2021 House Cup Opener Event Welcome one and all to the results blog for the 2020-2021 House Cup Opener Event run by yours truly, the Prefects! Over the course of 3,Ā 5-day rounds, each House battled it out with the others to sink items before their opponent in a good ol' fashioned version of Battleship on the forums! Each House had 6 items to place around an 8x8 grid, and then completed tasks to attempt hitting their opponent's items first. Before we di


magemadi in Event Results

In The Spotlight | September 22, 2020

Welcome to the September edition ofĀ In the Spotlight! We've got the usual round up of interviews with our Order of Merlin recipient, Head Students, and some exciting House news. The Battleship event to open the 2020-2021 House Cup year is now over.Ā Those results will be out soon so keep a look out up in your crows nest! Our Order of Merlin recipient for the month of September is one of our fearless leaders and Headmistresses, @toomanycurls! T O O M A N Y C U R L S | I N T E R V



3rd Annual TOADs | September 12, 2020

September 12th, 2020 | The 3rd Annual TOADs Welcome to the Third Annual Totally Outstanding Awards, Dudes!Ā  Also known as the T.O.A.D.s, these (totally unofficial!) awards are brought to you by the Prefects to celebrate the staffĀ and members who have stood out to us over the last year for all of their hard work and contributions to the site.Ā  As always we would like to point out that these "awards" are NOT affiliated with the staff or officialĀ House Cup business, nor are the



In the Spotlight | August 22nd, 2020

Welcome to the August edition ofĀ In the Spotlight, where we feature interviews from sitewide award winners, such as the Order of Merlin and Head Student,Ā and share some House and Prefect news!Ā  Our Order of Merlin for August when to the fantastic @grumpy cat, who is one of our Gamekeepers and Professors and does a lot around the site! G R U M P YĀ  Ā C A T | I N T E R V I E W | If you had a job in the Wizarding World, what would it be and why? a wizarding architect because



Our Other Fandoms | August 11, 2020

Welcome to the August installment of our Potpourri blog series where we talk about a variety of things and sometimes just random stuff. Ā This month we're discussing other fandoms we're involved in, whether it be reading fic, writing fic, or just enjoy reading/watching! Check out the fandoms below if you haven't already Ā  Ā  J U L S:Ā  Ā H O WĀ  Ā T OĀ  Ā T R A I NĀ  Ā Y O U RĀ  Ā D R A G O N I got involved with writing in this fandom when Kenny (aka Starfeather/Tanda) set up a brilliant chal



Common Room Awards: Gryffindor House | August 6

2020 Common Room Awards: Gryffindor Edition Welcome to the final installment of the 2020 Common Room Awards!Ā In this blog post you'll get to find out who the fantastic nominees and winners were for this year's Gryffindor House Awards. Pride of Gryffindor Awards statistics nominations: 84 total nominees authors 19 unique authors nominated 17 unique authors as finalists 10 nominations - @down-in

In the Spotlight | July 25, 2020

hello and welcome to the july edition of in the spotlight! the prefects are back with some great interviews and some House news after we've wrapped up another incredible finale so let's dive on in! This month, we honored the Auror team with the Order of Merlin! @abhorsen., @crowsb4bros, @Ineke, @just.a.willow.tree. @maraudertimes, and @toomanycurlsĀ do absolutely amazing work to make the Archives an absolutely incredible place for us and we're so thankful for all they do! Not to mentio

July 11th, 2020 | Buzzfeed Quizzes

Welcome to the July edition of the Prefects' Potpourri blog series! This month, we decided to take a few different buzzfeed quizzes and see how all of us were similar (or different) in a variety of ways! There's Harry Potter, Taylor Swift, and, of course, Hamilton involved, so read on to see what each Prefect's results were for each quiz.Ā Feel free to take these quizzes yourselves and reply with your answers in the comments! | BAKE A CAKE AND YOU'LL BE SORTED INTO YOUR HOGWARTS HOUSE | qu



2020 Common Room Awards-Hufflepuff | 5 July 2020

Welcome to the latest installment of the 2020 Common Room Awards: This installment honors the stories that members of the great house of Hufflepuff decided were worthy enough to bring home a coveted Golden Chalice.Ā  Now before we get into the results, we would like to share a special thank you to @just.a.willow.treeĀ @sinnersandsapphicsĀ and @MuggleMaybeĀ for organizing and putting together this year's awards.Ā  We would also like to share with you some stats related to this year's nominat

In the Spotlight | June 28, 2020

Welcome to the June Edition of In the Spotlight! We've got our usual roundup of House news and some wonderful interviews with some lovely people, so read on to see what's happening! Super shoutout to @sibilantĀ for the Order of Merlin this month! Shreya just recently stepped back to join us on the Prefect team (and we are THRILLED to have her again), but she was absolutely killing it as an Auror and a Gamekeeper and we really can't thank her enough for all the hard work she's done for

Announcing the Slytherins' MFWHATA Awards for 2020

MFWHATA 2020 Winners! It's time to announce the winners of this years MFWHATAs! A huge thank you to everyone who wrote, read, reviewed, nominated, and voted. And thank you to @aurevoirĀ for making these awesome award graphics (be sure to credit wherever you plan to use themĀ ) Ā  Stats 5 unique nominatorsĀ  14 unique authors 26 unique stories 8 categories Ā  And now, without further ado, here are stories that make Draco say:Ā  Ā  M



