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congratulations to all of our nanowrimo participants! get ready to celebrate the fairy princess's birthday!

january 2021 bulletin

fairy host abhorsen.




 y'all, let's speak plainly: the last year has been fucking hard, and we know that a lot of our members are really struggling in a lot of ways. we've heard from many members that the overall empathy and support this community gives to each other has been a bright spot for a lot of people in this very difficult time, which we're very happy to hear. thanks for being part of it; we appreciate all of you, and we'll continue to work to improve our community to make sure that that's reflected in everyone's experience of the site. please continue to be as kind to yourselves and others as you can - you're entitled to time for self-care, and it's okay to not be perfect. 💖


welcome to january's bulletin - the first bulletin of 2021!

if you're new, welcome to fanfic talk! it's great to have you with us. :D we're a multi-fandom forum + archive with a strong culture of support for other writers and feedback here, including a story help section, challenges, and reviewing events - so if you're a writer, you've come to the right place. :P please make sure that you post in the 'welcome to fft' topic +here to say that you've read over the rules and understand them, and if you're a harry potter fan, you can request to join a common room +here. you can reach out to any +staff member for help if you have any questions at all (we're very friendly and we like helping!), and you may also find our +faqs helpful.

enjoy your stay!


applications for all staff, community coordinator, and house newsletter editor positions will be open from january 7 - january 17. there's no post count/join date limit, and you can apply for as many positions as you like - it's all on one application. a detailed rundown on how site staffing works can be found +here, and you can find the application +here.

if you applied in november or december, you don't need to apply again unless you'd like to apply for additional positions or change your answers - we'll still consider you this month. ^_^


we're very sorry to say that @MuggleMaybe is stepping down from her position as moderator.

thank you so much for all your hard work, renee!


croatia has seen major damage from earthquakes in the past month. please check out @pirate grumpy cat's post about it (and where you can donate if you'd like to) +here.


we will be creating a new staff role to work on anti-racism efforts on the site with @toocoldcurls. we will have more information about this in the coming month or so. if you would like to discuss what representation means to you (both in fanfiction and outside of it), we encourage you to check out @sibilant's thread +here.

our annual awards and review event are both fast-approaching - stay tuned for more information on that later this month as well! ✨

and, finally, in case people haven't already seen, we're transitioning our forum rooms from subforums to clubs. this will not significantly change your ability to interact with your house, but it does give your staff team some fun new options. you can request to join a common room +here.


both of our head students this month were active in our holiday wishlist event and have a generally bright, cheerful, and encouraging presence in the community. (they're also both excellent writers ;)). we're very happy to announce 2021's first members of the month:

image.png.e273a4c27c1b9940bd940d40bb94f9e8.png image.png.b2c1b3703ae03518aa70179f43d87137.png

@Felpata_Blizzard and @Lost_Robin!

congratulations to you both! ^_^ Please PM @abhorsen. with your choice of story you'd like to have featured next month.



January’s staffer of the month is no stranger to the forums. While she may be new to the staff team, her presence is seen and felt around the site and the Discord. When she’s not collecting pancakes or making sure everyone eats at least one meal, she is often behind the scenes working to keep everyone on their deadlines. (She actually reminded me that I needed to do this!) She is responsible for putting together the bi-monthly Community Coordinator blogs, in addition to her duties managing FFT’s social media pages. When she’s not working in the staff lounge or the secret lab, she can often be found working on her Ivory Tower articles or recording all the podfics. She is one of the most social members of the site and is always down to talk about ESO, Team StarKid, or anything else that’s on your mind. Congratulations to@frostmagemadi and thank you for everything you do!



hardened hearts say unimaginable things by @prideofsnowfairies

Cedrella Black is expected to marry well and raise a line of perfect, pureblood children, who further the aims of the society she was born into. But as she navigates the politics surrounding Wizarding Society's London Social, Cedrella finds herself inconveniently bumping into Septimus Weasley, a flirtatious fortune hunter with a family secret. While her parents push her to marry another, she slowly discovers she has more in common with Septimus than she ever dreamed possible.

