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still flying

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i wanna start a fight with taylor (aka evermore rankings)

abhorsen plague doctor.


so first, i did a thing where i ranked both the song as a whole and my favorite lyric from each song, because i wanted to. there are some differences. ๐Ÿ˜‚


by favorite lyric:

  1. i don't like that falling feels like flying til the bone crush (gold rush)
  2. pushed from the precipice / climbed right back up the cliff / long story short, i survived (long story short)
  3. and the road not taken looks real good now (tis the damn season)
  4. she would've made such a lovely bride / what a shame she's fucked in the head (champagne problems)
  5. and the skeletons in both our closets / plotted hard to fuck this up (cowboy like me)
  6. i'm like the water when your ship rolled in that night / rough on the surface, but you cut through like a knife (willow)
  7. long limbs and frozen swims / you'd always go past where our feet could touch (marjorie)
  8. i've cleaned enough houses to know how to cover up a scene (no body no crime)
  9. he's got my past frozen behind glass / but I've got me (it's time to go)
  10. sorry, i can't see facts through all of my fury / you haven't met the new me yet (happiness)
  11. what would you do if i / break free and leave us in ruins / took this dagger in me and removed it (tolerate it)
  12. so yeah, it's a fire / it's a goddamn blaze in the dark / and you started it (ivy)
  13. over and over / lost again with no surprises / disappointments, close your eyes (coney island)
  14. and i was catching my breath / barefoot in the wildest winter / catching my death (evermore)
  15. did you hear about the girl who lives in delusion? / breakups happen every day, you don't have to lose it (right where you left me)
  16. i'm fine with my spite (closure)
  17. oh, i guess i'll never know / oh, and you'll go on with the show (dorothea)


by song overall:

  1. gold rush
  2. ivy
  3. long story short
  4. tis the damn season
  5. no body, no crime
  6. willow
  7. it's time to go
  8. champagne problems
  9. closure
  10. right where you left me
  11. tolerate it
  12. coney island
  13. marjorie
  14. cowboy like me
  15. evermore
  16. happiness
  17. dorothea


mostly things sort of lined up (and gold rush was top for both), but there were a few that were very different. highlights:

  • ivy came in second by song overall but 12th by favorite lyric (so yeah, it's a fire / it's a goddamn blaze in the dark / and you started it), which isn't really because i didn't like that lyric as much as it was because i just liked others better.
  • cowboy like me came in 14th overall but fifth by favorite lyric (and the skeletons in both our closets / plotted hard to fuck this up), which is because i don't particularly like cowboy like me but really like that lyric ๐Ÿ˜‚
  • gold rush, willow, tolerate it, and dorothea were the same for both overall ranking and by favorite lyric
  • rn gold rush (i don't like that falling feels like flying til the bone crush) is ranked #1 in the overall fave taylor swift lyric ranking i'm doing and idk what the fuck that says about me
  • marjorie was saved (relatively speaking) by the bridge
  • i like harsh imagery and faster songs a whole lot and it shows
  • Elmo 3


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*is deeply offended inย tolerate it*

no seriously, that song is already in my spotify top 50 and that's looking at data since 2012

also i support your favorite lyricย in that one bc it's also mine but i really love the line after of "believe me i could do it"

i can't believe the fire lyric didn't get ranked higher, but that's more about my attachment to fire than an objective assessment of the lyric

also i support you picking "the road not taken looks real good now" as the best line ofย 'tis the damn seasonย bc i literally named a fic after it

  • Elmo 1
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abhorsen plague doctor.


๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ˜‚

also so the fire lyric was originally way higher because :elmofire: but then my love of the word fuck and somewhat violent imagery made me stop and actually evaluate it properly, esp since uhhh there is a lot of fire in my overall lyric rankings ๐Ÿ˜‚

also this is sort of o/t (shocking, i know) but also sort of not bc fire, but i just realized that both vic and g's sns from corgis are not only in favorite lyrics but in the top ten by fave lyric which honestly tracks ๐Ÿ˜‚

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