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lo is a weirdo

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the claws work for the bourgeoisie (idk if i spelled it right but considering im bilingual, i better have) [aka lo went bonkers during hc finale '20 and did more analysis than was necessary, culminating in a 2-post thread of epic proportions]

foreword: i am someone who enjoys knowing things. i dont like driving behind trucks on the highway because i cant see far ahead, i spoil myself on almost every show/movie because i need to know what happens before it happens, and i generally dont like it when i am left out of the loop. i am aware there's probably some sort of control issue, but that's not the point -> the point is i spent way too long creating a google spreadsheet and mapping things out during hc finale '20, made a thread abo


maraudertimes in house cup shenanigans

lo's version of eurydice and orpheus

Okay so TLDR; Orpheus is Apollo's son and Daddy A gave him a ~*lyre*~ (get it? lyre/lyrae? y'all arbiterers (sp?) think ur so smart don't cha  ), and then Orpheus marries Eurydice who is super cute. Lady E dies by snake bite, and good ol' Orpheus goes down to see Hades and ask to see his beloved. Orpheus' plays mad bars and Hades is like "cool, you can have her back because those are some dope tunes", but she has to follow him out and he can't look back at her before they're out of the underworl



Lo's Loves - Dr. Spencer Reid, FBI

If you don't watch Criminal Minds, that's fair. There are definitive types of people who are okay with watching hours upon hours of that kind of content, and I am one of them, but if you are not, that is completely okay. But, that means you probably don't know about Dr. Spencer Reid, which is a true travesty. Dr. Spencer Reid, or Reid as he is usually called in the show, is an absolute light in the darkness that is some of these terrible plotlines (terrible because of what happens, not a badly w

Lo's Loves - The Romantic Mechanic/Hockey Player of My Canadian Dreams

How else was I supposed to start this blog but with the quintessential love of my life? But before I can introduce you, how about I introduce myself and this blog? Hi! My name is Lo! I joined this forum way back in 2016, but university and lots of difficult times have led me to leave for years at a time (I really haven't been back in full since 2017 so... sorry?). This blog is your introduction to the new me (I guess?) through the men (*ahem* characters) I love. Mostly from books, maybe from y'a



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