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Final Report: Project Tempus Linea



Hello everyone, and welcome to the final report on Project Tempus Linea! Before the Time Guides announce the team that revealed the identity of the Time Thief, we need to ensure our records are in order for future Travelers’ reference:


The Travelers

The Tardis - WriteYourHeartOut, The Impossible Girl, Aphoride, prideofprewett, PinsandKneazles, and Pixileanin

The DeLorean - Owlpost68, Oregonian, Predictable Chaos, inmyownlittlecorner, Witty Wayfarer, and Bat Stitch Crazy


The Past

Both teams of Travelers got acquainted with their equipment and the mission in this round, and then got right into it! Here are the review numbers from the first round:

The Tardis: 181 reviews

The DeLorean: 107 reviews


Round 2

In the Present, a lot of time was spent learning about the team back at Tempus Centrum. Our Travelers still found time to leave plenty of reviews!

The Tardis: 112 reviews

The DeLorean: 100 reviews


Round 3

And in the Future, our Travelers took on a near-endless slew of pathways in stride.  

The Tardis: 156 reviews

The DeLorean: 155 reviews



Those back at Tempus Centrum left a total of 60 reviews to enhance the time equipment and increase our chances of catching the Time Thief! Thanks to dreamshadow, RonsGirlFriday, magemadi, crimson quill, Godspeed, Felpata_Lupin, and Oregonian for your support!


Team Leaders

  • Top reviewers:

    • The DeLorean

      • Predictable Chaos – 192 reviews

    • The Tardis

      • Prideofprewett – 146 reviews

  • Writer Updates:

    • 2 recommendation blogs were posted

    • There were 21 updates to writers' journals

    • 80 reviews were responded to

    • 15 forum responses were posted

    • 10 stories were posted or updated

  • Reviews:

    • 811 reviews were left for the team event

    • 60 reviews were left for rising through the ranks

    • grand total of 871 reviews were left from beginning to end!

  • 2727 points earned by The Tardis and The DeLorean combined


And now, it is time to reveal the winner of the Project Tempus Linea review event!

With a total of 1510 points, your winners are....

The Tardis!


Congratulations to our winners!

And congratulations to The DeLorean, with a total of 1217 points, for their productive search through time! 



And now, for the reveal of the Time Thief...


The Cat From Outer Space!! We still haven't caught onto his swift trail, but we're closer than ever thanks to everyone's efforts ⏲️


Thank you to everyone who participated in this event!! Can't wait to see the final results of the Inky's soon :) 

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Everyone did such an amazing job in this event!!

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