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welcome back to fairyland for this year's review event! the inkys are just around the corner! keep an eye out for easter eggs in fairyland!

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  1. Today
  2. crowsb4bros


    it's fanfic friday tm so are you writing anything new and cool (or daydreaming about it) and willing to tell me about your cool projects?

  3. Yesterday
  4. grumpy cat

    grumpy cat

    if you want a short and spicy review this weekend on something you'd like me to read pls drop a link here and :elmofire:

    1. RogueSlytherin


      :CrowWatching:  I mean... if you wanted to dip your toe into more of my dark and twisty Regulus that'd be pretty cool 🐍 A Madness Most Discreet

    2. Lost_Robin


      Feel like some Iris?

      Iris albicans

    3. RonsGirlFriday


      :wub: Oooh maybe some Weasley twin fluff?? Snow’s Out, Bros Out

  5. crowsb4bros


    ya girl would really like to narrate some podfics. anyone have any they'd like done? 👀

    1. grumpy cat

      grumpy cat


    2. grumpy cat

      grumpy cat

      i'm dumb and forgot to actually comment but like anything that catches your eye from the things that can be read standalone 😅 i'm excited bc your voice is a+++++

  6. Sapphire_Skies


    Boom! All old chapters edited to fit into the re-written story.

    1. grumpy cat

      grumpy cat

      woohoo that's amazing!

    2. Oregonian


      Good for you.  That's really positive!

  7. GKWriter


    Trying to get back into this fiction-writing thing after a prolonged pause caused by job-hunting. On that note, would anyone be interested in beta-reading a one-shot featuring Blaise Zabini and Theo Nott? Warning: it features snobbery and a teenage boy being a teenage boy...

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    2. GKWriter


      Great - thanks! What's the best way to send this through to you? I'd love it if you could have a look at the characterisation, dialogue and tone. 

    3. PinsandKneazles


      Google docs? 

    4. GKWriter


      Sounds good - I'll DM you a link!

  8. PinsandKneazles


    People describing non-white people as "coffee-coloured" and non-white skin colour apparently being "trouble" to depict, is exactly why I love my cats and horses far far more than any human being on this planet.

    For the avoidance of any doubt, I am not a(n):

    Cinnamon Dolce Latte
    Honey Almond Milk Flat White
    Caramel Macchiato

    *Weeps under a rock*


  9. Last week
  10. dreamshadow

    the angsty taylor swift challenge | 15 june 2021

    no worries! thanks for letting me know thank you everyone for the entries!! very much looking forward to diving into them entries:
  11. dreamshadow

    dreamshadow's reviews

    yeeesss 1. rogueslytherin 2. OPEN
  12. Rumpelstiltskin

    Delete/Edit/Move my Topic/Post

    Hi, could y'all please delete/deactivate my account on here whenever someone has a moment? Thank you!
  13. beyond the rain

    post your latest creation!

    the raising helena remake dump continues
  14. magemadi


    Welcome to the Community Coordinator team, @ShazaLupin, we're happy to have you!

    1. ShazaLupin


      Thank you! I'm excited to be part of the team! :D 

    2. dreamshadow


      congratulations, @ShazaLupin! super excited to be working with you ❤️ 

  15. something wicked

    request a new username color

  16. RogueSlytherin

    dreamshadow's reviews

    Hey Jill Wonder if you'd mind taking a look at my current WIP. Story and Author Name, including link: A Madness Most Discreet ; RogueSlytherin Warnings and Advisories: Cheating, Discrimination, Dying/Grieving, War Genre: Angst, Dark, Drama, Romance Length: WIP, (Chapter 1 is 2670) Ships: Regulus/OC, Remus/OC, Summary: Areas of Concern: Your thoughts It's a first chapter so I'm also curious what sort of questions it leaves you with and what you find the most exciting to learn more about - or if you're interested in learning more about any of it Current Revi
  17. inmyownlittlecorner


    I’m up against the wall trying to get my fest piece done by the Thursday deadline, my therapist has canceled and rescheduled my appointment twice, that Loki/OC idea is now TWO Loki/OC ideas—how is it only Tuesday??


     I guess it’s going to be one of those weeks.

    1. Oregonian


      You have my sympathy, Noelle @inmyownlittlecorner.  Can you request an extension?

    2. inmyownlittlecorner


      I don't think so. The story is all drafted, so I think I can make it if I just edit in every spare moment. And I have to keep my perfectionist brain from taking over. It doesn't have to be perfect--it just has to be finished

  18. Oregonian


    Summer starts at 8:31 p.m. on Sunday, June 20, in the Pacific Time Zone.  Some writing friends plan to celebrate by spending the whole day writing (but they will do it on Saturday by Zoom).  Monday is the first full day of summer, but I have to work then, so I will do it on Tuesday the 22nd, a predicted warm day at a table in the shade under the trees, dawn to dusk.  How many words?  (Now that I've told you, I have to do it!)

  19. Hawksquill

    request a new username color

    Ooh, can I have earth, please?
  20. RonsGirlFriday

    request a new username color

    I'm feeling smoky
  21. inmyownlittlecorner

    RonsGirlFriday's reviews

    I think you might have one more spot open? If not, ignore me Story and Author Name, including link: Something Rich and Strange by inmyownlittlecorner Warnings and Advisories: Domestic Abuse, Sexual Content, Slurs, Violence Genre: Action/Adventure, AU, Crime/Mystery, Dark, Fairy Tale/Fable, Humor, Romance Length: Chapter 1 is 5285 words Ships: Hermione Granger/Severus Snape Summary: Areas of Concern: Your thoughts Review Count: 2/5
  22. BellaLestrange87

    BellaLestrange87's graphics

    I'm happy you like it! One slot open.
  23. sibilant

    request a new username color

    may I have snow please? thank you
  24. beyond the rain

    post your latest creation!

    back on my raising helena bullshit
  25. Raspberry_cordelia

    the angsty taylor swift challenge | 15 june 2021

    Hi! Unfortunately I've been really busy these past few months so I'm gonna have to drop out of this one...so sorry!
  26. Sapphire_Skies

    BellaLestrange87's graphics

    Thank you so much! It's perfect.
  27. dreamshadow

    • dreamshadow
    • Stella Blue

    HI KRISTIN ❤️ 

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