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the friends don't challenge | results





🥁 the results are in!! 🥁

over the last few months, i hosted the friends don't challenge here on the forums. as someone who struggles to write the friends to lovers trope but loves reading it, it seemed like the best way to read some fantastic fics. and boy, did you guys deliver! ^_^

i had three fantastic entries, all of which captured the tension, the complications, and the pure pining of this beloved trope:


til the afterglow by @quill2parchment

stupid alex summers by @Lost_Robin

friends don't by @RogueSlytherin

and the results are...

🥉 'til the afterglow by @quill2parchment 👏

what i loved: the pining between mason and oscar, the friend group dynamics, the complicated family history. quilly has set up what promises to be a delightful fic and i can't wait to see how the rest of the story unfolds
what you win: 3 reviews on stories of your choosing

🥈 stupid alex summers by @Lost_Robin 👏

what i loved: catherine's narrative voice, the friendship, tension, and banter between catherine and alex, and the family dynamics. this is another great start to a fun fic and i'm excited to see where it goes
what you win: 5 reviews on stories of your choice 

🥇 friends don't by @RogueSlytherin 👏

what i loved: this snapshot of lily & scorpius' relationship was fantastic, from the pining and the attraction in the very beginning to the very end. this had the perfect blend of angst and fluff and it only left me wanting more
what you win: 7 reviews on stories of your choice + a recommendation in my blog (coming soon)

congratulations, everyone!! thanks for participating in this challenge and feel free to dm me here or on discord for where you'd like your reviews. and if you'd like to keep your graphics, please rehost and credit dreamshadow



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