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welcome back to fairyland for this year's review event! the inkys are just around the corner! keep an eye out for easter eggs in fairyland!

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  1. Yesterday
  2. beyond the rain

    beyond the rain

    me: ok today i should definitely look at reworking raising helena today

    brain: i have a new fic idea

    me: no-

    brain: shhh,,,new fic idea

  3. sapphicsunrise


    chapter four of running out of time (previously saving albus) is now up! https://fanfictalk.com/archive/viewstory.php?sid=3880 (m)

  4. la_topolina


    Looking for some inspiration? Procrastinating NaNo? Just feeling creative? Check out my new poetical Challenge+

  5. Last week
  6. victoria_anne


    If you're in a cabin, your writing adventure is now live! Stop by for a 2500 word writing boost! 🎉

  7. FrogFactFriday


    We sincerely apologize for the delay in your weekly Frog Facts! Our Toad Technicians have been hopping busy this week. But it’s Friday somewhere, so here’s one just under the wire!

    In ancient Egypt, frogs were a symbol of fertility, water, and renewal. (The water goddess Heket often appeared as a woman with the head of a frog.)

    Was this Frog Fact helpful? Press AE31744D-47B9-450F-8849-5043467E5007.jpeg.c0824b1b1054b23641394bb55219a7e2.jpeg for yes. Press 78D5FF59-0965-4DFA-9D00-CC6C2FF9D9A4.jpeg.a1f5ac7ea7868727528815fc3390d2ed.jpeg for no.

  8. Renacerá

    • Renacerá
    • abhorsen plague doctor.

    Hello hello! Can we get the answers to the Fairyland character trivia questions? :D 

    1. FrogFactFriday



    2. Renacerá


      My husband has asked me like a dozen times: "Hey, did you ever get the answers to those trivia questions? I keep remembering them and getting annoyed that I couldn't figure them out." :roflol:

    3. abhorsen plague doctor.

      abhorsen plague doctor.

      yep, in the works! hopefully they'll be out by the end of the weekend - sorry about the delay! :hug:

  9. abhorsen plague doctor.

    abhorsen plague doctor.

    said this on discord + edited it into the blog post, but if anyone has a different picture they'd prefer for their award or would like their finalist card separated into one card per story, please lmk! it's no trouble at all if you give me the pictures and i'm totally happy to change it. 💖

  10. Renacerá


    Hey 'Puffs! Come over to the CR and vote in the tie-breaker round for this month's Hufflepuff of the Month! Here+

  11. Veritaserum27


    —peeks in—

    Why hello there!


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    2. dreamshadow


      BETH ❤️ 

    3. BellaLeBullfrog


      HI BETH

    4. Veritaserum27



  12. Crimson Quill

    • Crimson Quill
    • Alwynse



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    2. kuusi pollywog

      kuusi pollywog

      IM NOT A HERO HAS BEEN UPDATED?!?! I must read!!!! 😱😍😂

      oh, and welcome back!!!

    3. Alwynse


      @Crimson Quill I've been doing good. Really busy with work. How have you been?

    4. Alwynse


      @kuusi pollywog  Through me there with the new username lol XD. It's just a small update. It was either that or one huge long chapter. But I have the next chapter like half written, so maybe another update soon?? We'll see ;) 

  13. dreamshadow


    Be sure to check out the changes made to the Angsty Taylor Swift Challenge! The new deadline is June 15th ❤️ 




  14. FrogFactFriday


    I'm really amused and a little proud that I managed to write a story that got nominated for "Most Thought-Provoking" AND "Best Brain Candy" in this year's Nargles, considering those categories are supposed to be more or less opposites. 😂 

    (But also :wub: thank you guys, for real.)

    (It's Must Be One of Arthur's Boys.)

    1. Felpata_Lupin


      I can see that, though ;) :wub:

    2. Crimson Quill

      Crimson Quill

      The story and author that has it all then!! 

      Congratulations on your nominations! ❤

    3. frogberry_cordelia



  15. Trevor


    just about a month left to enter my challenge and/or get your entries in!

  16. prideofprewett


    I'm going to need someone to slap me because I am most definitely not writing HH and just being consumed by all the Molly/Arthur-ness. :ninja:

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    2. FrogFactFriday


      Well now that that’s done...


    3. starlitcastles


      Not going to slap you since that's already done and that's mean. ;w;  Instead, I'll just say this:  "Are you going to work on Hardened Hearts now?" *cue that one emoji that looks like a pleading expression/puppy face/like it's going to cry*  Also do understand about being interrupted about another story when trying to focus on one but...YOU GOT THIS! Another chapter or two of HH and then you can enjoy the whole Molly x Arthur goodness! xD 

    4. prideofprewett


      I compromised. I finished a Molly/Arthur story (to be posted later tonight/early tomorrow) & Ch 6 of HH. The latter is no where ready to be posted, but I am happy I muddled through it and have some ideas/a starting point for Ch 7. Cedrella & Septimus live on. 


  17. sapphicsunrise


    just posted the second chapter of my new fic saving albus: https://fanfictalk.com/archive/viewstory.php?sid=3880 (M)

  18. Earlier
  19. sapphicsunrise


    me, approx every two years: i'm going to come back to writing! i miss writing!

  20. prideofprewett

    • prideofprewett
    • kuusi pollywog

    "Just think of the children because they wouldn't exist..." It might be the fact that I've had a few drinks this evening, but that had me cackling! 😂 You are amazing for shouting out every single one of us & I hope you get into a good writing groove this month with your stories! 💖

    1. kuusi pollywog

      kuusi pollywog

      Thank you for your incredibly kind words, Courtney! I'm chipping away at some writing; things are looking pretty good atm. And I'm glad you thought my comment was funny... though, frankly, it might be the fact that I, too, have had a few drinks this evening and found my comment too amusing not to share, lol. ❤️ 

    2. kuusi pollywog

      kuusi pollywog

      Also, I'm not kidding about the thing with Septimus. 👀👀👀

  21. Renacerá


    Here+ are the results for the ABC Drabble Challenge! I'm so, so sorry for how long it's taken to post them. Thank you again for participating! 🥰

  22. toadsb4bros


    someone submit all those frog facts to @FrogFactFriday

    1. TidalDragon


      Don't you feel aggrieved by the lack of love for toads?

    2. toadsb4bros


      I truly do! 

  23. toadsb4bros


    FROG FACT: frogs are very important 

  24. toadsb4bros


    FROG FACT: frogs can jump pretty good

  25. toadsb4bros


    FROG FACT: some frogs are very cute 

  26. la_topolina


    The frog names/profile pics are so cute and I love them! 

  27. FrogFactFriday


    Frogs don’t need to drink water; they absorb it through their skin!

    Was this Frog Fact helpful? Press AE31744D-47B9-450F-8849-5043467E5007.jpeg.c0824b1b1054b23641394bb55219a7e2.jpeg for yes. Press 78D5FF59-0965-4DFA-9D00-CC6C2FF9D9A4.jpeg.a1f5ac7ea7868727528815fc3390d2ed.jpeg for no.

    1. toadsb4bros


      This factoid is very...ribbiting

  28. dreamshadow


    Hey, Puffs! It's time to help us finalize nomination categories for the Golden Chalice Awards! Drop by the common room to make sure your voice is heard ^_^✨

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