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Fred and Roxanne Weasley



Now for Fred (12y/o- 2017) and Roxanne (10 y/o -2017) ohoho if they are the closest siblings ever, both take after their parents A LOT. they both are hilarious as well as extremely sarcastic. Fred is best friends with James bc I am a basic bitch but I just love the idea of the boys taking their namesakes to a whole new level and just going ham with it. Fred loves a good laugh. He’s reliable for whenever you want to just talk and vent as well as having an infinite amount of practical jokes on him and any product from the wizard wheezes. Fred loves his cousins and sister and is very protective of them. He is very much a family man. That's why his love interest is very much a family woman too, but in a different type of family woman. (Pst it's Raquel Greengrass ;))Fred and Frank are super into body health and helping others, so physical therapy is what I chose for them. He is very light skinned, and has freckles. His hair borders red but is still considered brown, just looks tinted in the sun. Did I mention that two of these siblings are really tall? Bc they are.

Roxanne is an amazing persuader, she loves just talking and socializing with as many people as she can, she loves quidditch with a passion that can rival Ron’s talking strategies and formations in quidditch is the way to get Roxanne to listen and talk with you. She’s extremely athletic but she enjoys the talking way more. That's why when coming up with a career for her I decided on a quidditch recruiter. She has great communication skills and it really comes through when trying to sign players to specific teams. She’s extremely focused on her goals, but she knows how to be easy going as well, that's the duality of Roxanne. She’s driven but not crazy over her goals. She knows that she needs time to get to where she wants to be and it's okay if it takes its time. She’s close to Molly II (surprisingly lol) as well as Percy Wood (OC/ Half canon). She ends up dating Percy bc he loves a diplomatic woman who happens to be diplomatic in Quidditch. Roxanne’s hair takes after George’s hair in texture but black in it’s color. 


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