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congratulations to all of our nanowrimo participants! get ready to celebrate the fairy princess's birthday!

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  1. Last week
  2. Renacerá


    This month's issue of Hear Ye, Hufflepuff has arrived! Check it out in the CR Club!

  3. Renacerá


    Hufflepuffs! Nomination threads for January's OtMs have been posted! Check them out here: 1, 2, 3.

  4. Jo Raskoph

    Jo Raskoph

    I'm looking for someone to talk through a plot with. I offer internet cookies and eternal gratitude

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    2. Jo Raskoph

      Jo Raskoph

      That's a lovely offer, Chiara, but I'm not sure this is a story you are comfortable with. It's my first attempt at something like smut/smut-ish… Not your cup of tea, right?

    3. Felpata_Lupin


      Ah... no, probably not... 🙈

    4. la_topolina


      Hey Jo! I'd be happy to bounce some ideas with you if you like. Feel free to DM me here or on discord ❤️


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  6. magemadi

    • magemadi
    • wicked witch of the north

    Deni hi hi hi my lovely!! I'm so happy to see you back around here and doing things again ❤️ How goes your writing? Have you gotten a new computer/fixed your current one so you can make your 😍 graphics again? I've missed you bunches 💕

    1. wicked witch of the north

      wicked witch of the north

      madiii 🖤🖤🖤 i know it's been too long, and even longer since i was even remotley productive so thats nice 😋 writing is happening, randomly and not in the correct order but it is happening and the laptop got fixed (theres also a new one on the way because this one is litterally being head together by ducttape but like photoshop is working again lol). missed you too!! how are you doing? writing? 💕

    2. wicked witch of the north

      wicked witch of the north

      also i still cant get over your name not being silver lile wtf things have CHANGED 

    3. magemadi


      I'm so glad Photoshop is working for you again and that you're getting a new computer too!! I successfully completed my first official nano this fall and proceeded to do zero writing in December, lol. I've got some challenges to write this month and I need to figure out what it want to do with the completed draft of the screenplay I finished in November. 

      Also yes I'm know I'm not silver anymore but it's in my heart on the inside I promise lol 💕

  7. BellaLestrange87

    • BellaLestrange87
    • UnluckyStar57


  8. Renacerá


    I am still reviewing for my Drabble Challenge. 95 reviews down, 43 to go...

    Someone remind me to never again think I could promptly review every chapter of a bunch of 26-chapter stories. (Good thing they're all amazing, though, right?? :D )

  9. crowsb4bros


    Have you read any good books or fanfic this week? :meowpopcorn:

    1. BellaLestrange87


      I absolutely ADORED @tatapb's Scorose novellette Good News, Bad News :wub:

    2. Jo Raskoph
  10. ice fairy abhorsen.

    ice fairy abhorsen.

    {review event} those fairies! last night, you dreamed about being in front of two doorways: beyond one, you saw a city of ice where children seem to be being taught to control water itself. beyond the other, you saw caverns within a river of ice and a warning: dive too far and you'll be drowned.

    which door did you go through? react ✨ for the city of ice and ❄️ for the caverns.

    previous status updates pertinent to the review event in some still-secret way but you still have time to react if you'd like 😛: +the bubbling drink and +glacier or lamppost

  11. Shadowkat678


    I've started writing my first oneshot in years. Wish me luck.

    1. RogueSlytherin



    2. Shadowkat678


      Thank you! I got a good feeling about this one!

  12. kuusi palaa

    kuusi palaa

    FFT dream alert! Last night, I dreamt that FFT changed its name to “Very Wordy Wizards” or something like that and changed the phoenix mascot to a cartoonish winged hippo with a wand sending out yellow lightning bolts. In the dream, I checked the site’s url, which still had FFT’s name, and I justified the strange renaming as something for a site wide event. 😂😅 nightmare averted. But also... was this a premonition? 👀 @ event coordinators, lol. 

  13. PotterPoppins101

    • PotterPoppins101
    • FlamingQuilltips

    Hi, I really like your username 😂 That's all I came to say.

    1. FlamingQuilltips


      Hi!! Thanks so much 😂😂 I'm Ysh btw, nice to meet you!!

    2. PotterPoppins101


      Lol I'm Abby Rose! Very new here, nice to meet you as well!

