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Hugo, I have confused and fuzzy feelings for him. I am not gonna lie. To me, Ron was a very good dad, coming from a really big family. He knew that he only wanted two kids tops, he wanted to be able to give them as much attention as they wanted. Rose and Hugo were a year apart and had similar interests. Hugo is very light-hearted and soft. 

He has significantly curlier hair than both his sister and mom, he also keeps it a little long (think Ron in Goblet of fire but curlier), the shade is orangey-brown. His style is of a college boy, sweatshirts and jeans. He doesn't put too much effort, his clothes get dirty very quickly. 

He has his dad's humor and his chess skills, of course. Ron and Hugo can be found playing chess for hours. Rose and Ron can talk about quidditch for hours as well, but Hermione usually drags both of them to bed because they can never reach a conclusion. It all seems very harmonious and happy but this family has a lot of problems as well. 

Being the offspring of the ⅔ of the golden trio doubles the expectations, but both children are supposed to be what both their parents were. Although it doesn't seem like a lot of pressure, it is. So Hugo deals with it quietly, he smiles and laughs it off. He knows that his parents love him no matter what, Hermione may have high expectations of her children but that doesn't change that she still loves them no matter what. 

I feel the pressure would come more from the outside than the inside? I mean if you think about it Hermione was an only child and her parents probably focused all their attention on her so she thrived to please them (it doesn't always have to have negative connotations. When we care about people we tend to want to please them or impress them) and Ron grew up in a big family so he knew that even the smallest things count and how big of an impact a small action can have. 

So Hugo is just an easy-going guy. He's passionate about creatures but he was always playing outside with his cousins when he was young, (to his parent’s dismay bc Ron isn't fond of creatures and Hermione isn't great with them either. Just for fun, I think he would be most interested in spiders, unlike Ron and Rose who are terrified by them). He likes playing Quidditch (He’s the Gryffindor beater) and he likes hanging out with friends more than doing homework. He's very social, I believe but it always comes down to his small group of friends. Outside that circle, he's perceived as shy. He's also very much the mediator of his family, he's not as hot-headed as the rest of them because he knows it can taint someone's vision of their goal, that's how he's different from his family but it works.Hugo.jpg.25670cb08acc52c035d7cee654bd25eb.jpg

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