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2024 Golden Ink Awards Statistical Review



2024 Golden Ink Awards Nominations Statistical Breakdown

Hello and welcome to my fourth annual statistical breakdown blog about everything that was nominated/moved on to being a finalist for the Golden Ink Awards this year! Let's pretend I didn't forget to do this last year, mm k?

Voting closed earlier this week, and the results will be announced soon! Let's dive right in to the numbers, shall we?


Statistics discussed in this section include anything that was initially only nominated and seconded, including those that did not make it through to voting.




That's it for this year's breakdown of the Inkys nominations, folks! Thank you to everyone who nominated stories this year, and for continuing to make this site a welcoming space for multi-fandom fan fiction and original fiction work! Results from voting will be posted soon!

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crimson quill

Posted (edited)

Thanks for these fun stats! 🥰

It was great to see the levels of different fandoms nominated this year too! 


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