  14. FlamingQuilltips

    • FlamingQuilltips
    • victoria_anne


    1. victoria_anne


      Hello, gorgeous ❤️

  15. Felpata_Lupin

    • Felpata_Lupin
    • FlamingQuilltips

    So nice to see you back around here, betee! :wub:

    1. FlamingQuilltips


      Yay! about time for my yearly attendance I think haha

  16. ice fairy abhorsen.

    ice fairy abhorsen.

    if anyone wants to keep their winter-themed name through the review event (in which you'll revisit fairyland ;)), react to this with ✨ - otherwise, i'll change you back this weekend. 💖

    (and if anyone wants a new winter themed name who didn't get one or wants to change it who did, plz comment here with what you'd like! ❄️)

    1. viking grumpy cat

      viking grumpy cat

      viking grumpy cat ☠️

    2. wicked witch of the north

      wicked witch of the north

      wicked witch of the north 🌨️

  17. viking grumpy cat

    viking grumpy cat

    i wrote about this in my wj but i'm not vain enough to think a lot of people actually read it :P and it's such a good article, it deserves to be read: +beyond stereotypes: how artists of turkish descent deal with identity in germany - humanity in action

  18. PotterPoppins101


    Anyone else get that specific brand of writer's block where you can only write meaningless witty banter that does nothing to drive the plot forward? 

  19. dreamshadow


    hey 'puffs! your monthly review swaps are back - be sure to head to the common room to sign up :cheering:

  20. RonsGirlFriday


    Ooh, I just left my 500th review on the archives! 🥳

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    2. Felpata_Lupin


      I'd just love if you could check out some more of "That crazy week" :rose:

    3. RonsGirlFriday


      Yes of course, I would love to! 💛

    4. victoria_anne


      Well done, Mel! 🥰

  21. Chelts-rhj


    Looking for some inspiration? Pop by the Challenge thread! There are good ones! (*insert shameless brag*) Like mine! 

  22. facingthenorthwind


    I haven't been here in many months, but I am going to attempt to return! Hopefully I will write fic again and get back into forum things. ❤️

    1. Jo Raskoph

      Jo Raskoph

      Good to see you :) I'm in the same boat.

  23. kuusi palaa

    kuusi palaa

    Maybe this is such a long overdue announcement that the information may be rendered rather useless by now, but... surprise! This is Abby, formerly Chemical_Pixie of Gryffindor, now kuusi palaa of Ravenclaw... and koala tea on the FFT discord! :) This all happened during 2020, so if you were away from the community for a while, surprise! It's me.

    1. PotterPoppins101


      I don’t know what most of this means but hey! I’m an Abby too! :)

    2. Crimson Quill

      Crimson Quill

      @PotterPoppins101 what a great name! Another Abbi here! 😉

    3. kuusi palaa

      kuusi palaa

      Oooh, an Abb(i)(y) trifecta. Think of how much power we have at our disposal. 😏 ❤️❤️ 

  24. Felpata_Lupin

    • Felpata_Lupin
    • starlitcastles

    PS  :happybirthday:

    :freeze: :hug:

    1. starlitcastles


      Aww thank you for the birthday wish, Chiara! I very much appreciate it! :hug:💛💚

  25. magemadi

    • magemadi
    • starlitcastles

    Hi Anni! We haven't chatted in a while so I thought I'd pop over here to see how you were doing after the holidays! ✨

    Did you get much writing done over the last month/the holiday season especially? How are you setting up your writing goals for 2021? Do you want to challenge yourself in specific areas this year?

    Happy New Year, lovely! 💜

  26. PotterPoppins101


    You know when you're writing and your tea is too far to reach but you're in the zone and don't want to get up so you concentrate on it real hard hoping you have latent telekinetic powers? No? Just me?spacer.png.

  27. Shadowkat678


    Hey...I'm back after like, a year. I got NEWS! I'm working on an original novel now, and hoping back into writing more. I hope to be around some and get to know everyone again. :)

    1. Oregonian


      Kat!  So glad to see you back, and that's exciting about your original novel.  It'll be so nice to see you back on these forums. 🥰  Vicki

    2. Oregonian


      You see I'm so happy that I repeated myself.  Duh.

    3. Shadowkat678


      Aw, I'm happy to see you too!

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