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Rose is an enigma, she is very quick to make decisions but will overthink the shit out of it. She decides that there is no reason for her to not make good decisions in a timely manner but on the other hand, she has crippling anxiety that she will make a wrong choice. But her impulsivity is what makes her multidimensional. She’s like a combination of Ron and Hermione, Hermione’s brain but Ron’s anxiety and the tendency of action taking. I am somehow struggling to write her character analysis yet when actively writing her personality comes to me easier than say Scorpius or Albus. I think she’s very determined, mistakes can make her go down a rabbit hole but she tries to not let her failures cripple her.

Rose knows the seriousness of her responsibilities and so she tries to be an adult and get them done before she can let herself have fun. That sometimes gets her in trouble with friends because she’ll dedicate a lot of time to her studies and unintentionally neglect them. Alice and Dom are used to it and know she doesn’t do it on purpose. They will try to get her out of her study frenzies to act like her age, she enjoys their company. Rose is really thoughtful and while her priorities can get her in trouble, she makes up for it by making little knick-knacks for her friends to show them she appreciates them. She’s a great listener and gives the best advice. She’s stubborn and level-headed but somehow so compassionate about people. She always will believe the best in everyone. 

As a teenager, she took martial arts classes, boxing, and tae kwon do. Her parents wanted her to know how to take care of herself, and it was a healthy outlet for her emotions. Over the years that she spent at Hogwarts, she felt boxing was her way of getting out her aggression and frustration towards Malfoy. As she got even older, she realized that her training was even more helpful when she was working, sometimes her wand won’t be there or an option in front of muggles when she’s on an assignment so she continued training with Scorpius in both styles.

Rose had long hair that was in between curly and wavy, it was mostly frizzy but with potions, her mother taught her she was able to calm it down to be presentable. Her hair color is quite different from the rest of the Weasleys'. It was blood-red, somehow darker than her brother and cousins. It can be mistaken for brown sometimes. It’s always in a messy bun or down. Sometimes Alice or Lily will braid it in complicated patterns. When she became an Auror she’d cut it to just above her shoulders. Her eyes were a brilliant shade of blue. She wears reading glasses, they’re round with a thin black rim. 

She always has a book in her hand, she loves to journal. Her aesthetic was red and brown. Warm neutrals with a pop of red, but then she started dating Scorpius and slowly light jade green infiltrated her palette. She was of average height, dressed in business casual or comfortable sweaters most of the time.

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