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Louis and Dominique (and Victoire and Teddy...you get the point) Weasley



i am copy pasting this from my google doc so if it seems like the transitions are weird its because of that.

Now for my last siblings from the Weasley family, Louis (19 y/o -2017) and Dominique (11 y/o -2017). I know what you're thinking, ‘that's not the right order’, actually I know. I changed it on purpose. I need to explain something about Teddy (19y/o -2017) and Victoire (16y/o -2017) dynamic before I get into her siblings. Blondes for days!!!!! Bill was very disappointed when none of his children got his red hair, but he got over it real quick when Louis dyed his orange for a year. Bill was begging him to change it back. 

Teddy and Victoire’s relationship starts out as childhood friends because Teddy hung out in the shell cottage alot when Harry and Ginny were still learning how to parent, then soon become distant because Teddy goes off to Hogwarts, and Victoire has to wait three years before she can follow him there. Throughout their years together in Hogwarts they rekindled their friendship and they both felt like it could be more but they were held back by fear of messing up. At some point Vic confessed to Teddy and he felt the same and they secretly dated for a few months before one of her little cousins found out. (of course Dom knew, Vic might be older than Dom but Vic could never hide anything from Dom). Fleur then found out and sat both of them down and explained that they both needed to be extremely sure of their decision. And that a three year gap may not seem like a big deal but it is in their forming years so it might have a huge impact. Bill of course blew a huge fuse because that’s his baby girl but as soon as he calmed down he realized that it wasn't that bad considering Teddy’s parents' gap as well as his own marriage. Now as for Louis, he was unfazed. He was Teddy’s best friend but Victoire always came first and he really didn't mind. He even thought it was best so that Teddy can stop pining over her and annoying Louis about it. Lol. so you see? I needed the gap no matter how small or big it was. Louis always seemed like he was in his own world (mostly cuz he is but i'll explain that in a minute). I never really saw Dominique being a major part of a story, so I really wanted to incorporate that which also meant I had to mess around with their ages first so that it would fit my story line as well as their individual stories. 

Dominique is a chic bitch and she knows it. She might be the youngest but she’s a wise one. She may seem superficial at first glance but really she’s very caring and goes out of her way to make sure the people she cares about are taken care of. She’s confident in herself but she also has a lot of self esteem issues. I like to call them ‘narcissistic self hatred’. She hates that she’s part veela because she doesnt know whether people like her because of her personality or because of the veela blood. So she tends to be very closed off and sports a ‘resting bitch face’ whenever she’s around people she doesn't know, to fend off the weak i guess in a way. Just like Roxanne and Lily she doesn't beat around the bush because she sees no need, if she wants to say something she will, she doesn't feel the same way about feelings though. She’s closed off to the world not because of trauma but more of a way to make sure she doesn't get hurt. Dominique has a very dry sense of humor that can rival Albus’s. She aspires to be successful in whatever she pursues. She’s very head strong and strong willed. She knows how to twist words or to trip you up in your own words which I think are perfect for her aspirations of being a lawyer. She’s a sharp girl and I really hope she gets more love than she does in fics. 

Louis is my boi, he is literally the definition of cool high cousin. Of course the high part is kept a secret from all of the adults ;). He’s 19 and he is very much reveling in the fact that he is an adult. He had a different experience growing up. Bill and Fleur were contemplating on where to send Louis for his education. And when they asked eleven year old Louis, he said he wanted to go to Hogwarts, which he did, until his third year, and he decided that he was getting bored and he wanted a change. So he asked if he could go to Beauxbatons and Bill and Fleur thought there was no harm in this, he needed to be immersed in both cultures anyways. (keep in mind Bill, Louis, Victoire, and Dom also speak french because bilingual families are IT) he came back a changed man, definitely his sense of fashion changed drastically, as well as his interests. He had the opportunity to attend one of the most prestigious fashion schools in France and become a legendary designer incorporating aspects from his life in Britain and his life in France making his designs *to die for*. For his actual personality, he’s very laid back, but with opinions. Lol. he’s very outspoken, you can maybe hear a small accent in the way he speaks both English and French. He has a very nice smile, he knows his veela blood can get him anywhere he wants to be and he has no worry in using it. He, like his uncle Charlie, has no interest in girls when he’s older but boy oh boy was he a major player in France. Of course a perfect gentleman and never a douchebag but he was never with a girl for too long. He now focuses on his career and advancing it.


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