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The Scamander Twins (Lorcan and Lysander)



Lorcan and Lysander Scamander (10y/o -2017) as peculiar and unique as their parents they are only a milder version of Luna and Rolf. They both are interested in gargoyles and most definitely creatures of any kind. The Scamanders grew up surrounded by nature but they weren't cut off from the world. They also were super close with Hugo Weasley and Lily Potter. They were always up to shenanigans. They both play the beaters for the Hufflepuff team, some say that they are the new Weasley twins with how well they play together. Now for their individual personalities. They really are intriguing to write. I feel like one of them would rebel against their parents ‘odd’ ways’ but then grow to embrace them and give it their own twist. The boys have dirty blonde hair, and somehow Lysander’s eyes and hair are a smidge darker than his brother’s

Lorcan has always been the type of person to want to challenge everyone around him with an easy smile and playful banter. He's intelligent enough to pick his own fights. He’s always cheeky too. He’s not easy to anger but when he is, he’s a totally different person. He’s usually just observing others around him and making his own notes on the people around him. He wanted to be a healer, he’s extremely good when it comes to Herbology. He wants to specialize in Toxicology. Lorcan learned martial arts and then taught his brother. He’s like a typical bad boy but mostly he’s just playful and very flirty. He doesn't take anything too seriously, he thinks that it shortens one’s life if they worry about the small details. He wears a lot of bracelets and necklaces each symbolizing something important to him. He might have a bad boy exterior but he is extremely sentimental, so is his brother actually. 

The brothers are incredibly intrigued by muggles, they love muggle music and movies, they think it's super neat that somehow without charming cameras they were able to make movies with color and sound. Lily and Lucy take them out on dates to muggle London all the time just to show them the fun things that they can do. At some point Lysander dyed his hair black for a while when he found out about hair dye that had no magic in it. Lucy was very into it ;)

Lysander is a very soft spoken guy, but he is strong willed. He is incredibly kind but not a pushover, he does have Lorcan as a brother so he knows how to stand up for himself. He loves reading, anything he can get his hands. When he was younger he was definitely more spacey and peculiar than Lorcan was, but now it adds to his charms. Being spacey doesn't cancel out the fact that he’s smart, he’s wicked at potions. Just like Lorcan he pursues a career as a healer but in Pharmacology.

Aesthetically speaking Lysander and Lorcan dress like day and night, soft sweaters and leather jackets. Lysander is significantly more well kept than Lorcan when it comes to physical appearance. Lysander will have his hair combed out while Lorcan has no problem rolling anywhere with a bed head. It's part of their charm. 

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