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congratulations to all of our nanowrimo participants! get ready to celebrate the fairy princess's birthday!

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  2. starlitcastles

    New Year's Writer Resolutions

    Hey Emily, Despite the fact that I'm not into New Years Resolutions seeing as I am into something else called Yearly Goals (which is similar yet also different and do want to explain about it one day), I still think some of these ideas are still very much worth reading and definitely am glad that you came up with this list seeing as many of these are great ideas! Thanks for taking some time to share them! I'm hoping to accomplish a few things on this list not just for this year but the years beyond this one too! Also here's to wishing you the best of of luck to you and your writing goals!
  3. la_topolina

    post your latest creation!

    I changed Kate Winslet's hair to match Miranda's in UF/IO: (I know this is super simple, but I'm a beginning graphic maker, so I was pretty excited that I got it to work.)
  4. la_topolina

    aurevoir's graphics

    @aurevoir--you are awesome and I hope that things are going okay in RL. I just wanted to let you know I no longer need the banner I had requested
  5. la_topolina

    victoria_anne's reviews

    I have a little one shot I would love some feedback on Story and Author Name, including link: all i was doing was breathing by la_topolina, rated M Warnings and Advisories: discussion of miscarriage Genre: Angst, Drama, Fluff, Hurt/Comfort Length: 3726 words Ships: OC/OC Summary: Areas of Concern: your thoughts! Current Review Request Count: 1/5
  6. la_topolina

    la_topolina's reviews

    Excited to read this! 1 @Felpata_Lupin 2 OPEN
  7. victoria_anne

    victoria_anne's reviews

    @livingfree all done
  8. prideofprewett

    prideofprewett reviews

    My insomnia works in everyone else's favor today...here are some reviews! @viking grumpy cat here's yours @Felpata_Lupin here's yours 0/2 review slots taken
  9. Felpata_Lupin

    la_topolina's reviews

    Hey, Noelle! Can I profit? Story and Author Name, including link: The snake within by Felpata_Lupin Warnings and Advisories: Domestic Abuse, Self-Harm, Sexual Content, Slavery, Substance Abuse, Violence Genre: Angst, AU, Drama Length: 11 chapters and 31496 words so far - chapter 3 is 2089 words Ships: James/Lily, Sirius/Emmeline, Peter/Remus Summary: Areas of Concern: just your thoughts! Current Review Request Count: 3/5
  10. la_topolina

    la_topolina's reviews

    This thread is back in business! Please note it will likely take me two weeks to complete requests. TWO SLOTS OPEN
  11. Last week
  12. prideofprewett

    The Sibling Challenge | 28th February 2021

    I have an entry! More than Enough Thanks for hosting! Courtney
  13. magemadi

    january 2021 bulletin

    such pretty blue graphics this month, @ice fairy abhorsen.! I'm sad to see @MuggleMaybe leaving staff, but I know you can't get rid of me that easy, friend-o Congratulations to @Felpata_Lupin and @Lost_Robin on members of the month, you two have been doing some great things around the site lately! Congrats to @prideofprewett on winning story of the month, dear!! Huge shoutout to my CCs for sneaking this one under my nose, they're too kind to me for awarding me staffer of the month
  14. RonsGirlFriday

    Story Dice Challenge - March 30th

    This is so fun! Me, please!
  15. dreamshadow

    january 2021 bulletin

    aww, thanks for the feature story with my two favorite soft girls, what a pleasant surprise -- and in such good company congrats to everyone who was featured and mentioned! @magemadi you've been killing it on the staff team, but it's really been no surprise since you're amazing at everything you do. thank you for being you! @Felpata_Lupin and @Lost_Robin congrats on being members of the month! you're both absolute joys to see around the site; very well deserved @MuggleMaybe you gotta do you and i'm proud of you, but i'll miss you so much. please drop in and say hi every on
  16. victoria_anne

    New Year's Writer Resolutions

    These are such great resolutions, thanks for sharing, Emily! and good luck with your writing this year!
  17. Renacerá

    New Year's Writer Resolutions

    New Year's Writer Resolutions *originally published in the January 2019 edition of Hear Ye, Hufflepuff* Welcome to 2021, writers! A new year is a great time to focus on new writing goals (just like any other goals you might have in other areas of your life), so here are a few ideas you might embrace to improve or expand your writing in the new year: Write something you've never written before. Be it a new character, genre, theme, etc.! Enter a challenge. There are so many fun ones you might try! See here+. Start a thread in the Writing Exercises forum. See h
  18. Renacerá


    Hufflepuffs! Nomination threads for January's OtMs have been posted! Check them out here: 1, 2, 3.

  19. SnowyHufflepuffbookworm

    Introducing myself -- a brief bigraphy

    Welcome to the forums!
  20. ice fairy abhorsen.

    Ask a Staffer

    we're still working this process out, but yes, absolutely!
  21. toomanycurls

    Story Dice Challenge - March 30th

    @Jo Raskoph
  22. Jo Raskoph

    Story Dice Challenge - March 30th

    Roll for me too please. I have no idea if I'll ever finish anything ever again, but … I can't give up hope.
  23. prideofprewett

    prideofprewett reviews

    @wicked witch of the north, your review is FINALLY up! My apologies for the delay! I am going to be cutting back on the number of open requests now. Sorry all! I'm a constant giver who needs to learn some boundaries in order to better take care of myself/my mental health. I love you all and will still keep this thread open though! 2/2 review slots taken
  24. toomanycurls

    Story Dice Challenge - March 30th

    @Felpata_Lupin @viking grumpy cat
  25. Jo Raskoph

    Jo Raskoph

    I'm looking for someone to talk through a plot with. I offer internet cookies and eternal gratitude

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    2. Jo Raskoph

      Jo Raskoph

      That's a lovely offer, Chiara, but I'm not sure this is a story you are comfortable with. It's my first attempt at something like smut/smut-ish… Not your cup of tea, right?

    3. Felpata_Lupin


      Ah... no, probably not... 🙈

    4. la_topolina


      Hey Jo! I'd be happy to bounce some ideas with you if you like. Feel free to DM me here or on discord ❤️


  26. la_topolina

    Ask a Staffer

    Is there/will there be a process for starting clubs for other fandoms as we expand the site? Maybe a request thread, or a place to see how many folks would be interested for various fandoms? Thanks
  27. la_topolina

    la_topolina's podfics

    Hi folks! I'm here to make podfics of your awesome stories. The Details: I will do voices to the best of my ability. I enjoy finding lead-in music. Lmk if you have an idea of music you'd like. Note that it must be in the public domain (feel free to suggest something that's not PD, and I can try to find something PD that hits the same mood). Alternately, if you'd rather there not be a music lead-in, that's fine too. Turn around time is one month. I am willing to record multi-chapter fics, but please only request one chapter at a time. Fi
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