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We are a multi-fandom/original fiction community with a strong focus on author feedback and inclusive writing. Here on the forums, you can participate in events, challenges, discussions, and review swaps - or even just play games!

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FanficTalk has a moderated multi-fandom/original fiction archive with an unlimited queue. There you can post your writing and read/review other members' writing.

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Archive FAQ

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Joining FanficTalk's Archive

  1. Why should I join?
    • Well, we're obviously a little biased, but we think we've got a great site here! Our community is full of enthusiastic and engaged members, and our staff are responsive to member input - whether it's concerns, ideas, or questions. If you're a writer who's looking for reviews/feedback in particular, we've also got a lot opportunities for you to get that. See spoiler tag below for details:

      If you +join the forums here, you can check out our +help offered and +reviews offered sections - many members are happy to jump in with suggestions if you get stuck, and others have review request threads where you can post a link to your story and they'll leave you a review. Just make sure you’re mindful of everyone’s rules around what they’ll read and whether they're currently open for requests. You can also always post status updates asking for review swaps or take part in our regular reviewing activities, including our +sitewide review tag and the monthly reviewing games that each of the four houses run in their common rooms. (If you haven't chosen a house yet, please let us know which one you'd like to join +here so you can get access to your house's common room.)

      In addition, we also have a couple larger scale reviewing activities as part of our yearly house cup - the biggest one generally takes place around January. Those events can be a great way to connect with your housemates, win house cup points, and get/receive feedback on fics! Please keep in mind that during these sitewide events, reviews can only be left on stories hosted on our archive - if you've posted stories elsewhere but not transferred them over yet, you can submit as many as you like at a time to our archive. If you have any questions about uploading stories or if the reviewing event is coming up, we welcome you to reach out to any of our +archive validators.

      Authors also often find that people are more likely to reader their stories if they have a banner in their story summary. If you don't have a banner and would like one, you can check out our graphics section +here or check out dedicated graphics sites like +The-Dark-Arts or +Shadowplay.

  2. How do I join?
    • Just fill out the form +here!
  3. I forgot my password! What do I do now?
    • To recover a lost password, click, +here and enter the e-mail address with which you registered. Your password will be sent to you shortly.
  4. Can I change my penname?
    • You can't, but the site administrators can! Just email us at validator@fanfictalk.com or post in +this thread.
  5. How do I contact the site administrators?


Posting Stories on FanficTalk's Archive

  1. How do I post stories?
    • If you have not already done so, please +register for an account. Once you've logged in, click on +account information and choose +add story. The form presented there will allow you to submit your story. See spoiler tag below for more details:
      1. Submitting chapters - Authors may submit an unlimited number of new chapters and/or edits to the queue.
      2. Wait time - Each new chapter must be approved by a staff member before it can be accessed on the archive. While the staff will try to keep your wait time short, be aware that staff are volunteers and are sometimes either busy or dealing with a high volume of submissions. In those situations, approval may take up to a week. That may be extended if you submit a large number of chapters at once (i.e., 15+), because we will also validate submissions by other authors as well so they're not left waiting.
      3. Rejection - Occasionally, you may find that a chapter you submitted has been rejected. The staff will always tell you why your submission was rejected and what you have to do to fix it. If you need further clarification, please check the +staff tutorials or reach out to the staff for help.

        You are also allowed to appeal your rejection if you think it was incorrect; for more information on that process, please see question #5 below. If you have the same chapter rejected more than three times for the same reason without making the required changes, your account will be suspended for one week.


  2. What kinds of stories/fandoms does FFT allow?
    • While most of FFT's initial members primarily write Harry Potter fanfiction, FFT is a multi-fandom and original fiction archive and we're very eager to become a great resource for a wide variety of stories. As fics from other fandoms are posted on the archive, we'll be happy to add in categories for them as well; you can request those tags +here.

      There are some themes and fandoms that we do not allow on the archive, including identifiable depiction of living people; glorification of certain topics (e.g., self-harm, sexual assault); and stories based in any Disney-owned property. Please review the +site guidelines and +terms of service for more details.
  3. What is validation, and how long does it take?
    • FFT requires members to submit their stories for validation by a staff member before they can be accessed by the public. This is to ensure that FFT remains a safe space for everyone - i.e., that ratings and reader advisories are properly utilized, and that the few things we prohibit do not make it into stories. The wait is dependent on the staffers' free time; in times of heavy volume, validation could take up to four days.
  4. Why was my story rejected?
    • There should be a note specifically in your rejection letter about what the story was rejected for; if you need further clarification, please feel free to email the validator or PM them on the forums! The most common reasons for rejections are that the story:
      • Did not include the appropriate rating and/or reader advisories,
      • Included material that is not allowed on the site at all,
      • Contained significant formatting errors - e.g., text was too small to read, and/or
      • Included a graphic that was not credited.
  5. How can I appeal a rejection?
    • If you speak to the validator and still feel that your story shouldn't have been rejected, you may appeal the decision. See spoiler tag below for details:

      As a moderated archive, we require that all authors adhere to our +site guidelines, including using ratings and advisories appropriately. Failure to do so will lead to your submission being rejected. Our validators will always tell you why the story was rejected and what you need to change for us to validate it. We read each submission carefully, and we only reject them when we feel it is necessary.

      However, we also know that we're human and sometimes make mistakes. Therefore, we've also set up a clear and defined appeals process, if you feel that your submission has been rejected in error. This includes both rejections that state that the content is never allowed on our archive and rejections for incorrect advisories/ratings. If you would like to appeal a rejection, here is how you do so:

      1. Contact the validator to ask them to take a second look. This is different from asking for clarification (which you are always welcome to do as well). To appeal a rejection, you will need to explicitly state that you are appealing the rejection and would like the validator to take another look at your submission, which you believe does fall within site guidelines for xyz reason.
      2. The validator will then check in with another validator to get a second opinion. This includes sharing the submission, their rejection notice, and the full text of your appeal with the second validator. With the second validator's opinion, they will decide whether to stand by the initial rejection or accept the content. Regardless of the decision, the original validator will contact you back and tell you who the second validator was and what the outcome was.
      3. Contact an archive admin. If the validator stands by their rejection and you still feel that the validators are interpreting the rules incorrectly, you will contact the archive admins by emailing admin@archive.fanfictalk.com. The admin will have the final say. If they feel that the validators both interpreted the rules incorrectly, the content will be accepted and the rule will be clarified for both the validators and the members. If the admin feels that the validators have interpreted the rule correctly, they will explain why to the author.

  6. How do I use tags?
    • When you post a story, you'll choose a category (i.e., fandom/original fiction). If you choose a fandom with multiple sub-fandoms, like Harry Potter, you'll choose both the main fandom and the sub-fandom. Fandom, rating, and advisories (if applicable) are the only required tags; all other tags are optional, but we highly recommend you use them to indicate significant characters, pairings, and other aspects of your story.
  7. How do I request new fandoms, characters, and other tags?
    • Once you've uploaded a story that requires new tags for fandoms, characters, and/or ships, you can either request them on the forums +here or email us at validator@fanfictalk.com.
  8. What is Certified Author (CA) status?
    • Certified Author status (or CA status for short) is a privilege given to authors who have consistently shown that they have good judgment and can follow our rules. It allows them to bypass the queue. We do automatic CA reviews on all of our authors a couple times a year, so you don't have to take any action to be considered - just make sure that you're using appropriate ratings/advisories on your submissions and are following the rules when you review. ^_^ You can read a little more about that process +here.
  9. Where do people get their graphics?


If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to a staff member. ❤️  Thank you!

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