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welcome back to fairyland for this year's review event! the inkys are just around the corner! keep an eye out for easter eggs in fairyland!

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  2. Lost_Froggy

    The Poetry Prompt Challenge | 1 June 2021

    Might not be able to do this, but let's give it a chance! May I please have 27 and 9?
  3. la_topolina

    libera nos a malo | la_topolina

    I was planning to leave it out because I didn't want to rehash the book events. But you're right, there must have been a lot that happened before and after Snape's arrival on the scene in HBP. I'm sold. It's in my outline now. It will happen. Thank you for the encouragement Day Eleven Update I've got just over 6K words written. I would tentatively say writing is coming a little easier now than it was a week ago. The chapter I'm working on now features the big meeting of the werewolf packs, where Remus and Greyback get to both try to convince people to join forces with--or a
  4. Today
  5. la_topolina

    la_topolina's reviews

    @shadowycorner @FrogFactFriday your reviews are done TWO SLOTS OPEN
  6. dreamshadow

    dreamshadow's reviews

    @abhorsen plague doctor. - all done! TWO SLOTS OPEN! 1. OPEN 2. OPEN
  7. dreamshadow

    cruel summer by dreamshadow

    *shuffles in two weeks late with Starbucks * Hi, friends! I have written *checks doc*, uh... 0 words so far. I'm trying to let myself be okay with that because I did churn out two chapters in March, and I'm still very excited about the story. Last week kinda got in the way and left me unmotivated to do any writing after or before work, but I'm hoping to turn it around a little this week. I do love that there's less pressure to write every day in camp like there is in NaNoWriMo, and I'm gonna adjust my goal. Instead of shooting for another two chapters, I'm going to try and get just
  8. dreamshadow

    dreamshadow's reviews

    @down-in-flames - done with your review! Branwen please you're never a bother 1. Branwen 2. OPEN!
  9. Aphoride

    mirrored-silver by Aphoride

    i've written somewhere around 5k (i lost count ) so far, crossed 8k for the first chapter in total, and crossed 10k in the doc as a whole - and, hopefully!!, am set to finish the first chapter tonight so here's a snippet,, introducing gellert:: ((shoutouts to @something wicked @Felpata_Lupin @victoria_anne @Crimson Quill @nott theodore for being amazing cheerleaders and terrible, terrible enablers ))
  10. belgian quaffle

    curious traveler by belgian quaffle

    okkkk mid-month-ish progress update: i have done some pinterst-ing but very little writing so far, but that's okay! we're taking this small! today's goals are to do some packing to push this moving thing along, re-read the fic to remember what's happening, and then try some picspams or some writing (well, we'll see what time it is by then lmaooo), here goes nothing
  11. beyond the rain

    beyond the rain

    me: ok today i should definitely look at reworking raising helena today

    brain: i have a new fic idea

    me: no-

    brain: shhh,,,new fic idea

  12. FrogFactFriday

    Review Tag

    *sneaks in* *tags Courtney back with moar reviews on NLYS* *runs away cackling madly*
  13. sapphicsunrise


    chapter four of running out of time (previously saving albus) is now up! https://fanfictalk.com/archive/viewstory.php?sid=3880 (m)

  14. RogueSlytherin


    It's crazy to say this - but I have hit a milestone. I actually sort of hit two. I've hit over 5,400 words so far for NaNo, which is 1/4 of my NaNo goals And those words put my total story count to over 35k, which has been a milestone toward my 50k total The next 5,400 milestone I hit will officially make this the longest story I've written
  15. abhorsen plague doctor.

    dreamshadow's reviews

    hiii can i please bother you Story and Author Name, including link: +shenanigans c27 Warnings and Advisories: sexual content Genre: Drama, Humor, Romance, Smut Length: 2678 words Ships: vic/oc, fred/oc Summary: victoire wakes up in somebody else's bed and is terrible at cover stories. Areas of Concern: just thoughts! Current Review Request Count: 1/5
  16. la_topolina


    Looking for some inspiration? Procrastinating NaNo? Just feeling creative? Check out my new poetical Challenge+

  17. la_topolina

    The Poetry Prompt Challenge | 1 June 2021

    You've got it! Prompt 6: Who are you? Form 6: Echo Verse (more info under the spoiler bar) Possible Participants: Entries:
  18. dreamshadow

    dreamshadow's reviews

    @grumpy cat - your review is done! 1. Taylor 2. OPEN
  19. RogueSlytherin

    The Poetry Prompt Challenge | 1 June 2021

    Both please!
  20. la_topolina

    The Poetry Prompt Challenge | 1 June 2021

    YAY! I'm so excited for this. And yes, feel free to change titles, and edit, etc until the Challenge deadline. Would you like Prompt #6, or Form #6, or both?
  21. Yesterday
  22. tinyporcelainefrogs

    golden ink awards 2021

    Congratulations to everyone, and thank you so much for these awards, the graphics look incredible. So much love and care have gone into these! Very humbled by the votes I've received, particularly being fairly new here, and such a warm welcome overall. Thank you to everyone and I'm in very esteemed company!
  23. RogueSlytherin

    The Poetry Prompt Challenge | 1 June 2021

    So....I did a thing....HERE and I would like another because I've joined #CampChaos for NaNo and that first one was fun as hell! Also, I have the new Taylor album on repeat so it's likely this merges with the TaySwift challenge. I might change titles or alter these a little bit as I add to the collection if that's cool. Yeet me #6
  24. Felpata_Lupin

    Felpata_Lupin's reviews

    @Oregonian a bit late, but done!
  25. victoria_anne

    Call for Stories - April

    Hello, FFT-ers! After a slight magical mishap last month, we will now be reading @RogueSlytherin's A Valediction as part of a DOUBLE FEATURE in April! If you'd like your story read along with Jacqueline's, submit your story below! For those not in the know, Fic Night is an opportunity to have your story read, live, on our FFT YouTube channel. Featuring praise from our host(s) and the opportunity for additional Q&A from members, it's a truly unique opportunity for your story to be featured in our community. We'd love to ask some questions from you, the members, to our authors! If
  26. abhorsen plague doctor.

    shenanigans and beyond by abhorsen

    gallagher was lowkey his wildly-illogical!ex's mr. perfectly fine oops, he's now apologized for it
  27. TidalDragon

    golden ink awards 2021

    Congratulations to all the winners and finalists! May your muse stay flowing and your ink flow golden. I see I have a lot more to add to my reading list... Thanks for the awesome post and graphics @abhorsen plague doctor.!
  28. la_topolina

    [May] Story of the Month Nominations

    Title: Three Acts of Grace Author: @prideofprewett Link to Story: Voila+ Warnings [if applicable]: Sexual Content Reason for Nomination: This story hit me where I live. Courtney captured the experience of losing a dream so perfectly I felt it physically as I was reading. The prose is beautiful--it's some of her best descriptive work yet--I just can't say enough good things about this story. It's fantastic.
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