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Next Gen. Thingz.

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Next for Lily, if there is one next Gen character I haven't really sat down with one on one, it’s Lily. I don't remember Ginny’s character from the books very well, so I don't want to butcher her personality. I just get some vibes from Lily that I know I cannot ignore. She’s definitely a Gryffindor.

This girl is spontaneous, like unbelievably spontaneous. She can rival James and Fred when it comes to mischief. Unlike her brother and cousin’s practical jokes are not her thing but stirring the pot with drama or gossip. When I say drama or gossip I don’t mean petty things (at least not all the time) she’s very straightforward, not beating around the bush. She’s also very blunt; she will give you her opinion if you ask. Crazy observant as well as kind-hearted. She knows when to be brutally honest and when to choose her words carefully. She loves her brothers like crazy and even though she’s the youngest I feel like she’s the fiercest of them all. She loves spending time with her parents but sometimes it seems like she’s distant from them. Ginny and her spend a lot of time talking about Lily’s time at Hogwarts or sometimes just Lily’s day. It's the small things really. 

One thing that is significant about her appearance, is that somehow she has the lightest red hair, it's on the verge of strawberry blonde/brunette. She is also the only Potter child to have blue eyes. Somehow her father’s dark hair didn't come through and her mother’s light-haired family shined through. Her style is cottage core with an artist’s tendencies. 

Lily’s relationships can be deemed as odd due to her personality. But her best friends are Hugo, and Lucy, (Lucy is the only one that's her age). Her interests are art and anything to do with Art. She wants to be an art curator and she loves going to museums and collecting limited edition things, it doesn't matter if they are stamps or actual art pieces. I get mixed vibes on what kind of artist she is, I am getting both landscapes/ portraits and abstract. But I feel like somehow she can pull off abstract portraits. She's edgy and she has fun. Basically like I said, spontaneous. 

Concerning her parents, she knows how hard their childhoods were and that's actually what sparked her interest in art therapy, which she recommends to Harry and Ginny at some point. Lily.jpg.598f64978bff1cf241c63a42cac4297b.jpg



James, he's such a fun character to write not gonna lie. He's a prankster who lives up to his namesake. Of course, you can totally divert from that but I love it. James is just a go with the flow kind of guy; his very humorous nature is what makes the mood at the burrow. 

I have seen people characterize him in a mean way, and I think that for me, he’s actually very caring, but he’s also not the kind of person that would always prioritize others over himself. (again not inherently a bad thing). He doesn't bully others (especially Albus) he teases Albus a lot though. In SoR, they actually do fight a lot but all siblings fight. Mostly they fought over quidditch and who was better at it. Harry sits them both down and explains that the sibling rivalry is fine as long as it doesn't get out of hand which clearly it was. Harry also tells them the story of Sirius and Regulus Black which I saw on Pinterest and I was like I need to add this to my story. Because it mirrors Albus and James' relationship. James is the Captain of the Gryffindor Team in his last year as a Keeper. James and Albus bond over quidditch and muggle rock music. He plays professional quidditch, every couple of years he’ll get traded for a different team, he doesn't mind he doesn't really have a favorite team but loves the game to death.

James and Lily get along better than Albus and Lily but that's because James is an artist as well. He plays guitar and occasionally writes songs if he's feeling it. Lily and James really connect when they go to museums together. But don't be too sad Albus and Lily have their own activities that they do together. They often go see muggle movies together, since James gets bored easily from muggle movies unless they are action-based or thrillers. 

James loves muggle rock bands as well as muggle clothing though. Leather jackets and beanies all the way. There's a reason why I fan-casted Luke Hemmings as my James Sirius Potter. (don't @ me though I never listened to 5sos I just get the vibe). One thing you’ll notice right away is how light his hair is, almost blonde but not quite. Which is a weird hair color to have, when both your parents are either jet black hair or straight-up ginger, he also sports deep honey brown eyes.


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