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welcome back to fairyland for this year's review event! the inkys are just around the corner! keep an eye out for easter eggs in fairyland!

april 2021 bulletin

abhorsen plague doctor.



thank you all so much for your patience with how late we're getting this out this month - some of us have been swamped by other things recently. 😅 they're credited at the bottom as well, but a huge top line thank you to ineke, madi, and taylor for jumping in to help finish it up. 💖


if you're new, welcome to fanfic talk! it's great to have you with us. :D we're a multi-fandom forum + archive with a strong culture of support for other writers and feedback here, including a story help section, challenges, and reviewing events - so if you're a writer, you've come to the right place. :P please make sure that you post in the 'welcome to fft' topic +here to say that you've read over the rules and understand them, and if you're a harry potter fan, you can request to join a common room +here. you can reach out to any +staff member for help if you have any questions at all (we're very friendly and we like helping!), and you may also find our +faqs helpful.

enjoy your stay!


applications for all staff, community coordinator, and house newsletter editor positions will be open from april 13 - april 23. there's no post count/join date limit, and you can apply for as many positions as you like - it's all on one application. a detailed rundown on how site staffing works can be found +here, and you can find the application +here.

if you applied in february or march, you don't need to apply again unless you'd like to apply for additional positions or change your answers - we'll still consider you this month. ^_^


we're very sorry to announce that @Renacerá and @sibilant will both be stepping down from their positions as community coordinators.

thank you so much for your hard work, emily and shreya! 💖


we're opening up applications this month for our new equity and inclusion coordinator position. the person or people in this role will work with other staff members to help to move our community toward being more explicitly and intentionally inclusive. as a starting point, our goal is to create and share more antiracist content with our community, but there's also room for this role to grow in a way that's influenced by where the EIC team's experiences and interests lie. if you're interested in being an equity and inclusion coordinator, you can apply using our application above. ^_^

we've posted the results of this year's golden ink awards +here; the results of the review event will be out later this week. the hogwarts clubs are also in the process of running their own annual awards; we encourage you to stop into your common room to check it out. ^_^

camp nano is also underway; you can check out our cafe +here or join in the activities our wonderful @victoria_anne is running in one of the featured clubs +here.


April's members of the month have been very active both on the fft discord and the forums, gearing up for Camp NaNo and leaving quite a few gifts during the guerrilla gift tag event! Please put your hands together for....

@frogballet and @frogberry_cordelia!

member-otm-1.png.e27e5e93b328c71945155e09e8c8cb1b.png member-otm-2.png.8dc8c505d00a6fe7bdd1d8073227811a.png

congratulations to you both! ^_^ Please PM @abhorsen. with your choice of story you'd like to have featured next month.


This month's staffer of the month is the lovely and super friendly writer of some great The 100 fic and one of our dear forum moderators, @dreamshadow! Jill does a lot for the site behind the scenes and also is just a wonderful person to chat and write with! ^_^


congratulations, @dreamshadow!



you are a minute of quiet (in a loud, loud world) by @shadowycorner

Dorothea Prewett has lost all her children, except one. But she's a wild thing, and on the run. She will do what's in her power to bring her daughter home.

Arthur Weasley is in his first job as an assistant to a grumpy old detective, yet their first case is anything but what he expected it to be.

And somewhere out there, a girl with a broken heart and an empty soul decides that hell take it all, she is going to become legend.


stay tuned for a double feature fic night this month! ^_^


this month we're featuring winners of house and site awards as well as staff picks!


congratulations, @abhorsen plague doctor., @apondinabluebox, @belgian quaffle, @Felpata_Lupin, @grumpy cat, @Lost_Froggy, @magicspacehole, @mydearfoxy, @Oregonian, @prideofprewett, @frogberry_cordelia, @RogueSlytherin, @shadowycorner, @Unwritten Curse, and @VaguelyCreativeName!


winner of the picspam challenge: @prideofprewett


we also had a guerilla gift tag last month that was very active - thank you so much for participating and making so many people's days! 💖


may 7 - the good place quote challenge by @Ineke

may 10 - the very specific aesthetic challenge by @down-in-flames

may 15 - the angsty taylor swift challenge by @dreamshadow


2 - @BlackPixie

6 - @Chelts-rhj; @Jazzeh Turnip

10 - @CambAngst

11 - @BoredOneNight; @charmx; @Slytherinchica08; @tatapb

14 - @belgian quaffle; @magpie

16 - @shezwriter

21 - @maraudertimes; @poppunkpadfoot; @SnapeLove

23 - @GKWriter

25 - @RoxiMalfoy; @VaguelyCreativeName

29 - @Ravenclaw_scientist


all graphics by @down-in-flames. bulletin compiled and written by @abhorsen., @Ineke, and @lilypadi. featured staff picks by @Renacerá (a ghost, a grave and just her luck).

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gorgeous graphics, @down-in-flames 😍

thank you so much for all of your hard work, emily & shreya -- you'll definitely be missed on the team and i hope you'll still be poking around the site ❤️ 

congratulations on being members of the month, @frogballet and @frogberry_cordelia! you're both wonderful people and very much deserve the recognition.

thank you so much for staffer of the month! what an honor and a surprise, as you're all such lovely people to work with :wub:

and congratulations to everyone who was featured this month!!

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What a jam-packed bulletin! Thanks to everyone for your hard work and dedication :) And thank you for the honor, it is so appreciated 💚 I really enjoy participating in this community!! 

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