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what's your poison?

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i made cocktails for my characters because that's now a thing i do

wicked witch of the north


so this can all be blamed totally on @Aphoride and @pirate grumpy cat because i was asked to pick a cocktail for just one of my characters and now here we are with six which is all purley self indulgent but has also kept me entertained all afternoon. for anyone who doesn't know, i work in a cocktail bar, i also write characters who all like to excessivley drink because art imitates life, so here i've written out what their cocktail of choice would be along with recipes incase anyone would actually want to try any of these. also if you've got any other ideas then like let me know...




erin flint - the tart alcoholic

so erin drinks maraschino, which is like a really good cherry liqueur, so originally when i was asked i said maraschino and top shelf vodka… i’ve since changed my mind because if you’re putting maraschino in a cocktail then you may as well make it an aviation because they’re honestly the best things in the world. also it’s got violette in it and that just reminds me of parma violets the wee love heart sweet things and it’s all very bad-luck-in-love-typical-erin. 

it’s tart, strong, alcoholic (like certain characters i know) and probably my favourite cocktail. 


50ml tanqueray gin (or aviation is pretty similar) 
25ml lemon juice
10ml maraschino liqueur
10ml creme de violette 

shake with ice and double strain (like strain through a fine sieve to make sure all the wee chips of ice are gone) into a chilled coupe glass. i'd garnish with a maraschino just dropped into the glass, for a wee bit of syrupy sweetness. 

there’s always the option to add like 10ml of simple syrup (a basic syrup made from sugar and water) into this to sweeten it up but this is erin we’re talking about… she doesn’t want it. 


james potter just give him a bottle of firewhisky and he’s good james actually likes really cocktailie cocktails and can down them like water but will he fuck ever admit that infront of the boys™️

they are his guilty pleasures. james has a full bar setup in his flat and makes these for himself when nobody else is around. he sort of hates that he’d feel embarrassed asking for one when he’s out but there we go, james is an idiot (it should be noted that freddy drinks cosmos but this doesn’t make a difference to james).

salted caramel espresso martini

25ml kahlúa salted caramel coffee liqueur 
35ml grey goose (it’s james, it’s gotta be good)
10ml salted caramel syrup 
espresso shot

so the more you shake these the better your foam will be… like seriously shake… bartending is a workout. shake with ice and double strain into your chilled coupe, garnish with coffee beans and a sprinkling of sea salt. james also has little caramel flakes he gets from a muggle chocolate shop to garnish with. 



victoire weasleythe blonde bombshell 

i mean it’s literally named after a french bombshell… and is made with champagne… like… do i need to say more? 

french 75

35ml plymouth gin 
10ml simple syrup
15ml lemon juice 

shake with ice and double strain into a champagne flute or saucer. top with champagne and garnish with a big twist of lemon. 


alternatively…............ straight tequila?


rona mckenna a bit mad, but all the best people are

so rona is into potion making, she’s into trying out different things and hopefully getting something good at the end. she likes a drink, but isn’t into anything too surgery or fruity, equally if you give her a glass of straight whisky she’d hate it. so for her it's something green, herbal, savory, strong and a bit weird. for this she’d want a gin with a lot of botanical stuff going on, roku just works really well with the basil. 

basil smash

50ml of roku gin
25ml of basil syrup (you can buy this or you can make it by blanching basil leaves, blitzing and adding them to hot water and sugar and stirring until the sugar is dissolved. make sure you fine strain it after. it doesn’t keep very well so you can only really make one or two days worth in one go.)
crushed black peppercorns

shake with ice and double strain over a large ice cube, garnish with a sprig of basil and more black pepper. 


louis weasley the troubled poshboy 

okay these are just... they’re just 




if a drink could be described as sex on legs then it’s a manhattan. they’re also really sophisticated, classic drinks and have amazing flavor profiles and can be done so many different ways and are like the first thing my first bar manager made me perfect. but like…. if a sophisticated, veela, war hero and a dangerous, sexy, tomb raiding, ginger, war hero had a baby and that baby was a cocktail then it would be a manhattan. they’re also almost 100% alcoholic soooo……………………………………………….. (seriosly don't drink to many, you will end up drunk under the table and then having an eventful taxi ride home)


50ml woodford reserve bourbon 
25ml martini rosso vermouth
2 dashes angostura bitters 

stir together over ice in a metal mixing tin or a chilled mixing glass for sixty seconds. you don't want to muddle the ice too much as you're doing this or it changes how much it’s diluted so try keep the spoon to the edge of the glass. it’s like you’re moving the drink around the ice and not the ice around the drink, if you get me, you shouldn't be able to hear the ice move as you’re mixing. i’m being picky with this but like louis is a ravenclaw with some slytherin in there so he’d want you to get it right as well 🤷‍♂️ perfection matters with this. anyway, then you double strain it into a chilled glass and garnish with a marasca cherry and a thick slice of orange peel. 


dominique weasley - perfection on the surface, but with a lot more going on 

perfect and sour and silky and like exploding with orange flavor and yet looking like a perfect white cloud. you wouldn't know how it tastes from the way it looks, it doesn’t give anything away other than looking colourless and flawless, yet there’s actually a lot going on in there. dom loves to play up to the french vibe, so obviously there has to be a french liqueur, but she prefers slightly sweeter drinks, but it obviously can’t be too sugary because she doesn’t want to look like she’s not sophisticated. but also she likes orange so she can just go for that. she's a mess but this drink works perfectly. also i love orange sours and i love dom so this is whats happening 😋

orange sour

35ml cointreau 
25ml absolut mandarin vodka 
25ml lemon juice
25ml orange flavored syrup 
1 egg white 

add all ingredients to your shaker. okay for this one you first of all shake it without ice, this works to basically start whisking the egg white with the sugar and the lemon juice which starts to almost meringue it. it’s why it’s not still technically raw in the drink, it does something ~sciency~ to it. next add a few cubes of ice and shake again, this time shake hard until chilled and the drink has gone all rich and frothy. strain into a glass over ice and garnish with an orange wedge. 

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viking grumpy cat

Posted (edited)

this is fantastic i love them all :elmofire: could you make one for freyyyya 👀 pretty pls (i'm too curious for my own good i know)

Edited by pirate grumpy cat
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wicked witch of the north


26 minutes ago, pirate grumpy cat said:

this is fantastic i love them all :elmofire: could you make one for freyyyya 👀 pretty pls (i'm too curious for my own good i know)

if you give me a base spirit (like vodka or gin or something) and if it's like sweet or bitter or whatever (it's freya so i take it it wont be overly bright pink and dilited lol) i'll write one up for her :PandaDevil-2:

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viking grumpy cat

Posted (edited)

4 minutes ago, something wicked said:

if you give me a base spirit (like vodka or gin or something) and if it's like sweet or bitter or whatever (it's freya so i take it it wont be overly bright pink and dilited lol) i'll write one up for her :PandaDevil-2:

i mean she grew up with vikingfjord :elmofire: also definitely bitter


Edited by pirate grumpy cat
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