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welcome back to fairyland for this year's review event! the inkys are just around the corner! keep an eye out for easter eggs in fairyland!

february 2021 bulletin

fairy of necromancy



welcome to february's bulletin!


if you're new, welcome to fanfic talk! it's great to have you with us. :D we're a multi-fandom forum + archive with a strong culture of support for other writers and feedback here, including a story help section, challenges, and reviewing events - so if you're a writer, you've come to the right place. :P please make sure that you post in the 'welcome to fft' topic +here to say that you've read over the rules and understand them, and if you're a harry potter fan, you can request to join a common room +here. you can reach out to any +staff member for help if you have any questions at all (we're very friendly and we like helping!), and you may also find our +faqs helpful.

enjoy your stay!


applications for all staff, community coordinator, and house newsletter editor positions will be open from february 2 - february 11. there's no post count/join date limit, and you can apply for as many positions as you like - it's all on one application. a detailed rundown on how site staffing works can be found +here, and you can find the application +here.

if you applied in december or january, you don't need to apply again unless you'd like to apply for additional positions or change your answers - we'll still consider you this month. ^_^


we're continuing to work on developing what our new anti-racist staff role will look like. if you have any suggestions or something that you'd like to see us focus on, we encourage you to submit feedback through our google form or reach out directly to @toomanycurls (who's taking lead on that new team) - ultimately, our goal is to serve this community, so we appreciate any feedback that helps us meet those needs best.

our community coordinator team is also mapping out where they'd like to focus their efforts this year, and we'd all really appreciate it if you could take a few minutes to fill out their +survey.

our annual review event is underway; if you're interested in joining in, stop into the winter in fairyland subforum! you can see the schedule for the rest of the event and the golden ink annual awards (formerly known as the FROGS) below.

january 30 - february 4: round 2
february 5 - february 15: golden ink nominations
february 17 - february 23: round 3
february 26 - march 8: golden ink voting


february is Black history month. you can find many ways to think critically about this, including the 28 days of Black history online exhibit [https://www.28daysofblackhistory.com/]. @toomanycurls has also penned their thoughts on on the month and anti-racism in a blog +here, and you can check out a reading list they posted +here!


our members of the month have been two of our most active reviews in this year's annual review event. they've both been absolute powerhouses for their teams and have made a lot of members very happy this month! so please give it up for... 

image.png.da4c53d885024f65649cd9e4140dc74a.png image.png.6509046c784351aa16d8b34fbf1778e2.png

@Frostquill and @something foxy!

congratulations to you both! ^_^ Please PM @abhorsen. with your choice of story you'd like to have featured next month.


image.png.508eab09871cfde0e749f55edaeb308b.png image.png.f09240a61aacff6d40776cc51a215b8f.png image.png.8b424a9597b6912e4cf41d0770439781.pngimage.png.08d867c231ccd077e4341a41fdf11b72.png image.png.cbba784ca7d3001584db064f0dd9e6eb.png image.png.b47cc6ac9052368228982753ea24f247.png

Our Staffer of the Month award for February goes not to one person, but rather to a team of people who have probably been flabbergasted at the member participation in the pre-golden ink awards reviewing event, our Event Coordinator team! @fairy of necromancy, @fairy of time, @flame fairy, @victoria_titania, @crowsb4bros, and @Ineke have been working tirelessly to keep us on our toes with dances and various maze-like threads and activities to prepare us for the awards season. The creativity and level of dedication they've already shown in just the first round and a bit is amazing (checking 900+ reviews in one round, anyone?), and they are truly great people, authors, and members of FFT and the community. Thanks for all of your hard work, ECs!



banner by @page thirteen.


the color of violets by @kuusi palaa

They watch it sway back and forth, like a sweeping broom grating against a surface they cannot see yet somehow feel, like a silent pendulum marking time they cannot name yet somehow know deep within their bones; it’s something inescapable, an inevitability.

Eventually, it will come to a rest.

