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Albus is smart, but if he can find the quickest way to get the job (even if it makes him a little dirty) he would take it. Albus is quiet and mysterious in a way that matches the way Scorpius is perceived sometimes, but it's a front for people he doesn't know. He's quite sarcastic and uses dry humor if you're close to him or his family. He may not enjoy pranks as much as his brother but he will occasionally partake in a prank war against Alice if he knows it will make her frazzled. 

I feel like he's a complex character that I would like to add more layers too, you know? He is still every bit of the angsty teenager he is but that's not completely his character. He is the Slytherin team Captain and that plays a lot in his character development in my story. Specifically when he was made Captain in his Sixth year and had to play against the Gryffindor team whose Captain was his very own brother. Albus may not be the main protagonist (he's the second lead) but he is getting as much character development as Rose and Scorpius.

He’s quite observant and likes to come up with his own conclusions. He won’t indulge in them to other people though, but for Scorpius, Albus isn’t in the habit of keeping his thoughts to himself. He will call out his best friend he is doing something stupid. He was the first to figure out that Scorpius liked Rose. he loves people watching, he can pick up body language like nobody’s business and it’s what makes him a great Auror. Not that he can be outwardly cruel but the man can be a little sadistic sometimes If provoked. A darkness that wasn't there with Harry that had so much potential. Rose can be a control freak, Scorpius can be an empath and Albus can be sadistic. Each one of them has a dark side that they don't indulge but sometimes fall into because they’ve been pushed too hard. 

Take Harry’s appearance in Goblet of Fire, add curly hair and a taller frame and you have what Albus looks like all the time. The man looks like a model, not to mention his dark features contrasting with the light green of his eyes. His hair is quite long compared to his brother’s, but it works for him. He’s lean because of his training as a seeker, he moves with a quickness that always surprises those around him.

He dresses quite well for somebody his age, but mostly because as a teenager he was in the public eye a lot so he always had to look his best. His style titters between, skater boy and a young businessman. No in between, it usually depends on his mood. The man doesn’t wear anything but shades of black. It drives Alice crazy but he also looks best in the color. His features are too dark for light clothing. His lithe frame hits 6’1”. Taller than James by an inch.


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