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Scorpius doesn’t think that emotions equal weakness, his family (grandparents) does. Scorpius is in control of his emotions, he's very well versed. he can control his face to show exactly what he's thinking or nothing at all! and that's where I figured out that I don't have to have him as a broody moody boi who gets pissed off at every little thing you know? Scorpius is just so in control he forgot how to go with the flow (that's where Rose and Albus come in) and to actually allow himself to feel them without changing them to fit his narrative.

 A few other traits that I knew were vital to his character were his brutal honesty, his sarcasm, and his sense of humor (as mentioned before). Now for a surprising trait that I had seen only a few times, his recklessness. This boy might be in Slytherin and probably thinks about the outcome way more than you can count, but for the love of God, he doesn't weigh the consequences if he’s convinced that he will yield desirable results. I mentioned before that Scorpius can analyze a situation without any strings attached, but when it comes to family, he is very family-oriented so yeah he analyzes the risks but that doesn't mean that he's not still willing to take them.

He is raised in a loving family. Nonetheless, the Malfoy family is very centered around control. So yes, Draco is a lot more loving and caring than Lucius ever was, but the idea of control never wavered. There was a time and place for certain emotions. The press will jump at any opportunity to portray the Malfoy Family as weak or up to no good. Astoria guides Draco a lot through being a good family man. I even would like to think that Draco made his parents promise they would not interfere or have any opinions on how he raises Scorpius. Which I think would cause a lot of tension but also is for the best. 

Scorpius understands from a very young age that his family is like no other. The Malfoy Manor is quiet and serene. it will never be lively with people. that's not going to ever change. The place haunts many but it is home for Scorpius. Astoria did major home decor transformations to make the Manor seem more homely and cozy. She succeeds to a certain point. the place is still haunted by screams (for fuck’s sake it has its own dungeon. I think, correct me if I am wrong though)

He really struggles with sleep, he suffers from insomnia, as well as nightmares. Scorpius may seem extremely assured when it comes to his family, but he harbors doubts about himself. About whether he really is different from his parents or grandparents. His nightmare consists of Albus saying that Scorpius had tricked him into thinking he was different, that he had failed to make that change. His sense of self is dulled and heightened at the same time. During the 6 years of Hogwarts, the sound of his roommates moving around helped ease his anxiety about being alone at night but when he became Head Boy and had his own room his nightmares returned.

At home, Scorpius and Daphne had established a routine since they were children. Daphne as a child refuses to sleep alone and so Scorpius was always in her room as well as the other way around. When they both moved to Hogwarts, their parents decided that they would make Daphne’s room into a lounge for them and moved Daphne’s bed to Scorpius’s room since she tends to sleep there the most. Scorpius actually has bags under his eyes but because of his pale complexion, they aren’t that visible (surprisingly). He can function on an obscenely little amount of sleep that makes Rose a little jealous since she can be grumpy in the morning. 

Scorpius is from an affluent family, so like Albus, he also dresses to the T. but his style is more dark academia than business. If you think about it he’s the male counterpart to Rose when it comes to style. He looks good in neutrals and dark colors. When both Albus and Scorpius dress in black, they look like they walked out of a magazine. Scorpius wears black and grey the most. With black as his staple color. 

Appearance-wise, this man is at a whopping 6’3”, the tallest of the trio. His blonde hair was darker at the roots but lighter at the ends. He refuses to put gel in his hair, seeing his father’s pictures as a child and refusing to go anywhere near the product. He’ll use sculpting wax to keep his hair out of his face but that is it. His eyes are a startling grey. They’re deep and soulful. When he laughs, they twinkle in the light accentuated by the crinkles of his eyes. When he laughs you can’t help but laugh along because it’s that contagious and beautiful. It’s a rarity, his face is usually in a blank state or no clear emotions are shown on his face unless he wants them to appear. His stature is almost always robotic. But he moves with stealth and smoothness that can rival Albus. He looks like and moves like a Greek god, simply put. 

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