As the events of the summer unfold, alliances are forged, hearts are broken, and a newly printed publication threatens to tear apart Wizarding Society's Most Sacred Twenty-Eight.


this month, @victoria_anne read literal chaos fire (m) by @marauderfrozenintime you can check out the video under the spoiler tag! ^_^




this month we're featuring winners of house and site awards as well as three staff picks!

image.png.c993d6cad442b19565e0d563c074d6d8.png image.png.63f0b30a005fe820711b6865d6ecbc87.png image.png.a568f6328483fe17d1674beb0970807a.pngimage.png.03346f7f912378f6144f47514a874baf.png image.png.37bf1ecfa97fb0bbe7a271c793d73ac8.png image.png.a2bab97dfe8485a4ec17a930a7cb09e5.png image.png.e68b3bc4f72bc91417026d5a6221c83f.png image.png.ee309a5a0651e9963d59dbfd40a16753.png image.png.1d8f856c3b9fbabdc018e71413460c05.pngimage.png.be20a1be06391541eaf01b90d16238bb.png image.png.e47d4c40e9417263bfee02b9f4be5f95.png image.png.5afea5e576e3f0da6035ad45d84d4c2d.png

congratulations to @dirigibleplums, @dottie-wan-kenobi, @dreamofsnowflakes, @Hawksquill, @just.a.willow.tree, @la_topolina, @livingfree, @marauderfrozenintime, @MuggleMaybe, @potionspartner, @prideofsnowfairies, and @Unwritten Curse!


image.png.83a80a234f8b9f8b1129265b6be11b5a.png image.png.031f40f50f87b2813b517c60b61e2055.png

congratulations, @down-in-flames and @maraudertimes! 


february 12 - the flashback challenge by @Crimson Quill

february 14 - the ts9 challenge by @Lost_Robin

february 15 - the break my heart challenge by @marauderfrozenintime

february 28 - the sibling challenge by @victoria_anne

february 28 - the umbrella academy challenge by @ChillyChelts

march 16 - the untranslatable word challenge by @prideofsnowfairies

march 31 - the open at the close challenge by @RogueMidwinter


3 - @starliticesculptures

6 - @evilqueen, @motherconfessor

9 - @HarryGinnyLove88

10 - @Jayde

11 - @Phoenix Potioneer

15 - @aurevoir, @Diogenissa, @MrsDarcy

17 - @Wolfgirl

18 - @Slytherin_Ravenclaw_Chick, @wandlessmagic

21 - @FoxPatronus

25 - @tgfoy

29 - @slythercookie

30 - @FlamingQuilltips

31 - @Ignatia, @Stille Nacht, @velajune



Bulletin compiled and written by @abhorsen. and @marauderfrozenintime. Order of Merlin written by @MalfoysSnowAngel. All graphics by @abhorsen.. Featured staff picks by @RonsFairyGodmother (scandal in d-major: a comedy in three acts), @Renacerá (out of the shadows), and @marauderfrozenintime (beyond measure).

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Thank you so much for the head student!!! And congratulations to @Lost_Robin too!!! :wub:  (@ice fairy abhorsen. those graphics are stunning as usual... 😍)

And congrats to @frostmagemadi for OoM and @prideofsnowfairies for SotM! 🥰 And congratulations to anyone else featured this month! :hug:

I really, really hope 2021 will be spectacular for all!

:freeze: :grouphug:

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Posted (edited)

Seeing this newsletter was the bright, cheery thing I needed today! Congratulations to everyone who won something and a big thank you to all the staff for making this newsletter happen! 💖 

Edited by prideofsnowfairies
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Aww thank you so much for featuring Beyond Measure!  And congrats to everyone on your amazing accomplishments ❤️

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Aww, I'm so honored and thankful that my story is featured with so many other great stories! I was just coming on to run a quick edit through ch 5 to update tonight. :hug: 

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congrats to everyone ❤️ also thank you renee for all youve done and ill def miss being on the same team as you ❤️ 

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Thank you for giving my little play a shout-out! Congratulations to everyone who was featured ❤️


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aww, thanks for the feature story with my two favorite soft girls, what a pleasant surprise -- and in such good company 😍 congrats to everyone who was featured and mentioned!

@magemadi you've been killing it on the staff team, but it's really been no surprise since you're amazing at everything you do. thank you for being you!

@Felpata_Lupin and @Lost_Robin congrats on being members of the month! you're both absolute joys to see around the site; very well deserved

@MuggleMaybe 😭😭😭 you gotta do you and i'm proud of you, but i'll miss you so much. please drop in and say hi every once and a while, and thank you for everything you've done for the site, and hufflepuff ❤️❤️ 

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such pretty blue graphics this month, @ice fairy abhorsen.! 😍

I'm sad to see @MuggleMaybe leaving staff, but I know you can't get rid of me that easy, friend-o ❤️

Congratulations to @Felpata_Lupin and @Lost_Robin on members of the month, you two have been doing some great things around the site lately! ✨

Congrats to @prideofprewett on winning story of the month, dear!! 💛

Huge shoutout to my CCs for sneaking this one under my nose, they're too kind to me for awarding me staffer of the month :grouphug:

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