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welcome back to fairyland for this year's review event! the inkys are just around the corner! keep an eye out for easter eggs in fairyland!

still flying

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some sorting trends in my writing that i feel lowkey weird about

abhorsen plague doctor.


so!! i have three couples i've really written a significant amount (50k+ words) about: rose/scorpius, astoria/draco, and victoire/gallagher. and i realized something that made me feel lowkey weird.

so i like to think that these characters are not carbon copies of each other. i'm fairly certain they're not. but now that vic is no longer with teddy, there's a real weird pattern. (i use sortinghatchats to sort - rundown +here but basically your primary is your "why" and your secondary is your "how," one isn't more important than the other)

  • vic/g: sorted into ravenclaw and slytherin (respectively) in the story. vic is a ravenclaw primary/gryffindor secondary, gallagher is a gryffindor primary/slytherin secondary
  • astoria/draco: sorted into ravenclaw and slytherin (respectively) in the story. astoria is a ravenclaw primary+gryffindor primary model1/gryffindor secondary, draco is a burned hufflepuff primary+gryffindor primary model2/slytherin secondary+ravenclaw secondary model)
  • rose/scorpius: sorted into gryffindor and slytherin (respectively) in the story. rose is a gryffindor primary+secondary, scorpius is a gryffindor primary+slytherin primary model/slytherin secondary+ravenclaw secondary model3)

so uhhh there are obviously some trends there, like how almost everyone is an idealist primary4 and my main pov characters are gryffindor secondaries and they're paired with slytherin secondaries. it didn't used to be that way! i thought scorpius was a slytherin primary, and victoire was supposed to end up with teddy (who has no slytherin in him)! but somehow now those things aren't the case and i'm just very confused about how there's so much fucking slytherin in there.

(and also lowkey amused at how technically there's only one gryffindor when every single character has some gryffindor in their primary or secondary, don't i cover my tracks So Well?)


1 the model is courtesy of the war and her hero worship of her her brother.
2 don't @ me, i have a justification written up +here and i stand by it.
3 this primary surprised me too but i did the shc quiz as scorpius and i think it actually fits.
4 gryffindor and ravenclaw are the idealist primaries, hufflepuff and slytherin are loyalist primaries - basically, idealists' "why"s are about ideas and loyalists' "why"s are about people.

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Crimson Quill


Didn't realise g was a slytherin, never entered my head that he wasn't a gryffindor. I guess I've been subconsciously headcanoning him 😂

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im w abbi here bc what how did i never realise that

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