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memory dust by @shadowyfox


writing a good romance is an art: getting the characters right, the chemistry in the relationship, the complications and the problems thrown in front of them, the pace of it - especially in a slow burn type story - making sure the reader's hooked and invested in the pair and their happy ending (or not, as the case may be) and this. this is a romance which is artful. eli writes ron and hermione as fated but separated - by malice, cruelty, evil; whatever you want to call it - and yet. they find each other again and it kick-starts this beautiful, at times hesitant romance, with a deliciously addictive mystery plot alongside it. 

it sucks you in: you can't help but be invested from the first chapter with its ordinary slice-of-life scenes - until the bombshell twist and the plot takes off. all the while, the writing is so gorgeous, emotive and always a little bit wistful, and it really makes the whole story shine ^_^ 

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