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still flying

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1989 rankings (overall + fave lyric)

abhorsen plague doctor.


so first, i did a thing where i ranked both the song as a whole and my favorite lyric from each song, because i wanted to. i already did evermore, now i'm going to do 1989 even though i've already ranked it in my full taylor swift rankings. amusingly, some stuff has shifted position, and when i do everything together, i'm sure that some stuff will just be moved down in general because two new albums. 😂


by favorite lyric

  1. the water filled my lungs / i screamed so loud but no one heard a thing (clean)
  2. the rest of the world was black and white / but we were in screaming color (out of the woods)
  3. screaming, crying, perfect storms / i can make all the tables turn (blank space) -> this is difficult and i keep changing my mind 😭
  4. we show off our different scarlet letters / trust me, mine is better (new romantics)
  5. love's a fragile little flame / it could burn out (i know places)
  6. whispers turned to talking / and talking turned to screams (wonderland)
  7. band-aids don't fix bullet holes (bad blood)
  8. long drive / could end in burning flames or paradise (style)
  9. nothing lasts forever but this is getting good now (wildest dreams)
  10. people like me are gone forever / when you say goodbye (all you had to do was stay)
  11. skies grew darker, currents swept you out again / and you were just gone and gone (this love)
  12. took our broken hearts, put them in a drawer (welcome to new york)
  13. i wish we could go back / and remember what we were fighting for (i wish you would)
  14. stand there like a ghost / shaking from the rain (how you get the girl)
  15. no proof, one touch / but you felt enough (you are in love)
  16. i never miss a beat / i'm lightning on my feet (shake it off)

by song overall

  1. clean
  2. blank space
  3. out of the woods
  4. style
  5. new romantics
  6. wonderland
  7. welcome to new york
  8. wildest dreams
  9. i know places
  10. all you had to do was stay
  11. how you get the girl
  12. i wish you would
  13. shake it off
  14. this love
  15. bad blood
  16. you are in love


  • out of the woods and blank space swapped places, but they're basically tied anyway.
  • new romantics and wonderland leap-frogged wildest dreams and welcome to new york (which also traded places)
  • i know places, all you had to do was stay, how you get the girl, and i wish you would all got jumbled up.
  • this love went bumped bad blood down.


  • clean, blank space, and out of the woods reign supreme here, they hold the top three for both song and lyric.
  • also, my top three lyrics invoke screaming, and there's a lot a lot of fire and water imagery.
  • my favorite bad blood lyric is great, the song overall is not my fave.
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Honestly not even mad, this is solid ranking 😍

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