Springtime Writing Event 2020 Results

šŸŒ»Ā Springtime Writing Event ResultsĀ šŸŒ» Welcome to the results blog for the Springtime Writing Event hosted by @magemadiĀ and @down-in-flames! The objective for this writing event was simple: Members & staffers could submit up to three (3) 100 words (or less) drabbles about springtime. Drabbles could be written in the world of Harry Potter or as Original Fiction, and then the winners were decided by blind democratic vote of the members of HPFT! We receivedĀ 39 fantastic entries from 20



what does pride mean to you? | june 10th 2020

What does Pride mean to us? Pride isnā€™t just a party and a parade through the streets, itā€™s our identity, our community. Pride is having the freedom to be yourself and embrace who you truly are, to support others around you and create safe spaces for those who canā€™t always be their authentic selves. Itā€™s giving people the confidence to come out, to speak out. Pride is having an archive full of works that celebrate every gender and sexuality, that explores diverse characters written by diverse au

Common Room Awards: Ravenclaw House | June 2, 2020

2020 Common Room Awards: Ravenclaw Edition Welcome to the first installment of the 2020 Common Room Awards! In this blog post you'll get to find out who the fantastic nominees and winners were for this year's Ravenclaw House Nargles Awards. Nargles Awards Results The Nargles Awards this year had 11 fantastic categories, some old favorites and some new ones (starred). Thank you to everyone who wrote fics this year, those who nominated, those who reviewed, and those who read a

In the Spotlight | May 21, 2020

Welcome to this month's In the Spotlight, where we've got some fabulous interviews and all kinds of House news for you all!Ā  This month, the prefects honored @Ineke with the Order of Merlin! Ineke's work in the queue is legendary, but she can be found all over the site, working hard to help make this the site we know and love! Thanks for all you do, Ineke! I N T E R V I E W If there was only one forum that you could post in on HPFT, which one would it be? This is a very

Parenting in Potter | May 10th, 2020

Welcome to the latest installment of the Potpourri Blog! With a Mother's Day Celebration coming up for many this month, we though it would be an appropriate time to honor the Parents in Potter. And whether your own Mother's Day celebration has already occurred or we haven't even reached the month for it yet (haven't forgotten about Father's Day either), the Prefects also want to give a big shoutout to all the wonderful parents here on HPFT! You're all rockstarsĀ šŸ’ Ā  Arthur & Molly W

In the Spotlight | April 22nd 2020

Welcome back toĀ In the Spotlight! This moth we have all of our usual interviews and news from around the site, along withĀ an updateĀ on an upcoming Prefect event that will be heading your way in the next couple of weeks!Ā šŸ‘€ šŸ’œšŸ’œšŸ’œšŸ’œ Keep your eyes peeled for a writing event to open soon! It's going to be run differently to writing events/challenges in the past, but should be a lot of fun, and while it will count for House Points, it will be low stakes and, hopefully, really fun! šŸ˜Š Ā 

Dear... | April 9th 2020

PGĀ 9.COL 4. LETTERS FROM THE EDITORS. Ā  Ā  B E L G I A NĀ  Q U A F F L E Ā  Dear Charlotte, James, and Freddy, Please, for the love of god, start cooperating with me. I know, this is against all of your nature, to cooperate with an outsider, but for god's sake, I created you all. Have some decency, won't you? Be nice to me. For once, I have actual plans for where I want your story to go. Do you all know how rare that is? Let's all make this easier on everyon

In the Spotlight | March 22, 2020

Welcome to this month's In the Spotlight! We've got the usual madness from around the site and we're launching our new blog section! Let's jump on in! The Prefects are excited to welcome @Noelle Zingarella to the team this month! Get to know her a little bit in her interview below: Tell us three fun things about yourself. I used to play the baritone saxophone in a saxophone quartet called the Saxy Ladies. I really like ice cream with 'stuff' in it (like moose tracks or cooki

Our Favorite Female Authors | March 12th, 2020

Welcome to the third installment of our 2020 Potpourri series! As we are a fanfiction site and March is Women's History Month, we felt nothing could be more fitting than talking about our favorite female authors. Some are well known authors in their genre, and others many of us were made to read in school. No matter how we discovered them, these women have made an impact in our lives and we would love to share with you a little information about who they are and why we love them so much.Ā 



In the Spotlight | March 2, 2020

Welcome to this month's In the Spotlight! In the coming month's keep an eye of out for some changes coming to your local prefect's blog, but in the meantime, we've got your usual dose of Order of Merlin wrap up, Head Student Interviews, and monthly award rounds!Ā  February's Order of Merlin went to @Dojh167! Sam's one of our wonderful Gamekeepers and Muggle Liaisons! She's been bumping around the site recently, hard at work as she works to run the CMDC Event. Thanks for all your hard w

Romance Tropes | February 13th 2020

R O M A N C EĀ  T R O P E S Welcome to our second instalment of ourĀ PotpourriĀ series! Since it's the month frequently referred to by it's holiday all about love,Ā we're going to talk about some of our favourite romance tropes to read in fic! Ā  Ā  S O U L M A T EĀ  A U This trope is all about having your favorite pairing be fated soulmates, whether that be through matching tattoos, thoughts in the other's head, a countdown timer to when you're going to meet your soulmate, or

something wicked

something wicked

The Prefect's Fall Writing Challenge Results I 27 January 2020

January 27th | The Celebration of HPFT Challenge Results This fall, we decided that our writing challenge would be centered around all of the great aspects of HPFT, and the fun events that have happened on this site since its inauguration! We aptly named it The Celebration of HPFT ChallengeĀ and asked for members to write a piece no more than 3000 words on a past event of the site, or around a pun. Not to fluff our own feathers, but we were prepared with many great puns for all your wr



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