Former detective Evan Thorn investigates the mysterious death of a homeless man and discovers even more mysterious answers.


this month, @victoria_anne and @toomanycurls read a sunshire sunset by @foxymagemadi you can check out the video under the spoiler tag!




this month we're featuring winners of house and site awards as well as staff picks!

image.png.d17f50ebfe4f317fbb2de41ca6941189.png image.png.3ed2bbdb75e2c0b2b9de1a87baf60ec0.png image.png.ab5ff9970601f4512184fb83a619f53e.png image.png.fbe9f1778b51d5c22dfedf537a002657.png image.png.009a2ecaff01cf5946ef1f4847c82551.png image.png.8b087d944d9c4431f42c34255766e376.png image.png.d780a0299257769d1d104a10c188918e.png image.png.14769de0c22660af3495db94820a2b0a.png image.png.8012cf87b29d78083233a402dec1ccff.png image.png.f95dda1d0b1dcf5220e18ea87198d897.png image.png.11741a1adba1ea7650ee47e859acf639.png image.png.33525720c3b3467b7da18876cefc7b5e.png image.png.cc109003060a7709c89593a4949644eb.png image.png.4fb03ea15ad703de2942c853d100d47e.png image.png.23658e85d73ac9cb32fb148f5a55444d.png

congratulations, @fairy of necromancy, @Bunbury, @Crimson Quill, @flame fairy, @facingthefrostkittens, @Felpata_Lupin, @kuusi palaa, @Unotterable, @Lost_Robin, @foxymagemadi, @fairy of time, @Oregonian, @potionspartner, @RonsGirlsPatronus, and @tatapb!


congratulations, @FurmidableRogue!



february 12 - the flashback challenge by @Crimson Quill

february 14 - the ts9 challenge by @Lost_Robin

february 15 - the break my heart challenge by @marauderfrozenintime

february 28 - the sibling challenge by @victoria_anne

february 28 - the umbrella academy challenge by @ChillyChelts

march 16 - the untranslatable word challenge by @prideofsnowfairies

march 30 - Story Dice Challenge by @toomanycurls

march 31 - the open at the close challenge by @RogueMidwinter

april 1 - the beatlemania challenge by @Felpata_Lupin


4 - @milominderbinder; @Nykizta

7 - @Veritaserum27

10 - @UnluckyStar57

14 - @magicmuggle01; @Queer in Knitted Things

15 - @DanyFire

17 - @AltraX; @pookha

19 - @prongsbeak

20 - @Duvessa

24 - @ssslytherinnn; @WriteYourHeartOut

27 - @1917farmgirl; @Lady Ausra

all graphics by @abhorsen.. bulletin compiled and written by @abhorsen. and  @Ineke. staffer of the month by @foxymagemadi. fyi by @toomanycurls. featured staff pick by @juls-and-kittens (quo vadis).

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kuusi palaa


Ah! Another wonderful FFT bulletin. How in the (fairy)world did you come up with inspiration for the  graphics?! ;)

Congrats to @Frostquill and @something foxy for members of the month. Y'all have been awesome so far in the review event (and are both really good writers to boot). And congrats to the event fairies for our jaunt into another record-shattering site event. I look forward to the stats on this one, lol.

Also, many thanks for featured story of the month! ❤️ Before reacting to this comment, be sure to check out and engage with @toomanycurls's incredible blog post+!

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fairy of necromancy


@kuusi palaa - fuck, i just realized i forgot to c&p your sotm award in! will do that as soon as i'm on my laptop, i'm so sorry for the oversight!

  • cathugbunny 2
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Aww I'm so flattered to be one of our members of the month!  Thanks so much, and congrats to everyone ❤️

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something foxy


couldn't be a better group for staffers of the month this month, you've all put together something incredible and the amount of work it must be is ridiculous, thank you all of your for all your hard work 😋 congrats to @kuusi palaa and @Frostquill for story and our other member of the month (and thank you for the reviews :stitch-2: ) 

also branwen those graphics as always are gorgeous 🖤 you're beyond talented. 

(also thank you for motm, almost forgot to mention that, you're all way too kind) 

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