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Percy and Annabelle Wood



Percy(11y/o -2017) and Annabelle Wood (10y/o -2017) are OCs of mine that i thought would be a fun little spice to add. You see, Percy was named after Percy Weasley; Oliver’s roommate and friend, I like to think that Oliver did it to spite Percy.  Bc in my head Oliver would refer to Percy Weasley as Perseus instead of his actual name so it’s like a personal fuck you and I am stealing your name, you get me? Now for Annabelle, it was purely on accident that it also refers to Annabeth and Percy from Percy Jackson, but I liked the name enough to not change it, and I feel like it gives it a little chortle because of the similarity. 

Percy is an almost carbon copy of Oliver, it’s scary. Oliver really instilled in his older child that quidditch triumphs over anything else. But thank god Penelope was able to get some influence to at least keep your grades up so you can participate in the matches. (she was a prefect!) (he is played by Logan Lerman… but that is because he reminds me a lot of Oliver Wood’s actor.) But if we’re really looking for personality, think Stiles Stilinski from Teen Wolf but can play quidditch so well, it's ridiculous (becomes Gryffindor Captain; after James Graduates). He's sarcastic, witty and quick on his feet. He is the beater of the Gryffindor team side by side with Hugo. Hanging out with the Wotter clan has immersed him in muggle technology enough to explore other sports. He loves watching football (soccer for the Americans) he thinks it mirrors quidditch quite closely. (props to Blanche for helping me write quidditch scenes using soccer matches). He bonds with Alice and Frank over quidditch. Frank and Percy are unlikely friends, they are in different houses but that didn't change the fact they had a lot in common. He even has the same hairstyle that Oliver had in his Hogwarts years. 

Annabelle is most like Penelope, she’s very studious. She grew to despise quidditch and then back to being indifferent about it. She felt like quidditch always occupied her father and her brothers minds and they never had time for her. At some point they sat down and talked about it and Percy and Oliver got a little better at managing their time. Annabelle grew to love reading and writing. It took up most of her time at Hogwarts. She’s very quiet around people she doest know but once she opens up to you, she is extremely sarcastic and sassy. She loves comedy shows and has a great sense of humor. Her hair is long (fancast is Lily Collins) and it's always up in a messy bun with her wand or her pen stuck in it. She actually picked up the habit from Molly and Rose. She's close to Molly and Lucy because they share their love for books. She wants to be a healer (emergency room healer?) and studies with the Scamander twins occasionally when they have free periods together in college. (they got to the same college but have different training) since she never liked playing quidditch, she spends most of her time sitting on the stands and reading in the sun as her family plays quidditch. She loves animals, but never owned one. That is until she started hanging out with Hugo, he always seemed to be some sort of creature littering around him. They joked that he was Snow White because of the ridiculousness of the situation. Annabelle has long hair for days, she almost never cuts it, its straight and looks great when she lets it down.


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