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Alice and Frank Longbottom



Alice (11y/o -2017) and Frank Longbottom (10y/o- 2017) and at this point it's day 3 and I am burning out but Alice and Frank are pretty much straightforward characters. Alice is an art major, she loves bright colors that stand out. She has her mothers personality with a little bit of Neville sprinkled in. After the war, Neville changed a lot. He grew to be confident in his appearance, himself and his friends. Alice may be shy and soft spoken but she knows when to set her foot down. She cares a lot about her family and her friends. I have said this before, she, like many of my characters, is family oriented. They know the value of family and they cherish it. You can really tell this in her art. She mainly draws hyper realistic realistic, mostly of families, and individuals. She really knows how to capture emotions through the face, or eyes. This makes her an excellent emotion reader, being best friends with Dom and Rose, she has an advantage. Rose and Dom are extremely well at hiding their feelings but Alice will take one look at them and be able to tell that something is wrong based on their posture alone. Alice is naturally gifted in quidditch despite her parents not playing the sport. She is the seeker for the Gryffindor team. Her parents like to joke that she should’ve been Harry’s kid because of it. She spent most of her summers playing quidditch with Harry’s kids and maybe it bled through into her nature to enjoy and excel at the game. 

She developed a love-hate relationship with Albus because of this as well as Albus’s tendencies of masking his emotions. Of course she sees through it and he does not like that. He thinks that she sees him as a challenge that wants to crack open and then leave when she figures it out, vehicle Alice doesn't understand why he has to be so closed off to other people's emotions. They don’t see eye to eye all the time, having a rivalry in quidditch as well does not help their situation (it does help the sexual tension though ;)) 

She is very much the middle between Rose and Dom’s spectrum. She is the voice of reason between the two of them. When Rose and Dom are unbudging in their ways, Alice is usually the middle ground. As for her appearance, she has ash brown hair, that's either at shoulder length or a little bit shorter than that.

For Frank,  he’s a laid back guy, he’s usually stoic or has a very neutral resting expression so it's hard to get his vibe from the first time you meet him. But really he’s just a goofy guy with a love for athletics and helping others. He is the beater for the Ravenclaw team, he's tall and well built from years of quidditch, Neville and Hannah were really surprised but also not disappointed when both their kids made quidditch teams. It's the influence of the athleticness of the Wotter Clan. Frank is close with Hugo and Percy. Despite being in different houses, they always found time to hang, or just saying ‘hi’ in the halls. He wears glasses and can be found either on the pitch or the library. He has quite an extensive knowledge about Herbology, as well as potions. Just like people go to Fred for pranks and practical jokes, people go to Frank when they need a pick-me-up or something to keep them awake during their all-nighter. 

His relationship with his sister is pretty straightforward too, they look out for each other if they need to, and stay out of each other’s way (of course not always they are siblings). Alice can be a little caught up in everything going on, so they usually have like ‘detox days’ where they just play quidditch as they talk or go to a bookstore and bond, every once in a while. (Luke Mitchels haircut is pretty much the only way he does his hair).


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