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welcome back to fairyland for this year's review event! the inkys are just around the corner! keep an eye out for easter eggs in fairyland!

march 2021 bulletin

abhorsen plague doctor.




welcome to march's bulletin!


if you're new, welcome to fanfic talk! it's great to have you with us. :D we're a multi-fandom forum + archive with a strong culture of support for other writers and feedback here, including a story help section, challenges, and reviewing events - so if you're a writer, you've come to the right place. :P please make sure that you post in the 'welcome to fft' topic +here to say that you've read over the rules and understand them, and if you're a harry potter fan, you can request to join a common room +here. you can reach out to any +staff member for help if you have any questions at all (we're very friendly and we like helping!), and you may also find our +faqs helpful.

enjoy your stay!


applications for all staff, community coordinator, and house newsletter editor positions will be open from march 1 - march 10. there's no post count/join date limit, and you can apply for as many positions as you like - it's all on one application. a detailed rundown on how site staffing works can be found +here, and you can find the application +here.

if you applied in january or february, you don't need to apply again unless you'd like to apply for additional positions or change your answers - we'll still consider you this month. ^_^


our annual review event has ended. the results will be out soon, but in the meantime, make sure to get your golden ink awards votes in by march 8!

in addition, some housekeeping:

  • we're planning to open applications for our new antiracist staff role next month. ^_^
  • fics based in disney fandoms (including disney princesses, star wars, marvel, etc) are now allowed on the archive.
  • in the past, community coordinators were grouped with members for our monthly member/staffer of the month awards - they ran staffer of the month, and the rest of us ran member of the month. last month, we decided to change that; going forward, member of the month will be reserved for members who aren't in any formal leadership position on the site, and the full team (including ccs) will choose both staffer and member of the month.


our members of the month were some of our top reviewers in this year's annual review event along with being some prolific authors at the same time. they both leave kind and thoughtful reviews and are active around the forums too! please give it up for.....

image.png.1c301df3e32076f17e16573bf44ae355.png image.png.870d325860abceab112c9cc006c97fec.png 

@Oregonian and @prideofprewett!

congratulations to you both! ^_^ Please PM @abhorsen. with your choice of story you'd like to have featured next month.


last month, our wonderful event coordinator team were given staffer(s) of the month for the review event that just finished up. this month, though, we're shifting our focus a bit to recognize some of the non-event staff who threw all their time and effort into leaving reviews and writing recommendations for other members of the fft community. kris, madi, emily, melanie, and eli each left at least 250 reviews/recommendations, and put together, the five of them left more reviews that the entire site has left for past review events.

so you can see why we had a hard time choosing just one. 😛

image.png.37ba2dbc6b747fdbc521f5c1af93e3d8.png image.png.e0666cf749ce94f4cccd86abe43ff3dc.png image.png.fe0bc04d8b36b864bbb0d032b8e2c2f4.png image.png.0c2b06f9f9eb0ec2623104eb73a59929.png image.png.80bb27f69e48e55a8b568661cefff7bc.png

congratulations, @grumpy cat, @magemadi, @Renacerá, @RonsGirlFriday, and @shadowycorner!


this month, @victoria_anne and @toomanycurls read little talks by @abhorsen. you can check out the video under the spoiler tag!




this month we're featuring winners of house and site awards as well as staff picks!


congratulations @Unwritten Curse, @TidalDragon, @sunshine_locks , @sibilant, @something wicked, @RonsGirlFriday, @poppunkpadfoot, @pookha, @Lost_Robin, @la_topolina, @Hawksquill, @belgian quaffle, @Crimson Quill, @nott theodore, @Aphoride, and @abhorsen. !


march 16 - the untranslatable word challenge by @prideofsnowfairies

march 30 - Story Dice Challenge by @toomanycurls

march 31 - the open at the close challenge by @RogueMidwinter

april 1 - the beatlemania challenge by @Felpata_Lupin


3 - @bizinhavieira

4 - @Pen2Paper; @TheGoldenKneazle

6 - @magemadi

11 - @Alexis Black

14 - @Elena

16 - @Tecla Sunrise

17 - @Celtic_Dreamer7

18 - @mymischiefmanaged

24 - @dreamshadow

25 - @beyond the rain; @Nix

27 - @lovegood27

29 - @stefanie.sycamore


all graphics by @abhorsen.. bulletin compiled and written by @abhorsen., @magemadi, and @Ineke. featured staff picks by @RonsGirlFriday (stabilizer) and @down-in-flames (a little too much).


Edited by magemadi

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lovely graphics omg!!

Also congrats everyone for being featured 💖

And lol I still can't believe i left more than 250 reviews, what? 😅

the review event was so so much fun, thank you again!! no matter who wins, i'm so happy people had a blast (and almost died of adrenaline) and so many stories got love! :stitch-2:


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These graphics are amazing! Thank you for the story feature, and congratulations to everyone who was featured ❤️


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Congratulations to everyone featured, and also congratulations to everyone who participated in the review event - you were all phenomenal! 😍🎉✨

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Posted (edited)

Haven't been able to properly sit down and read the Bulletin fully for awhile and am so glad that today I get the chance to and plus it's Spring and also very much in love with this month's theme in terms of graphics of it being Wandavision (also so happy to see Monica too ❤️ Love, love, love, love, LOVE it! <3) 

Congratulations to @Oregonian and  Courtney ( @prideofprewett) for being Members of the Month! Also congratulations to the Staff members: Kris ( @grumpy cat), Emily (@Renacerá), Melanie ( @RonsGirlFriday), Madi (@magemadi), and Eli (@shadowycorner) as well, you guys definitely deserve this and thankful to everybody who left reviews on my story (hadn't expected that to be honest) and even if not that, just leaving the reviews and making other peoples' day as well!  

Also sending many congratulations towards anybody who was featured in this month's bulletin!  Happy birthday wishes (early and or belated) to everybody whose birthday takes place this month! Hope this month and your birthday is a good, wonderful, fantastic, great, okay, and or the happiest of happy ones! :D 

Lastly: thank you to all the Bulletin staff for your hardwork and hope you all have a great month this month as well! :)                                                    


Edited by starlitcastles
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