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The Crackship Challenge Results



The Crackship Challenge Results

Welcome to the results of the Crackship Challenge!

The requirements for this challenge were simple -- write a fic of two highly unlikely and randomized characters as a believable romantic story! Participants were given two randomly assigned characters as their ship, as a crackship is usually defined as a ship that would not happen in canon due to regular storytelling purposes or due to timeline barriers.

I received 3 wonderful entries, all of which were written extremely well and made it so difficult to choose a winner!


Going Away by @magnifique

This fic features the ship of Fleamont Potter/Vicky Frobisher and a particularly touchy time-turner created by VIcky and Michael Corner in "present day" Hogwarts that ends up sending her back to 1925 and stumbling into Fleamont Potter, Head Boy of Hogwarts.

And They Were Roommates by @BellaLestrange87

We follow the unlikely pairing of Gwenog Jones and Augusta Longbottom in this story, the former of which is recently divorced and working on her Quidditch career, while the latter is trying to raise her young twin boys alone after her husband walked out on them.

Other Worlds by @la_topolina

In this fic, the very different eras of the wizarding world come together by mistake into the fae world, and Andromeda Black must reconcile never actually getting a chance to be with her possible love, St. Mungo, except in her dreams.


Before we get into the results though, a reminder of the rewards!



Third Place - 2 reviews on a story(ies) of your choice; link in my signature for 3 months

Second Place - 3 reviews on a story(ies) of your choice; WJ questions; link in my signature for 3 months

First Place - 4 reviews on a story(ies) of your choice; WJ questions; picspam relating to your entry; link in my signature for 3 months



In Third Place,


And They Were Roommates by @BellaLestrange87!


In Second Place,


Other Worlds by @la_topolina!


In First Place,


Going Away by @magnifique!

Picspam in spoiler




If you'd like to use your awards, please rehost and credit @BellaLestrange87!

Please PM me with the story(ies) you'd like your prize reviews on, and be on the lookout for WJ questions soon. :)

Thank you all for such a hilarious challenge that produced some very moving pieces of fiction, and I'll see you on the next one ;)

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Thank you for running this challenge @magemadi!! It was really fun to figure out how to throw St Mungo and Andromeda together. And these awards are beautiful @BellaLestrange87

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