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congratulations to all of our nanowrimo participants! get ready to celebrate the fairy princess's birthday!


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  • ice fairy abhorsen.

    january 2021 bulletin

    By ice fairy abhorsen.

    y'all, let's speak plainly: the last year has been fucking hard, and we know that a lot of our members are really struggling in a lot of ways. we've heard from many members that the overall empathy and support this community gives to each other has been a bright spot for a lot of people in this very difficult time, which we're very happy to hear. thanks for being part of it; we appreciate all of you, and we'll continue to work to improve our community to make sure that that's reflected in everyo

Quarantine Media Consumption

Hello, my dears! This is going to be a short entry, but I'd love to start conversations with anyone who's seen the shows I've watched in quarantine!   I don't know if they have enough interest to justify an entire thread in Other Fandoms, so I thought I'd just put them here and await your replies! To preface: I didn't watch much anime growing up (mostly just Sailor Moon since it was on Cartoon Network—and I 100% acknowledge that Amara and Michelle greatly influenced my sexual awakening), so


Renacerá in ?

Some 2021 Resolutions

HAPPY 2021! 🎉 Usually, New Year's Resolutions are quite triggering for me because of the association with dieting and weight loss. But since March 2020 I've been in eating disorder recovery, and it's important that I don't focus on the dieting anymore. Christmas and New Year were still very difficult and triggered some panic attacks, but I was very determined to not focus 2021 around my usual fears. So, I decided to think of things that would really make me happy.    1. Finis


singmetothesun in 2021

i made cocktails for my characters because that's now a thing i do

so this can all be blamed totally on @Aphoride and @pirate grumpy cat because i was asked to pick a cocktail for just one of my characters and now here we are with six which is all purley self indulgent but has also kept me entertained all afternoon. for anyone who doesn't know, i work in a cocktail bar, i also write characters who all like to excessivley drink because art imitates life, so here i've written out what their cocktail of choice would be along with recipes incase anyone would actual

wicked witch of the north

wicked witch of the north in fucked it

earthquakes in croatia

i posted this on twitter already but i know some of you don't follow me there and my account is set to private so... two days ago, two earthquakes hit central croatia resulting in extensive damage in the towns of petrinja, sisak, glina and the villages around them. yesterday, an even bigger earthquake (6.3 magnitude) hit the same area. the entire city centre of petrinja is ruined with numerous collapsed buildings, it's the same in sisak and glina (in which 90% houses got destroyed), with h

viking grumpy cat

viking grumpy cat in chaos

why we can't eradicate some infectious diseases

this is possibly boring to everyone but me, but a few people said that they were vaguely interested in this sort of post, so uhhh let's go for it? humans have successfully eradicated one infectious disease that infected humans: smallpox.1 we're also working toward eradication of several more (most notably polio). smallpox does continue to exist in labs (which is its own source of controversy), but the who is confident that it no longer exists in nature - basically, the only way future infec

ice fairy abhorsen.

ice fairy abhorsen. in medical terminology

the drunken shenanigans challenge: results

the drunken shenanigans challenge: results someone wanna tell me why i ran a challenge with the deadline smack in the middle of my first semester of law school? because i don't know what terrible judgment fuelled that either. (i mean, actually, i might've been drunk. it'd be fitting.) anyways, it took me entirely too long to get around to judging, but i'm finally here with the results! i had six wonderful entries to choose from, and i really had a rough time picking the top three. 


down-in-flames in challenge results

Thank you, FFT!!!

My dearest FFT-ers, it's Christmas Eve, 2020 is finally reaching its end, and I know it's been a difficult year for many of us in many ways. I consider myself extremely lucky for not having impacted by the pandemic in any major way, but I've still been struggling a lot with the isolation and loneliness these past months. And this is why the friendliness and support of our community has been doubly precious for me this year! So all I want to say to all of you is a huge, heartfelt


Felpata_Lupin in Christmas wishes

this podcast will kill you

this podcast will kill you epidemics and other creepy medical situations | hosted by erin welsh, phd and erin allmann updyke, phd both erins studied disease ecology in grad school - basically, how the environment can impact how infectious diseases spread and cause epidemics. if i get a phd after my mph, it's probably going to be in that. it's still a developing field, but basically, where it stands now is a heavy focus on zoonotic diseases - i.e., diseases in animals that can spill ove

ice fairy abhorsen.

ice fairy abhorsen. in recs

the (long awaited) make maraudertimes swoon challenge results!!

the make maraudertimes swoon challenge results!!   hello hello! it has been way too long since the make maraudertimes swoon challenge ended but i am here to finally announce the winners!!! but first: what was the challenge about? well, the name says it all - participants had to do their best to make me swoon! fluff, angst, genres were open for the taking, the only rules being romance had to be one of the genres, there had to be a kiss, and the couple had to be together by the end


marauderfrozenintime in challenges

ts albums, (scientifically) ranked

hello, and welcome back to yet another blog post that no one asked for!!! today i'm ranking the taylor swift albums, which would be a fairly short blog post if it weren't for the fact that i did Entirely Too Much™ to calculate these rankings. essentially, what we're doing here is ranking every song of a given track number across all 8 albums - and then at the end, averaging all of those rankings to see which album is my favorite from a ~scientific~ standpoint. (disclaimer for my fellow data


down-in-flames in taylor ranks taylor swift

violence against women in media

tw: violence against women, assault something that i think about often is the graphic depiction of violence against women in literature, film, music or any form of art really. and this is probably not the sobering kind of contentyou probably want to think about with election night around the corner and yet i can't help it. i think many of us will agree that the depiction of violence against women (take a shot every time i say that phrase) is largely gratuitous. i can't count the amount of t


