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still flying

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About this blog

this is the place where my non-sorting thoughts live

Entries in this blog

some sorting trends in my writing that i feel lowkey weird about

so!! i have three couples i've really written a significant amount (50k+ words) about: rose/scorpius, astoria/draco, and victoire/gallagher. and i realized something that made me feel lowkey weird. so i like to think that these characters are not carbon copies of each other. i'm fairly certain they're not. but now that vic is no longer with teddy, there's a real weird pattern. (i use sortinghatchats to sort - rundown +here but basically your primary is your "why" and your secondary is your

abhorsen plague doctor.

abhorsen plague doctor. in my writing is weird

1989 rankings (overall + fave lyric)

so first, i did a thing where i ranked both the song as a whole and my favorite lyric from each song, because i wanted to. i already did evermore, now i'm going to do 1989 even though i've already ranked it in my full taylor swift rankings. amusingly, some stuff has shifted position, and when i do everything together, i'm sure that some stuff will just be moved down in general because two new albums. 😂   by favorite lyric the water filled my lungs / i screamed so loud but no on

abhorsen plague doctor.

abhorsen plague doctor. in rankings

i wanna start a fight with taylor (aka evermore rankings)

so first, i did a thing where i ranked both the song as a whole and my favorite lyric from each song, because i wanted to. there are some differences. 😂   by favorite lyric: i don't like that falling feels like flying til the bone crush (gold rush) pushed from the precipice / climbed right back up the cliff / long story short, i survived (long story short) and the road not taken looks real good now (tis the damn season) she would've made such a lovely bride

abhorsen plague doctor.

abhorsen plague doctor. in rankings

ranking taylor swift songs

so i decided to rank the taylor swift songs i know well enough to rank them, and then i did. i will fight people over it. probably. or something. idk, i'm honestly kind of conflicted about a lot of the middle ones. folklore - lover - reputation - 1989 - red - speak now - fearless clean miss americana and the heartbreak prince the archer out of the woods cornelia street blank space style death by a thousand cuts the man t

500k words wtf

The other day on the discord, I realized that I'd maybe surpassed 500k words in my Sidenote Full Story!universe. Then I looked at the numbers and realized that I had indeed surpassed 500k words in Sidenote at some point last year, and felt vaguely like blogging about it. Now I am. (It's a topsy turvy ride I'm taking y'all on, I know. 😛) So when I started writing fanfiction 9ish years ago (fuuuck how time flies), it was with a long Rose/Scorpius fic that was inspired by my loving the idea of

abhorsen plague doctor.

abhorsen plague doctor.

Identifying with Red, White, and Royal Blue

I was going to include this in my book review of Red, White, and Royal Blue, but it got long and personal, so I decided it deserved its own entry. Some slight spoilers ahead. The main character of the book, Alex, realizes partway through that he is not, in fact, straight. That realization hits very, very close to home for me, because it's uncanny how similarly it tracks with my experience. Like Alex, I grew up in a liberal, accepting household. His initial hesitance to come out to his

abhorsen plague doctor.

abhorsen plague doctor.

On Straws, Environmentalism, and Ableism

If you've seen something along these lines on my facebook, sorry - I was thinking about it, and I was like, you know what this would make a blog post. So here we are. There's been a lot of attention paid to the impact plastic straws have on the environment lately, and I know a lot of people who have become pretty active in pushing back against how the waste they generate. That's not a bad thing in and of itself; many people don't use straws, and throwing out unused or unnecessary straw

On depression and reaching out

Content warning for mention of suicide Click the spoiler tag to read the post. I don't talk about suicide in any depth, but I do mention it in the broader context of depression and little things individuals can do to help people who are depressed. I also want to mention that we all have shit to grapple with; these are just things I wanted to mention that could be good to do if you can do them. I'm not in any way advocating giving more of yourself than you want and/or are able to

On jerkbrains and thank yous

So as some of you know, I sometimes battle with depression. And depression can be a lying liar from liarsville that whispers lies in your ears. I have this thing where I simultaneously have really good self-esteem and absolute shit self-esteem. When people dislike me, my reaction is usually "What the hell is wrong with you?" But when people do like me, my reaction is usually "But you wouldn't if you knew the real me!" I assume that people will be attracted to me because my hair is awes

abhorsen plague doctor.

abhorsen plague doctor.

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