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Next Gen. Thingz.

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About this blog

Hi, this is Halie and I got sidetracked while procrastinating and so now all 21 of Next Gen characters (canon and OC/fanon) have character analysis. its too long to post on my writer journal and so I am starting this blog where I can keep them. Still not sure if I am doing this correctly, we're going to figure it out by trial and error lolol

Entries in this blog

Alice and Frank Longbottom

Alice (11y/o -2017) and Frank Longbottom (10y/o- 2017) and at this point it's day 3 and I am burning out but Alice and Frank are pretty much straightforward characters. Alice is an art major, she loves bright colors that stand out. She has her mothers personality with a little bit of Neville sprinkled in. After the war, Neville changed a lot. He grew to be confident in his appearance, himself and his friends. Alice may be shy and soft spoken but she knows when to set her foot down. She cares a l


Halie_15x_ in Character Analysis

Percy and Annabelle Wood

Percy(11y/o -2017) and Annabelle Wood (10y/o -2017) are OCs of mine that i thought would be a fun little spice to add. You see, Percy was named after Percy Weasley; Oliver’s roommate and friend, I like to think that Oliver did it to spite Percy.  Bc in my head Oliver would refer to Percy Weasley as Perseus instead of his actual name so it’s like a personal fuck you and I am stealing your name, you get me? Now for Annabelle, it was purely on accident that it also refers to Annabeth and Percy from


Halie_15x_ in Character Analysis

The Scamander Twins (Lorcan and Lysander)

Lorcan and Lysander Scamander (10y/o -2017) as peculiar and unique as their parents they are only a milder version of Luna and Rolf. They both are interested in gargoyles and most definitely creatures of any kind. The Scamanders grew up surrounded by nature but they weren't cut off from the world. They also were super close with Hugo Weasley and Lily Potter. They were always up to shenanigans. They both play the beaters for the Hufflepuff team, some say that they are the new Weasley twins with h


Halie_15x_ in Character Analysis

Fred and Roxanne Weasley

Now for Fred (12y/o- 2017) and Roxanne (10 y/o -2017) ohoho if they are the closest siblings ever, both take after their parents A LOT. they both are hilarious as well as extremely sarcastic. Fred is best friends with James bc I am a basic bitch but I just love the idea of the boys taking their namesakes to a whole new level and just going ham with it. Fred loves a good laugh. He’s reliable for whenever you want to just talk and vent as well as having an infinite amount of practical jokes on him


Halie_15x_ in Character Analysis

Louis and Dominique (and Victoire and Teddy...you get the point) Weasley

i am copy pasting this from my google doc so if it seems like the transitions are weird its because of that. Now for my last siblings from the Weasley family, Louis (19 y/o -2017) and Dominique (11 y/o -2017). I know what you're thinking, ‘that's not the right order’, actually I know. I changed it on purpose. I need to explain something about Teddy (19y/o -2017) and Victoire (16y/o -2017) dynamic before I get into her siblings. Blondes for days!!!!! Bill was very disappointed when none of h


Halie_15x_ in Character Analysis

Molly and Lucy Weasley

So as you can tell theres a lot to get through. so I have the bright idea to do it by siblings! This isn't going to work very well but I need to somehow separate them. starting out with my favorite sisters; Molly and Lucy. the daughters of Percy and Audrey Weasley. Molly (10 y/o -2017) and Lucy (9 y/o -2017) are my next ones. I honestly remember being so in love with Molly back in 2015-2016 because I related most to her, and I honestly still do, but I relate to both Molly and Lucy now. I lo


Halie_15x_ in Character Analysis

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