lebensmude in Thoughts

the claws work for the bourgeoisie (idk if i spelled it right but considering im bilingual, i better have) [aka lo went bonkers during hc finale '20 and did more analysis than was necessary, culminating in a 2-post thread of epic proportions]

foreword: i am someone who enjoys knowing things. i dont like driving behind trucks on the highway because i cant see far ahead, i spoil myself on almost every show/movie because i need to know what happens before it happens, and i generally dont like it when i am left out of the loop. i am aware there's probably some sort of control issue, but that's not the point -> the point is i spent way too long creating a google spreadsheet and mapping things out during hc finale '20, made a thread abo


marauderfrozenintime in house cup shenanigans

The Crackship Challenge Results

The Crackship Challenge Results Welcome to the results of the Crackship Challenge! The requirements for this challenge were simple -- write a fic of two highly unlikely and randomized characters as a believable romantic story! Participants were given two randomly assigned characters as their ship, as a crackship is usually defined as a ship that would not happen in canon due to regular storytelling purposes or due to timeline barriers. I received 3 wonderful entries, all of which


magemadi in Challenge Results

Character Sorting: Where does Maerna fit? Everywhere and nowhere

aerna Danazul has been one of my favorite characters to create and write. I think (hope) she has lots of layers so sorting her would be a bit more interesting.  For those of you who don’t know Maerna, she’s American born who thinks she is a squib, but whose powers were bound at a young age. During the story, those powers reemerge due to the death of the one who bound them. Maerna is feisty and no nonsense but she has a caring, softer side as well, thus making her a good companion to Severus



The Fifth Season by N.K. Jemisin

[SciFi/Fantasy] | [Teen Audiences] | [5 stars] N.K. Jemisin’s The Fifth Season is the first book in the SciFi/Fantasy Broken Earth Trilogy.  It was the winner of the Hugo Award in 2016 (and by the way, the sequels won in 2017 and 2018, respectively, so this was definitely not a one-and-done).  She has created a fantasy world where people with inherent powers are bred and controlled by overseers.  Despite the amazing powers over physical nature that the Orogenes - those with powers - 



the wild pirate pillaging of books

you may have noticed that i ...posted a lot of book reviews and book recs. at some point during the game (starting with round 2 i think) somehow decided to play almost the entirety of battleship by posting recs (book + fic recs) for hits and book reviews for sinks because i'm extra like that so here's a comprehensive list of books i rec'd/reviewed if anyone is interested in my super mega excellent taste in books because it's spectacular and you should all read all of these. i marked m

viking grumpy cat

viking grumpy cat in chaos

American Royals by Katharine McGee

American Royals, by Katharine McGee young adult contemporary royal romance | teen audiences | 4 stars summary:   American Royals is a Young Adult book that centres on the American royal family - the Washingtons. In this timeline, George Washington took the throne, and now his descendants maintain that position. As the summary suggests, there are three relationships the book follows. The first is that of Princess Beatrice, the heir to the throne. She feels trapped in that



As Bright as Heaven by Susan Meissner

It is rare that I have the time to pick up a true book with the wood-based paper and the smell of parchment that slips through my fingers as I turn the pages, but I did pick up As Bright As Heaven by Susan Meissner and it was a great read! Set in Philadelphia during the Spanish flu of 1918, it is a wonderful story about a family dealing with all the crisis of the influenza pandemic. This family, however, has a bit of a twist. For the uncle and father’s job is undertaker, so we see the story from



the lies of locke lamora by scott lynch

the lies of locke lamora, by brandon sanderson fantasy, young adult | teen audiences | 5 stars the easiest way to describe this book - and it's sequels - is to say that it's a fantasy version of robin hood, only with more tricks, more twists and a bit darker - and definitely less trees  but that doesn't really do it justice: it's a book in a world which immediately sucks you in without needing to go through too much exposition or description of what the world is and how it works. it's a v



Monuments by Will Kostakis

Monuments by Will Kostakis Young Adult fantasy - 5 stars I read a lot of Young Adult fiction by Melbourne authors (local for me). I really should review them more, in case anyone is looking to read some Aussie fantasy!  Monuments is set in Sydney, and follows a young boy called Connor who discovers gods - called Monuments - beneath Sydney schools. I'm familiar with the author and have met him a few times but this is the first time I've actually read anything by him and I was blown aw



the trapped together challenge | results

the results are in!!    i hosted my third challenge on hpft this year, with a trope that’s near and dear to my heart: sticking two (or more) characters in an enclosed space for an extended period of time.  i had a blast reading the entries for this, and had a really hard time judging the winners. truthfully, there was a time when i thought y’all could just tie, but that seemed to defeat the purpose of the challenge. anyway, if you’re not familiar with the challenge, here’s a



pirate grumpy cat reporting to/on/for duty

the scoundrel pirate grumpy cat embarked on her quest -- modding the forums. it was a hard and valiantly fought mission, some backstabbing may have happened, but finally, she triumphed. this is her story. on modding: 😂 i'm modding and rereading some of the posts i made during battleship and just ,,, i don't remember some of them on counting: fucking hell i also don't know how to count because i posted in the stranger things fandom topic that i love all four of them while talking

viking grumpy cat

viking grumpy cat in chaos

the unofficial ranking of taylor swift

i'm by all means no expert on taylor swift. truthfully, i think we all can agree that that crown belongs to @down-in-flames. but i do love taylor swift, although i went through a phase of trying to act like i was too cool (spoiler: i was never too cool) to like her. this community has allowed me to embrace my love for taylor and appreciate her for the artist she is. and i've loved her since college -- not since my dad introduced me to her, as he likes to claim, but from car rides to and from cam



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